Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday, Fort Worth and Family!

It is FRIDAY!!! 
This morning on my little flip calendar I keep on my make up table I read -
"Normal day - let me be aware of the treasure you are!"
I think of that saying often as I have used this calendar for years and years.

I am happy to say it was a 'normal' Friday with Mother! I actually got to the beauty shop early - totally by accident as I am seldom early anywhere!! She was at the salon door waiting and marched out all by herself WITHOUT her walker!!! Since it was a little TOO early for lunch she and I talked in the car and enjoyed a good 'catch up visit' as we waited for Red Lobster to open.

Our weekly pic didn't turn out so well bit it's traditional that I use one.
I took her home and after a little more visiting I went over to my sister Deanie's to visit HER!!!
We sat on her couch - I on one end and she on the other.
At one point we were each looking on our phones to show each other something and her husband took our picture!! Modern technology at work. 

Keeping in the spirit of Fort Worth Family I left Deanie's and drove over to my son's house in Arlington.
He and his boys are involved with The Boy Scouts of America. They are having a fundraiser where you buy a card for $5 and it is worth (among other things) $5 off $50 spent at Kroger's. That's a Win! WIN!!
I went by to pick up mine and Deanie's cards!

My granddaughter, Faith, and I spent some time together.
Yesterday (over in Quadville) Louis Dean had purchased some egg crates ( that foam bedding stuff to soften the mattress) and we cut them up for extra cushion for the quads pack and plays. I still had the leftover pieces in my car trunk. Faith was showing me her American Girl doll collection and I noticed her doll's beds didn't have mattresses. SO......we got the egg crates out and made custom cut mattresses for all her doll beds. Next week I am taking fabric over to use as sheets! Another Win! WIN!!

I had the best visit with my super cute daughter in law!
Isn't she adorable???
She is not only beautiful - she is also BRILLIANT!!!
 I will ask her if I may brag blog about the work she does. 
Let's just say she is a champion for those who need one!!

My first born son and SUPER dad!!!
I took these pictures to use on my phone caller ID - 
so OF COURSE I need to use them on my blog!!!
These two are awesome parents to my oldest three grands!!!

I have two new grand cats too!!! This one has pretty blue eyes!

Not sure what color THIS one has!!!

Levi LOVES arts and crafts and asked me to make one with him!
When I told him I had not brought any supplies he whipped out a whole box of cool stuff!

I immediately thought of an Easter banner so that's what we made!

I had a great time in Fort Worth today! I left at 9:30 this morning and got home at 7:45 this evening.
Louis Dean was missing me!! He was sitting out on the driveway waiting when I drove up!
Somehow that made me feel very special!!!

Tonight as I journal and get ready for bed I am counting all the blessings of this 'Normal Day!'


Blondie's Journal said...

This is a great post as always, Linda! Can I say you look absolutely beautiful in the pic with kitty?? And that's it, I'm flying down to Texas to have lunch with you and Mother!


Deb said...

Your normal day was awesome!

Vee said...

For a normal day, it sounds pretty extraordinary! Fun to see the grands and that banner turned out beautifully. Sounds as if you and Faith have a good project going, too. Awwww...that is sweet to have your Beloved waiting for you. (Sometimes, I find John keeping watch at the window...very sweet.) Your mom is perking right along and ditching the walker must make her happy!


You are so blessed dear Linda! What a great normal day with your dearest and lovely family! Enjoy your first weekend of Spring too!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Such a wonderful day filled with love and your family. Hugs.

Sweet Tea said...

A "Normal Day" - those are my favorites!
Lovely people in your life. You are well blessed!
Happy your Mom was able to ditch her Walker!!!

Susie said...

Linda, I feel good just reading your post. You are very good about counting your blessings...I notice that most of your blessings are you wonderful family. I am sending hugs for everybody.xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

A Normal Day is good but you you always special days.