Monday, September 10, 2012

Working on the Third Week!

It's funny how time can seem like it's flying past! 24 hours is 24 hours.
Our life has changed a great deal since we arrived down here 2 weeks ago yesterday.
Friday night after we 'got off work' Louis Dean and I headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant. The waiters always shake hands with LD and he just loves that!! (I have seen them shake hands with other patrons but don't mention it! We'll let Louis Dean think he's special - which of course he IS!!)

This place has the BEST frozen margaritas and boy hidey!! I was ready for one!
(Boy Hidey - I haven't used that expression in a long time!!

Louis Dean was a happy camper with his glass of Shiner!
We got there early so avoided the crowds but the mariachi band arrived and LD heard them play a few songs before we left.

We must have been pretty tired - more so than I thought. We had planned to stay up late but I was so sleepy when we got back to the camper I just had to take a 'nap.'
I didn't get up except to get a drink of water and check on LD until 8:00 Saturday morning. Since it was 7:30 when I started the 'nap' - I ended up sleeping for nearly 12 hours!! I think the move down here and getting adjusted had simply caught up with me.
Louis Dean had to sit alone under the stars that night.

We spent a delicious Saturday morning just hanging out in the camper!
It was too hot to sit outside for our morning coffee so we stayed in.
I caught up on some of my Facebook games - Scrabble with Dawn and Words With Friends. LD doubled up his reading glasses and spent some time checking out things on his laptop. We both took a dip in the pool and soaked our muscles in the hot tub before showering and going out to do our shopping.
I think we are just about settled in now and situated. I needed a full length mirror for the bathroom door so I can SEE myself before leaving the camper! A couple of carpet pieces and some odd and ends finished us up before we headed over to see the quads.

Bath time for the babies!!
Trystan, Logan and Kailey.

This is the 'Little BIG Man' Harrison!

After baths LD and I took care of the kids while Amber and Mike retired to their room to watch a movie and generally get a little peace and quiet.

LD and I went back to the camper and proceeded to stay up late and sit out on the driveway/patio/pad whatever it's called.

Sunday morning we had coffee and left for church. While down here we are attending Second Baptist Church with Pastor Ed Young, Sr.
We were a mite late and the service starts at 11:00 am. As we drove up there was a THRONG of cars still arriving so we didn't feel so bad. We parked FAR AWAY and a bus gave all of us a ride to the front of the church. Have I mentioned this is a HUGE church? We entered and the first thing I always do is visit the ladies room. About that time the fire alarm system went off and it was deafening! Apparently this was a FALSE alarm that CONTINUED to go off! We entered the auditorium but it was jam packed and we could NOT find seats anywhere! I admit to being more than a trifle claustrophobic so I tried to go BACK through the doors and they were LOCKED!
That just about sent me over the edge! I finally managed to get OUT a door as more people were coming IN! Whew!!! LD and I hiked it back to the car with a note to arrive EARLY next time!!

While we now have water, even HOT water and a toaster/oven and a microwave - we still do not have the stove going yet. All in good time.
Even so I was able to rustle up a fairly decent meal for Sunday Dinner!
After which we took a good long Sunday NAP!

Then we 'traded places' with Amber and Mike!
We kept the quads.........

......while they spent some time relaxing by the pool and in the spa at the RV Resort!
We took over at 5:00 and gave them the next 16 hours OFF!
It was a rousing success!
Mike left for work this morning rested and refreshed!
Amber was still  sleeping at 10 am!!
Bless her heart!
This was the first good sleep she's had in a good long time!!

This was the 1 am feeding......
I fed them two at a time with LD standing by to help burp them!
Logan and Kailey were the 'squeaky wheels' so they got fed first!

Harrison and Trystan were next and they were all changed, fed, burped and back in bed within 45min! Then they slept for FOUR glorious hours!!

We did the same thing throughout the day feeding all four at the same time.
Kailey was happy she didn't have to WAIT!!

So was Trystan!!

This was the sight Amber saw when she got up this morning!!
Four peaceful babies!

This has been SUCH a good day!!
Baths are done!
Bottles done! All 32 bottles!!!
(Amber is using the 4 oz Dr Brown bottles. YES, they have LOTS of parts and YES, it takes longer to prepare them but YES, they really work well!! They will soon be graduating to the 8 oz bottles! I remember when we were excited when the quads were drinking 11 ml. at a time! They are now up to 120!)

There's never a dull moment when you live in Quadville!!


Dee said...

I got tickled seeing all the baby's lined up in front of the TV. Did you ever imagine that one day you would have four grands at one time ? Life sure is full of surprises and blessings.

Kathy said...

Sounds as if you are really settling in down there. Just need to get that stove working.

Amber and Mike must be blessing you for 16 hours and a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Like Dee I love the picture of the quads all lined up across the room. You and LD are getting to be quad squad experts!

Blondie's Journal said...

You certainly help me appreciate my leisure time more! It's wonderful how all of you are working with each other so you can rest up and do fun things as well!

These precious babies just keep getting cuter by the day! Please kkep sharing pictures!!


Bernice said...

Your life is so Blessed right now, those babies are cuter each time you post a picture of them.
This Grandma is wondering are those bottle holders on top of the little ones? if so,have never seen anything like that, very cute and I would imagine very helpful when trying to feed 4 hungry little ones.
Continued prayers and happiness for all of you.

Chatty Crone said...

No wonder you are tired girl - but it is so worth it. That Mexican food looked good! And all was well.

Vee said...

They're doing beautifully and this is because of teamwork. How good that mom and dad got a much needed rest. I love that when Amber woke, she found four happy campers, perhaps six. =D You all deserve your rest that's for sure.

Deb said...

Fun times! I love your updates

darlin said...

Wow you and LD are so amazing, as are Amber and Mike. These babies are so adorable and look so content. They're surrounded by tons of love and each of them knows it! :-)

Thanks for the updates, I love reading them when time permits... funny how I'm done with the classes now and am busier than ever!

Have a wonderful week Linda and may God continue to bless each and every one of you!

Pam said...

You'll are doing an awesome job! I love reading your blog, you are such a good writer! How fortunate and blessed those babies are to have such wonderful parents and grand parents....and the babies, oh they are just precious and growing so fast! Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next post! By the way, my next grandbaby will be here in six short weeks....or there about! Have a good day! Pam

Linda said...

Hello Linda, I've not been blogging much recently. I'm delighted to catch up with all your news and the tremendous progress the babies are making.

bj said...

How wonderful that you and LD can spend this much time, helping out.
The babies are all so beautiful and they look so healthy and happy.
Get rest and....DON'T FORGET TO BREATH,. :)

Carla said...

I'm like BJ remember to breath. It's really great that y'all are able to the there so much.
That looked like a big margarita and I see by the picture you drained it. LOL
Take care. Hugs