Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Planting Wine Bottles!

As soon as Louis Dean and I had our morning coffee and Bible reading + we dressed and started working in the back yard! There was lots to do! There's STILL lots to do but we gave out after 6 hours!

Louis Dean started in on laying the stones back down for the walkway.
He also set up three stone benches that needed to be relocated.
He did a TON of work!!

I cleaned the gazebo. It had a great deal of sawdust on everything and was looking the worse for wear.
As I was hosing down this corner I saw once again where Louis Dean had written our names and the date we put our second gazebo up. March 2010. Early next year we will be replacing the top and the screening. We already have it all ready and waiting.

I planted wine bottles around the edge of the pond.
Louis Dean didn't like them. He said it made it look cluttered!! Imagine THAT! Everything I have is CLUTTER!!!
I dug them all up and grouped the blue bottles in one corner and the green bottles across in another corner.
I threw all the clear ones away.

We worked hard! I just about nearly worked TOO hard!
It wasn't the heat since we have a red neck water cooler out there as well as a box fan.
Plus we drank gallons of water and tea!

I had not done yoga or Pilate's earlier but by the time we stopped working I was in 'Corpse Pose!'
Man! Did that feel good!!!

Now it's all cleaned up and ready to SIT!!!

I like having a work table out there. We COULD eat at the table but I usually use it for projects.

I spray painted FAITH this afternoon and later sanded it a bit. Think I'll hang it in our bedroom.

Fairy Lights around the pond make it look like we're ready to party!

I didn't have the energy to move the pipes and ladder.
 But at least the deck is down and cleaned up - more or less!

You can see we have a LOT more SUN back there now.
That meant I had to move some of my flower pots around. The plants were the shade/part sun kind.

Praise God today is Tuesday which is art class night!!!
I may have worked til I dropped if I had not stopped in time to clean up and start art.
Thankfully Louis Dean had to do a Sam's run to pick up meds and he bought pizzas for dinner.

It rained tonight in art!

It will need to rain some more next week but that should finish it off!!
It's been a fun painting and we have had such a good time doing it.
I used to have a whole table of ladies in art class but for the last few years it's just been Sabrina, Ruth Ann and I. Ruth Ann's in Florida so we're down to a duo. Next week we'll finish our lemon still life and then it will be time to paint Santa Claus!!

After art was over and the table put back to rights I went over to turn the lights out and thought how pretty this looks. I love the colors of fall. This really isn't my fall decorations but close enough to enjoy!
I'm starting earlier this year! Last year I decorated the camper since we lived in the RV park having moved it down there in August. I'll be decorating the camper again this year too. We will have it all hooked up soon I hope! MiMi Camp will be in late August and I'll get all the decorations out of the attic the day after the grands leave. That's just 47 days and a wake up!!!
And it's Lights OUT for me now!!


Carole said...

Linda, had to laugh at your planted wine bottles! maybe they'll sprout grapes! I have seen nice vases made out of wine bottles - you have to have a proper cutter to cut off the neck of the bottle and then sand the edge so it isn't sharp - groups of those could look pretty as containers for flowers, buttons, beads, loose change etc etc

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Lot's of magic is made at your home!
Rest well, Linda and LD!

Bev said...

Oh I love your painting!!

HoundDogMom said...

Okay, I have been reading your blog for sometime after following Amber's blog with the quads. You are amazing and I just love your house decor. When I seen your wine bottles planted I thought about how you might like this decorating tip for outside. A friend of my posted some that she has done and they look awesome. Hubcap flowers, here is a link to what they look like, you have so much talent I think you could make some really pretty ones. http://roadkillrescue.net/2012/09/hubcap-flower-garden-2/


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Love the look of the Faerie Lights, around the pool. :-)))))))))))))))

Linda said...

Excuse my ignorance, Linda, but what is a red neck water cooler???

Linda said...

Haha!! It's a big shop fan with a water hose spraying on the back to make the air cool!! Louis Dean rigged it up!! Probably not recommended by professionals and I don't let him mix water and electrical things anymore!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your are always busy creating something of beauty over here...wine bottle art or a painting or fall decor!

I'm with Linda...what is a red neck water cooler???

Susie said...

Linda, You two are hard workers. I loved the fairy lights shining at night, so cute. I truly love your painting. I have always wanted to paint a rainy picture. I need to get back to my art...I am not getting any younger. xoxo,Susie