Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wake up and SMELL the Coffee!!!

I notice I seldom journal on Wednesdays any more! Thursdays I catch up with two days of journaling.
The reason being we come home late most Wednesdays and go straight to bed.

I do so love a Thursday morning where we I sleep in until at least 10:00 before I wake up to smell the coffee!! Today we also had Louis Dean's yummy homemade cinnamon rolls!!!
I use a small coffee pot so my Texas State Mug is THE perfect size!!
ONE cup of coffee - albeit a BIG'un!!

We spent most of this day getting ready for our trip down to Louis Dean's son's ranch.
We have our camper down there so you would think we would just need to grab the dog and the cat and get in the truck! NOT so!!! I packed a tub of denim to whack up for quilts, a food bag, dog and cat food, a bag of things to drop off at a resale shop down there, our Bible basket, a bag of clothes, my paint tub, our boxes of wine, fire logs........ Then Louis Dean packed HIS stuff - fishing poles, etc. clothes, tools, you name it - it's IN the truck!! Then there were lawn chairs to take and Lucy's kennel. Let's just say we are loaded for BEAR!!!

Wednesdays are always special since they are Quadville Days!!!
Yesterday was even MORE special since we had visitors!
Aunt Deanie and Grandma and Andie!!
We had a ball! The quads LOVE Cousin Andie and played and played!
Amber and Deanie made a pizza run - by way of Starbucks where they enjoyed a little time together!
TIME!!! Such a precious commodity!

While they were gone the girls wore some of my earrings while Mother looked on!

I bring some of my gaudiest ones!!!

Aunt Deanie and Andie 'shared' their cell phones with the quads!!
Harrison was EXCITED!!!

They all seemed to know just what to do with them!!

Andie is SO popular everywhere she goes!

Mother noticed Kailey taking the chalk and trying it out on the WALL!!
No! NO. NO!!!

It was a wonderful day!
Taking the quads to Grandma's would be pretty daunting!
MUCH easier for Grandma to come HERE!!!
While the babies napped we all visited!!
Win! WIN!!!

Our Little Andie is always the life of the party!
I can't WAIT for her talent show next month!!!
She is an awesome dancer!!!
Andie is a gift from God.
She was a VERY premature baby and spent weeks and months in the NICU.
The 'new' will never wear off of her!
God has a plan for Andie and I am so proud to be her great aunt!!

Here is Deanie trying to get her phone back to normal after the babies played with it all morning!
She finally handed it off to the professional! ANDIE put it all back together for her!

Mother loved her day in Quadville!
She loves her Amber!
Amber loves her Grandma!

WHERE was Louis Dean in all of this???

Taking a nap in the play room!

Just a Granddad and his teddy bear! And his toys......

All too soon it was time for them to head for home.

I am so happy Mother got to come over!
THANK YOU, Deanie, for making this happen!!
I'm just sorry I didn't get a four generation picture of Amber, the quads, Mother and me.
Next time......

THIS was the scene after naps.......Harrison is King of the Mountain!

Then Kailey was the Queen!

Good times!!!!


Deb said...

You have a awesome family! Have a safe trip!

Vee said...

Oh yes! A four- generation photo next time! So cute! I bet that Andie wasn't one bit worn out after her day...she's a great gal to have around. Happy trails down to the ranch.

Amber B. said...

It was a great day! I thought about taking that picture before I forgot to do it then forgot I thought that and never remembered again. Ha! Grandad is such a good one to my babies...

Diana Ferguson said...

Those little cuties have grown so much!!

Sandra said...

yet another fun day in quadville with the king on his throne. i like the step blocks in front of the chalk board.. pretty cool idea

Changes in the wind said...

Wonderful memories for all...

Kelly said...

That looked like a wonderful visit! The quads are getting so big now. Loved the pictures of the girls wearing the large earrings.

Estelle's said...

Another enjoyable post Linda. One thing that shines through in your photos are is such a lovely family. Please tell your Mother how lovely she looks-always...such an inspiration to everyone!

Trish said...

Aunt Linda - Thank you so much for the pictures and the wonderful things you said about my girl! She loves playing with the quads, they make her feel like such a big girl. Can't wait to see you at the Talent Show!

Susie said...

Linda, That looked like a breakfast of champions. LOL I hope your trip is safe and I know it will be fun. The day at Amber's was wonderful to see. What a great blessing for all of you to get that time together. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo,Susie

Angie said...

What a special day, your so right, time is so precious!

Carla said...

Looks like a fun day was had