Friday, March 21, 2014

How Do Horses G0??? NEIGH!!! NEIGH!!!

We have spent the lats two days in Quadville! We came home from camping down on Louis Dean's son's ranch on Tuesday night and slept in our own bed! Then Wednesday night we stayed in QV so we could be extra help to Amber today.

Last night Amber and I stayed up late and just about the time she was getting in bed she noticed Trystan was wide awake in her crib and just talking and talking! Amber knew we would love to be her audience so we got a special late night/early morning visit! SO glad we stayed!!

Afternoon snacks on Wednesday. All the babies got their own mini bag of pretzels.
Of course we had iced tea!!

My Little Logan!!! 

I asked them all while we were still in the nursery - how do horses go???
They all said, "NEIGH!! NEIGH!!"
I told them there was a horse in the play room just waiting for them......

They were curious about him!! This is the horse I bought late last year at the Goodwill for $4.99!
He has been living in A & M's garage while waiting for the quads to get old enough to play with him!

Trystan was the first to ride him.
Logan quickly figured out the button on his ear made him neigh and gallop!

Trystan may have been the first but Logan loved the horse best!
She rode him all afternoon!! 

This morning I braided Logan's hair - she looks so grown up!!

She was back riding the horsey before I could even get her dressed!

Kailey invented a new game to play with Granddad!
Where'd it GO???? I don't KNOW!!!
She would 'hide' his comb in the chair and than ask, "Where is it?"
Granddad would ask, "Where'd it GO??"

She would say, "I don't KNOW!!!!"

We had lots of laughter and good times with the quads!

Of all the babies I thought Harrison and Kailey would enjoy the horse the most!
I was wrong!
Logan and Trystan LOVED him!!

It is late on Thursday night as I journal the last two days. We got home this evening around 8:30 and then my son, Ben, came by to visit!! He has been living in California and just moved back Tuesday!!
I am THRILLED! It was so GOOD to SEE him, HUG him and HEAR his voice!!


  1. I just loved the video of LD playing hide the comb with Kailey. I can't believe how well they are talking these days!

    Welcome back to Ben! I know you are thrilled to have him living in Texas.

  2. I'm so happy for you having your son back! Those babies are so precious! Aren't we blessed to be so active in our grand babies lives

  3. Wonderful to see the cute little videos of the quads. We laughed to see Kailey playing with LD and that horse is quite something. He'll provide hours of entertainment! How wonderful to have all your kids back in state! Good times.

  4. if i were small enough i would love to ride that horse. what a deal you got. i love their voices when they talk... so much fun going on all the time.

  5. Linda, I love those little films of the quads. LD is one of the kids when he wondered they adore him.:):) You are some of the best grandparents, honestly. I am happy you are back from your trip safely. I bet it was good to see your son and hug him. We love our children and grandchildren, don't we. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  6. The quads are all so cute playing with the new rocking horse. That was a perfect gift! So glad to hear that your son moved back closer to you. I know what a good feeling it is to be reunited with your son.

  7. What a great Goodwill find. Looks like it was definitely a hit with the Quads. I love this age, it's so much fun. Glad you are enjoying being home. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  8. First off, I can not BELIEVE how the babies are growing. Seems like yesterday I was saying prayers for a safe delivery....whew....
    Looks like fun was all around the made me remember that when I asked a grandboy one day how an elephant went, he said "TRRRUMP"...
    God Bless 'em all....

  9. What dolls. They are getting so big, in just the few months I've been following you. I just love the relationship you have with your DL, your children and grandchildren and your mom and siblings. You have a lovely family. Thanks for letting me share in them. That little pony from the Goodwill. What a buy.