Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just ONE for me, please!

If you only have ONE drink a day - THIS glass may be for YOU!!
I bought it today at........

Junker Val's!
Nita has been telling me about this place for ages!
Luann (another sister!) gifted me with a hat from here and I think even Deanie has been in the shop a few times!

An interesting shop it IS, too!!!

My sister had the day off and we milked it for all it was worth!!

Val had me at this sign!

A whole tub of silver! Oh, the possibilities!!!

The shop is chock full of all sorts of treasures!

The resident dog - she is a sweetie!

Scads and scads of jewelry!

I really meant to go back and get THIS!!!

THIS is what I actually bought! A super sized martini glass Val sold for an extra $5 off (making it $20!) - perhaps I'll use it for my pearl necklaces!!
A cute hat for ONE of the baby girls! I figure they will at least play with it! Not bad for $5!
A packet of handwritten 'receipts' including Fruit and Nut Pound Cake and Pear Relish....$5.

We also hit up a couple of estate sales! I bought a beautiful dress for $10 to wear to my niece's upcoming wedding AND a gardening spade for $2.

Nita was the one who bought the 'debris!'
A beautiful Christmas wreathe and tree - both new and still in the box!

Nita and I started our day off this morning with a visit to see Andie!

She was a good sport to let us pose and take pics with her!
The red and black 'critter' sitting beside her is a Prayer Bear. It was a gift from the volunteers at the hospital.

Nita and Deanie!
Notice they are BOTH holding their cell phones?
To be honest - we were all taking pics.
However, they were properly impressed with my new GROWN UP phone!
Although I was admonished to change my plan to include UNLIMITED text messages!!

Her toes are peeking out the end of her cast - you just can't see them!

A sweet picture of Andie and her dad.
HE was sitting up in the hospital bed when we arrived and SHE was in the chair!
Thank you for every single prayer prayed on Andie's behalf. The surgery went well and she is recovering. The pain was pretty bad this evening and they kept her for yet another day in the hospital.
Andie has had many surgeries in her young life - all as a result of being premature.
We are grateful to have her in our family and our lives. She is a natural with music and as soon as I can figure out how to do it I will post her last talent show performance. She IS amazing!!

One of the last things Nita and I did on our day together was go over to Deanie's!
Okay! So ON the way over there we stopped to stock up on some wine!!

Can you tell we were all laughing???

I do love my sisters!!
We have fun doing just about anything!!

So now that I've decided to have only ONE glass of wine - I better go open a bottle!

Just kidding! The frogs are croaking outside the French doors as I write tonight. Louis Dean is already in bed and I am soon to follow. I just want another minute or so to bask in the glow of a wonderful day!


Pondside said...

A wonderful day, indeed, Linda. You have such fun with your sisters!

Jutta said...

A store like that is a dangerous place for a person like you a.k.a. A person who loves to cover her home with debris I mean. But indeed it looks like an interesting place with all kinds of things that can tell a story. I am sure you three had so much fun visiting!

Linda said...

That glass is so funny! One of my great aunts married a Frenchman, who was VERY French. At one point his doctor decreed that he was only allowed one glass of wine a day. So of course he made it the biggest glass he could find!

Sending best wishes for recovery to your poor wee niece.

Sandra said...

i can't wait to see the post you make after you finish your one glass of wine... i love the already disturbed sign. wishi had sisters

Vee said...

I'm just hoping that it's a wonderful morning! ☺

You gals have so much fun. Your mother would appreciate a photo of the three of you together this way.

Praying for your great-niece and praying specifically that she'll get bounced out of the hospital today.

Rob Hunt said...

I think Andie has a lot of spunk as do you. Being happy is the best cure for anything. Wishing Andie well and she is in my prayers. Thanks for all the great posts...

Debbie said...

you make everything FUN!!

that's a GREAT color on you....and i am sending a big, warm, jersey style hug to andie. tell her she's a cutie!!

happy sunday linda!!

Susie said...

Sister days are so much fun. I would love to go through the junk store.One of my favorite or bad habits, depending on your outlook. I colud see that big old martini glass full of christmas ornaments:):) Pink ones. Glad you had a fun day. xoxo,Susie
p.s. it's cooler here today...we had a bit of rain yesterday.


You girls had so much fun and you are such a happy lady, you make me smile immediately! I love that store, so much fun, I don't blame you girls. Andy is a darling and I'm sure she's getting lots of attention with her casted leg! Thanks for coming sweetie, you are so kind. Have a wonderful week too.

Carole said...

That's not a glass - it's a bucket! I would love one although I wouldn't be keen on having to wash it by hand...

Carla said...

uH HUH... How many had you really had by the end of this post? The pictures of y'all at the end suggests a couple. LOL

Hope Andie is doing better.