Monday, July 15, 2013

Shopping! Shopping!

Other than Goodwill's and thrift stores I am NOT a shopper!! Neither is Louis Dean. Even though we have been in the market for a new sofa for the den and have tucked money back for it - we just now got around to BUYING it!! 
As soon as Louis Dean returned from his early morning (11:15!) visit to his cardiologist - where he received and EXCELLENT report! - we headed to Rooms to Go over in Arlington. All the way there (in the blessed pouring July rain) he kept talking about going to Spring Creek BBQ for a late lunch afterwards.

Since today was a PERFECT day - of course there was a Spring Creek next door to Rooms to Go!!!

AH! We found our sofa!
First Deanie and Charlie bought a power sofa, then Nita and Mike bought one......

Now WE bought one!! The only difference is we opted for fabric instead of a leather one.
I am going to LOVE it!!

Have I mentioned how much we are enjoying Robert's visit??

From there we shopped for Louis Dean some CLOTHES!!
Guess where we went? Good old Levine's!
THE only place we can find over-all's for Louis Dean!

He ended up with TWO pair of 'Sunday' over-all's and TWO western style long sleeve pearl snap shirts and.......

ONE black flat cap!

Cute, huh?

Maybe NOT!

I laughed!


He is a real NUT!

Cute - but NUTTY!

We probably had more fun in Levine's this afternoon than any other shopper! EVER!

This is the black flat hat he ended up buying.
Robert passed on the grey gangster style one!

I think he secretly REALLY wanted it, though!!

We came home to prepare the den for the arrival of our NEW 7 1/2 foot sofa!

It will 'live' where the love seat is now.

Actually it will be REPLACING the love seat which will be moved to another home entirely!

I am amazed at how much furniture we can get into this one room.
We even have a baby grand piano tucked into one corner!

I am fond of covering tables with vintage quilts.
For the coffee table I removed the glass and put them back on TOP of the quilt!
Everything is clean and smells good thanks to the Orange Glo furniture polish and a bucket of Pine Sol water!

For our evening's entertainment Robert hooked his granddad's laptop up to the big TV and we watched Season 1/Episode 1 of Downton Abbey! AH!!! The program is making so much more sense to me now!!!
We are so reaping the rewards of having such a SMART grandson!!!


Say What? said...

Oh My Goodness! Y'all are so much like hubby and me. We hate to shop, too. Hate It!

Love the hats. Cute guys you have there.

You'll LOVE Downton Abbey. :) Best show I've seen in a while.

Can't wait to see the new sofa in its new home.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You all had the best day. Smart grandsons make like better. Looking forward to seeing your new recliner sofa in your home.

Angie said...

Yay for a new sofa! I bet you guys are excited to get it in the space and see how it looks.

I cracked up at all the hat photos. Too guys have fun no matter what your doing. That's just awesome.

I'm sure your loving having Robert around!!!

Enjoy your week friend!

Pondside said...

I know that if I showed that sofa to The Great Dane he'd be looking on the web to find out where to get one up here!

Kathy said...

Joe and I looked at a sofa like that, but our house is so small that if we got one, we wouldn't have room for anything else in the living room. They are comfy, though, so enjoy!

Love the hat photos. Joe would be buying all of them. He's the shopper, but I'd rather just look.

Jutta said...

Linda, LD is so special precious great man. I am so very happy for you! Your sweet relationship is so full of love, joy, happiness, and respect. Way to go!

Debbie said...

it must be a big room but it feels so cozy!! i LOVE the wall of pictures!!

ld cracks me are a lucky girl!!

Susie said...

Linda, Thanks to LD modeling those hats, I laughed till I cried. Robert should have gotten one also. When Robert leaves , could he come over here and help us with our techy stuff. LOL That young man earned his keep, didn't he? My husband would be sleeping in a comfy sofa like that. xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

You are going to LOVE that sofa! It looks like it will be perfect in your home. LD is so cute modeling all of those different hats. I like the one he ended up buying. Glad to hear that you're enjoying your visit with LD's son. It's nice that you're surrounded by family so often.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I don't like to shop, period! :-)

You all certainly had fun though!

Whooo-hooooo, cool new furniture.

Yes, do get as much techy help out of "grand," as possible. While he is there!!!!!!!!!! Yessss!!!!

Carla said...

What fun! I had to laugh at LD in the reddish hat. Made him look like a pimp. Sorry
But otherwise he looked good in all the others.

Glad you're enjoying Robert's visit.