Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Days

Summer days have a different 'air' of feel about them. They are slower, I think. People are more relaxed. While Summer has never been my favorite season, I have enjoyed this one. We have not been held hostage in our homes due to the heat. As far as I know, no loved ones have been threatened by wild fires as they were last year. I am grateful the summer season has been more gentle and kind than some past ones.

Today was a relaxing 'do what you find at hand to do' kind of day. I love those kind!

I can't tell you how many of these little lights I have scattered around the house.
During MiMi Camp next month I will challenge the grandchildren to find and count them all!
The older grands have busy schedules - that happens - and we don't get to see nearly as much of them as we would like! We get a whole week in August right before school starts!!

I dip the tiny bulbs in silicone - it dries clear!
I think it gives a softer candle look to the lights.

When Louis Dean and I take breaks during the day it is often out in our gazebo.
I am marking squares on a stack of jeans and old shirting for future quilts.
Waste not - Want not!!

Even though it was a hot July day - it was fairly comfortable in the gazebo this afternoon.
Thanks to our Red Neck Water Cooler!

A mister behind the industrial fan!
While it doesn't blow INTO the fan - it DOES cool the air around it!

While I was sorting through my fabric I found this piece from a very old skirt I wore back in the 80's.
After a bit of thought - I could 'SEE' it as a curtain for Louis Dean's bathroom!

And so it IS!

His bathroom is mostly finished - just little details to do.

We needed to make a Home Depot run and lingered in the flooring department.
This is what we have chosen for our kitchen.

I love that it is called HARRISON Slate!

We came back home and LD got the truck and went BACK to Home Depot to buy it!
I used the time to clean the den.

We are SO enjoying our new sofa!! POWER sofa!!
It GLIDES out and GLIDES back!!!

Yesterday we took the day off and went over to Quadville.

Oh, my GOODNESS!!!
The babies are growing before our very eyes!

I love this tea glass from Summer!! I use a Tupperware (vintage, now!) tea spoon/straw that can't come out!

They ALL love my tea!!
Usually a herbal/fruit blend.

Louis Dean has his arms FULL!!!
That is his delight!

No matter what - he ALWAYS gives each baby some individual attention.

The babies crack themselves up laughing and playing!
Amber and I were both videoing this scene from different rooms!!

I can't tell you how much we are enjoying these babies!!!
Watching them play and laugh together is priceless!

Amber and Mike have worked hard to give them a child friendly place to play!

They are more entertaining to watch than TV!

I have to say this, though. Quadville is an unbelievably calm and restful place to spend the day.
YES! It is usually even QUIET at times!!
Yesterday afternoon the babies went down for naps in their nurseries right after lunch. 
I worked on a few things downstairs.
Amber worked on a few things upstairs.
Louis Dean napped in his easy chair.
It worked out that I took a nap in the guest room when I finished what I was doing.
Amber took a little nap in her room!
She came downstairs at 2:30 to find that EVERYONE in the house was asleep!

Dinner is a fun event around Quadville!
Pork chops, mashed potatoes, assorted fruits, cheese, green beans, garlic toast (using Louis Dean's homemade bread!) and brownies for dessert!

Best fed babies I have EVER known!!

AND they had milk to drink, of course!

I love Wednesday night Family Dinners!!!

After they eat the quads get one more round in the play room - sans clothes!

One by one, Amber changes them for bed.

This will be a memory in my mind's eye for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and take it out to enjoy over and over again!
Oh, WAIT! That's exactly what we do with our memories!!

Remember that saying???

"If I had known GRANDCHILDREN were so much FUN, 
I would have had them FIRST!!"


Jan said...

They are so sweet! They do grow up too fast, don't they? Next month, our oldest grand will start 2nd grade and her baby brother will be a year old! It's going by too quickly.

Luann said...

well You WILL have the time frozen because you blog daily. I love all the pictures and enjoy watching them grow even thou I don't get to see them very often. They are so darn cute. Trystan is really starting to steal the show. Her personality is beaming through her expressions and stance. While they all radiate she really stands out. Oh wait.. It could be because of the red hair? hummm time will tell. :-)

Linda said...

They are really precious! I am enjoying the weather so much since the humidity and extreme heat has broken. Thank God. I will enjoy this weather while I can.


They ARE great. But, I enjoy having my own kids first. LOL [I know what you mean tho with your last quotation].

Love the one 'sans clothes'....adorable from the backside like that. They're a small bit of heaven on earth, and I so enjoy your sharing them with us as you do...the quad squad!!

Love the new tiles for the kitchen. And hey...I posted a bit about quilting today on my post too. LOL

Kathy said...

Love the tiles for your kitchen since I have the same ones (also from Home Depot) in my kitchen. I must say you have excellent taste! LOL.

The quads don't look like babies anymore. They are growing up way too fast. I love the videos you post of them so we can see them in action.

I had to chuckle when I read that Amber woke up but everyone else in the house was asleep. Too funny.

Sandra said...

love that skirt to curtain photo.. and the candles look good but i would be afraid to use them. we had a silicone cover on our back door to the garage outside light, it melted into a mess onto the bulb and we had a hard time getting the whole mess off.

Linda said...

I always double check and make sure I buy the NOT flammable kind!!

Bev said...

Oh Linda I've been 'gone' for two weeks... How those babies have grown... they are wonderful!!!

Nonnie said...

Love that redneck cooler! And always love looking at pics of those kids. I can't wait to hear more about the camp.

Carla said...

I can't get over how they are growing! So Cute