Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, Monday!

I have always liked Mondays.
 A whole new week stretching out before me. 
Mondays speak of fresh beginnings. Possibilities. Freshness.

This morning we were anything BUT fresh! Neither one of us slept well. As in did NOT sleep!!
We were in bed by midnight and by 2 am I was wishing I had made up the recently vacated guest room.
Every time I settled down - Louis Dean would start twitching! Then when HE got still - I would start tossing and turning. So at 2:00 I just GOT UP! I emptied the dishwasher, folded and put up a load of laundry, changed out the load from the washer to the dryer and started a new load of wash - AND I made up the guest room! Poured myself a glass of wine and settled back with my book. Last time I looked at the clock was 4:00 am! I staggered out of the guest room at 9:00 - the exact time I was to have snacks AT the church for the VBS teachers! Now I do NOT look like my pictures when I wake up in the mornings. I must FIX my face since it seems to BREAK every night while I sleep! So I grabbed the thankfully prepared food and entreated Louis Dean to take it in if I would drive. He did. As he handed the snack trays off he informed them they were for the Salvation Army workers! I repeat - we are NOT morning people!!

That being said, we did not go back to bed after we dropped the food off.

The toadstools in the front yard  looked interesting.

Maybe they are mushrooms.

Some unusual shapes. I'm happy my grass is so green and healthy this year!
I look at the toadstools as lawn ornaments.

After a cup of coffee - or two - and our reading, I went out in the back yard to work because that's where the shade is in the mornings.

I got down on my hands and knees and trimmed this grass with scissors!!
When I use the weed eater I get huge bald spots! I simply cannot control that thing!

I took up the lights around the pond. Have I mentioned we have toads? They make the loudest noises at night but I kind of like them. We have one less than we DID! I electrocuted one. I didn't mean to do it!
Apparently a tip at the top of one of the bulbs broke and I didn't notice it. Perhaps I did it when planting my wine bottles. Anyway, I went out to plug up the lights the other night and got shocked! I HATE getting shocked! Who does, right? Well, I guess the toad got the brunt of it because the next morning Louis Dean told me to stay away from the pond! There was a dead body toad! Poor guy! Maybe those rope lights will work better......

I cleaned and hauled LD's tools back over to the Sandford and Son side of the back yard!

Put my chickens to rights.....

and moved my little praying girl over where I can see her. Her name is Faith - like my granddaughter.
Whenever I glance at her I am reminded to pray......

A good spot to sit and read - if you do it in the mornings. It was 97 degrees today!

Most of the deck is back in place. Louis Dean needs to tweak the down spout and wind this project UP!!

My sister gave me some shadow boxes a few MONTHS ago. She used to keep her miniature perfume bottle collections in them.
I hung these up today and plan to paint them white tomorrow.

A little distressing and they will be perfect to hold shells or small stones. I'm hoping the grandkids will help me collect some next month. Doesn't EVERYONE decorate the outside walls of their house??
After it got hot I came inside and did my Susie Homemaker routine.
I just love the smell of CLEAN and have found no other way to get it without actually CLEANING!!

One of the chores I checked off my to do list - our meds!!!
It took the better part of an hour to prepare all our little pill boxes for a month's worth of medicines!
This is NOT a job you can do without paying ATTENTION to what you're doing!
Once I gave Louis Dean a sleeping pill every morning for two weeks because I got mixed up!
NOT a good idea. We wondered why he was so tired after he got up every day!!

I rewarded my hard work with a short nap, Scrabble games on my phone and reading in the guest room.
I'm probably the last lady on earth to read Like Water for Chocolate!

Louis Dean rewarded himself with a Shiner in the gazebo!

THIS is what HE'S been doing all day!
Unloading gravel from his truck!
We hope to be able to move the camper over tomorrow.
Next month is MiMi Camp and I have GOT to get ready!!
We will 'camp' in the RV right out here on the driveway!
At the end of that patch of weeds is a gift from our birds.


Not the prettiest ones I've ever seen by any means.

But still! Van Gogh might have appreciated them.

His weren't all that pretty, either!

Louis Dean and I are trying to turn over a new leaf!
I am writing early, our baths are done, we are grazing off of what we can find in the fridge for a light supper.
At 8:00 we'll watch a TV program.
At 9:00 we'll sit out on the driveway with our glass of wine.
Tonight is a full moon and we wouldn't want to miss it entirely.
By 10:00 we hope to be heading to bed.
That is IF we don't get carried away and let the time get away from us.
The moon will do that sometimes. You think 'let's just sit for a FEW more minutes!'
Next thing you know it's midnight.....or after.


Amber B. said...

Y'all do always stay busy. Mike says he wishes y'all would take more down time to rest so you're not always tired! The babies have been super cute today, will need to do a family dinner again soon. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Okay that what funny - only because I have had those kinds of nights and I know exactly how you feel. I think we are worried about not making the 9am event. sandie

Susie said...

I am having one of those nights right now. It's after one and I am up. Hey Linda, I thought I read where you and LD were going to not work so much. I had to laugh..all the work you both did in this post. Hope tomorrow is better. Sometimes I just sleep from exhaustion. xoxo, Susie

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hope you were able to sleep Monday night. You both work so hard! Take CARE of yourselves.

Kathy said...

I saw on facebook that you were going to bed at 10 p.m. -- right on schedule. Hope you got a good night's sleep. I don't know how you aren't so tired you just fall asleep. You two are the busiest people I know.


You wonder just what is this no-sleep habit us 60 somethings have any more. Your night sounded like mine. It's quite 'norm' most times. Hope you slept better last night.

Poor toad. But I must say, better him than you or Mr. Linda!!! And I'll set down and enjoy a cool one with both of you any day.

Changes in the wind said...

I think the sleeping business goes with older age and some nights are smooth sailing where as others are stormy weather:) Like you little Faith statue:)

Pondside said...

I joined you up here in having a sleepless night the other night. Too much road noise from the highway if I opened the hotel window, too much noise from the air conditioner if I closed the window and let the A/C do its thing. Time for ear plugs!

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Linda. I have had some nights of tossing and turning, so I can relate. You did the right thing by getting up and doing some things. It takes one's mind off of "I need to sleep!"

Linda Primmer said...

Hi Linda, I do like to decorate outdoors too. Sorry for the sleepless nights. We do need our sleep.
The toadstools are cute. I love how the house smells when everything is clean and fresh. Thank you Linda for your continued loving support. xoxo Linda


Yes, it's mature age, lol.. Yeah, sometimes I just can't sleep and others I sleep like a baby and wake up late too..heheheee I get up and do things instead of getting so restless! I like your decor outside, it's lovely. Big hugs honey,

Carla said...

Loved the book Like Water for Chocolate. My book club read it. I'm told if you watch the movie watch the one in Spanish with English sub titles it's best.
You have a point about the sunflowers but look how famous they are. ;o)