Thursday, March 27, 2014

May Flies, Salad and Fire Pits.....

We woke up in Quadville this morning!
The babies slept late and so did we!!!
You have to love babies that sleep in!!!

Amber gives the quads choices in their clothes each day.
The problem this morning was that Kailey wanted to wear JEANS!!!
But only Harrison had that option!

She was so determined I took her back upstairs where she pulled out several pair!
I lined them up so she could choose from them.

She chose coveralls! Like Granddad wears!!

Trystan enjoys her Bubble Guppies!

The babies tried on some new shoes and that was reason enough to go for a walk!

I love this picture.......

Before lunch we did a cool craft!!




I think it is so neat the kids are helping to make some of their birthday party decorations!

Aunt Summer came by on her lunch hour and the quads were so excited to see her!
Logan always has a touch of Stranger Danger but she warmed up to her in a short time!
I think it's good to have lots of family around!!

We came home this afternoon and started back to work on our projects.

I have been working in my sewing room all week.....
cleaning and organizing.
This trunk was vintage back in 1964 when I bought it at a shop on Hemphill Street in Fort Worth.
Jesse (my first husband.....or do I say 'ex'? ) refinished it and I did some tole painting on it.

He lined it with cedar. I cleaned it out last week and now it holds some of my denim to use for future projects!

I cleaned this area from the floor UP!!
So far all that has been accomplished is cleaning out the floor area!
The UP part will come later!

I love having a sewing room!
I usually use my sewing machine every few days......
as in adding some elastic to Harrison's jeans because he is a TALL skinny guy!!

This vintage pic is of my mother.....along with other vintage sewing notions.

A gift from a pastor's wife many lives ago......

I love memorizing things......IF is a classic!!

Tonight I made a salad for our dinner. Louis Dean and I are counting calories.
My sister sent some grilled chicken home with us - already cooked and frozen.
It made for a wonderful meal this evening as we sit out in the gazebo by the fire pit.
This is where I am writing my journal entry tonight.

Maggie is getting brave and comes out to join us in the gazebo most evenings.

She is loving the May flies which arrived in Texas this week!

Maggie was looking for them!

We have had WAY too much fun today and are calling it a night!!!


Deb said...

those babies are getting so big....sounds like a great day...Hotrod and I call the Mayflies Skeeter Eaters...he likes chasing them around too...

Miss Dishywoo said...

You did have way too much fun! I love the "If" poem and made a copy for each of my sons on their eighteenth birthday.

Amber B. said...

Well, I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that you weren't SO worn out from Quadville that you couldn't tackle a few of your own projects, huh!? I LOVED the video of Maggie, it brings me comfort and I look forward to spending some time with her on the couch next weekend. Thanks for all you guys do, y'all are the best kind of grandparents that little quadlings could ever have! And mommy and daddy, too!

Kathy said...

I love your sewing room I used to have a sewing room and now it's a junk room. *sigh* But I am determined to clean it up before summer. I think I will have to start on the floor too.

Maggie looks so much like my Snowy. Snowy has one green eye and one blue eye. I can't tell with Maggie. Snowy goes after flies and bugs too!

Jutta said...

Kailey is certainly so special - she definitely adores LD! I do, too. What a lovely update again. Thank You Linda!

Jutta said...

And btw I only have iPad and it has no videotrimmings or whatever and ai am not able to enjoy your videos. I do LOVE Amber's though. Anyway at work I own a computer like a star if you like but I have no time evero peek into blog of yours. Work first, leasure whenever time left - right!? No complaining just a note.

Sandra said...

your energy levels just amaze me.. wish i had even half of it... and i love all the photos of your babies

Vee said...

You have so beautifully documented the quads! It was so cool to learn that they select their own clothes...what a mom Amber is...and that Kailey chose the "Grandpa" option. LOL! And what a great walk you all enjoyed minus strollers. Yippee! I also loved seeing your beautiful mother's photo. That was very cool, too.

Susie said...

Linda, Such cute kids all ready to walk. Kailey wanted to look like grandpa. :) I think sitting out in your gazebo is relaxing for you and LD. I can hear the water feature in the film clip. Soothing. Hope your weekend is fun , xoxo,Susie