Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking it Easy!

We are loving having Robert visit with us!! We all three stayed up so late last night it was understandable that we got a late start to our morning! Louis Dean woke first as he generally does. Coffee was ready and waiting by the time I got up. Robert appeared awhile after. None of us eat much in the mornings so after coffee and reading LD and Robert went out to work on the drain/gutter project while I stayed inside doing some housework.

 An easy day was already shaping up. Robert kept his granddad in ice water and was by his side handing him tools and helping out any way he could. The sun on that side deck is brutal in the afternoons so they came in when it got to be too much!

A rare photo of Louis Dean's 'room.' Notice the bike he has in there? He bought it before we had a place to put it.
HIS room is unique to the house and NOT like all the other rooms.

Robert continued to help his granddad  - this time using his gift for technology!
Louis Dean has now deleted all his Facebook accounts. For some reason he got a wild hair that he didn't want Facebook anymore. He's also getting rid of ALL his You Tube downloads and let me tell you he DOES have an addiction with You Tube!!! Feeling all accomplished we took Robert out for a late lunch. His favorite meal is Chinese food so that's where we went. The Grand Buffet was just the ticket! After that we stopped by Home Goods where I ran in to get a FOURTH pair of curtain panels for the kitchen! I bought ONE and it wasn't wide enough so the next time I went in I bought another - but it wasn't the same color! A week or so later I went to another Home Goods store and bought a third pair which turned out to be a THIRD COLOR!

The FOURTH time was the charm and I finally made a MATCH!

It was beginning to feel like I was playing the Concentration game - the board game I play with my older grandchildren!
We returned home where I took a NAP!! Louis Dean and Robert continued to WORK!

 I thought they were about to stop for the day. 

They labored on! The light was gone so I couldn't take a pic when they DID stop but that black pipe was covered!
They even had additional help when Sherry (our DIL) and her sister stopped by!
EVERYONE was working around here except ME!!

Supper was light fare for us. Louis Dean has an appointment Monday with his cardiologist. There is a large supply of Hot Pockets in the freezer for Robert. LD has LOVED having his grandson here with us!

This is where we ended our day - in the gazebo.
Robert held a lamp I had brought out from the sewing room so I could give Louis Dean a haircut.
We have been meaning to do this and finally tonight we just bit the bullet and DID it!
I told him not to worry that it was a little on the short side! It's HAIR! It will GROW!!!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I don't know what LD will do, if he ever gets all his projects (around home) finished and done with. -grin- He just loves, loves, loves to have a JOB to DO. Good for him. Same here... He hasssss to have jobs to do.

Great visit. All round. Betcha' "grand" learned some thing, about doing stuff, from working with his grand dad.

YOU! you need more days of not being busy!!!! "Auntie" sezzzzzz...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Learned some things.....

Susie said...

Linda, I saw the pic of Robert with the quads, so I know he is beautiful outside. Now seeing him hang out with his and helping, I know he is beautiful inside too. I cut my Ted's hair seems to grow faster when I am busy. xo, Susie

Luann said...

Hey Sis if you didn't take those panels back I will buy one off of you for my back door. I also need to go to "Home Goods" store sometime as I have never been.

Nonnie said...

There are many days when I consider deleting my FB account, too.
So sweet to see LDs grandson hanging out with and helping his Grandpa. Hot Pockets? :-/
My DH also has an appointment on Monday with the cardiologist.

Carole said...

Honestly, Linda - fancy someone getting wound up about a historical flag! Hope you don't take any notice!

Sweet Tea said...

Is there nothing you and LD can't do?! You guys are always working on something so I think it's great you were able to squeeze in a nap today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I wasn't getting wound up about a flag I just made an observation! And it is true what I said about it's meaning today. I don't think I said anything disrespectful!! I certainly tried to be as nice as possible! my comment was deleted and not even acknowledged which shows I don't have much value as a reader or as a person I guess. Not sure why that would happen but oh well. I started off saying that I read this blog all the time & really like it!! I am not being ugly about anything!

Linda said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment - and then return. Perhaps I should have relied to the first one but it sounded a bit accusative to me. I do not blog to gather a large number of readers. Most of those who 'follow' my blog are friends and/or family. I sometimes forget that I may be read by a larger audience. I blog about my life and my day. As I searched my heart this evening I can honestly say I am not a hateful person. I am also not a controversial one. I tried to figure out how to send you a private message but you it said 'No identity page for opaque identifiers' so I had no way to contact you.

Anonymous said...

Hi you can send a personal message to

It showed a bunch of weird numbers when I signed on to leave a comment, I have no idea how that happened!

I found your blog a long time ago, I can't even remember how I came across it! I always read & smile and love how rich your life seems!

I am not controversial either and I never comment as I think it is so weird to be all involved in a stranger's life! But I guess that's what a public blog is all about, right! LOL!!! I just felt compelled to say something this one time. It was on my heart to do so. The issue I spoke of has hurt many family members so I guess it just hit close to home and hurt my feelings.

I am very sorry to offend you & your readers & friends & family. I hope to be able to keep reading and have a fun time learning all about your fun life!

Anonymous said...

I apologize to you, I should not have said anything.

Carla said...

Mmmm I must have missed a post. What in the world did you say about a flag and your reader say...
Sorry you and the reader got crosswise. I'm glad to see by the communication above she came back.
Moving on I doubt LD or David will ever run out of projects. I personally tend to add to David's projects accidentally sometimes.