Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Red Neck Camper.......

You might be a red neck camper if THIS is the way you dry laundry!
Yesterday I accidentally let a baby washcloth get sucked into the dryer lint filter at Amber and Mike's so I brought my clean wet laundry home to dry.
This looked like a pretty good place to hang them!

I'm really looking forward to decorating this area for fall and am just itching to get back home and pull all of my stuff down from the attic!

In the mean time, Louis Dean has bought several pots and even a couple of tomato plants. I bought a large rooster coffee mug for a dollar at the local Dollar Store.
I just love those places!
One LARGE mug of coffee is about all I drink these mornings.

LD and I spent the day caring for the Quad Squad while Amber took herself and her laptop off to Starbucks to do some work. It's practically impossible for her to get much of her work projects done at home because she can see and hear all that's going on.
I used these Baba Buddy Bottle Proppers today and loved them!!
LD and I fed all four quads in 25 minutes - from diaper change to feed to burps!
We impressed ourselves!

Little Kailey does NOT like to wait and with these feeding aids she doesn't have to!

After the 3:00 feeding we did Mat Time.
The babies are all beginning to smile and coo and bat at the toys.

In between the Quad Care I made a 'new' recipe this afternoon.

I collect cookbooks and this one is from 1999 University of Oklahoma Women's Association.

You mix up Ritz Bits Peanut Butter and Honey Roasted Peanuts.
Cook up a caramel coating of butter, sugar, light corn syrup, vanilla and baking soda.
Coat the crackers and peanuts - bake at 250 for an hour.....

and you have a tasty treat!

We got 'off work' at 5:30 this evening, stopped by the grocery store and were back in the camper by 6:30 for a quiet evening.

I put a pan of sweet potatoes and onions with rosemary in the little toaster oven to bake.......

......and we headed over to the pool to wait for them to cook.

I love a good soak in the hot tub!

Not a bad way to relax while dinner cooks!!

Can you tell by looking at him how much FUN he is??

Dinner was good. We cheated and bought a roasted chicken at the grocery store and opened up a can of Ranch Style Beans.

Now our evening is over and it's almost time to go back over to Amber and Mike's.
Sundays and Tuesdays we spend the night so they can get some sleep.
I think they call this a 'Split Shift!'
And that's exactly what we do!
I take two of the quads and Louis Dean takes the other two!

Goodnight all......and may we all sleep like SLEEPING babies!!!


Bernice said...

I look so forward to reading your blog. Love how you even have the patio area of your RV looking inviting, with its plants and tables, even the laundry hanging makes it look so homey;)
Amber's "new" schedule looks fantastic hope it works out,it is so great that you and LD take on the nightly feedings a few nites a week, you both are terrific.
Continued Prayers and Happiness for all of you:)

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Oh my goodness, Linda, you and your hubby are absolute heroes and saints.

Your daughter and her family are sooooo blessed to have you two in their lives!

Get some rest! :)
(Loved the rooster mug.)

Kathy said...

Your camper is looking better all the time. No matter where you are, you seem to bring your home with you. I love your idea for hanging the clothes. So clever.

Your new recipe looks good. You'll have to let us know how it works out. Dinner looks good too. I wish I had a hot tub to sit in while dinner cooks.

Angie said...

How in the world do you do at all? I mean really, who has time to make new recipes when caring for quads. Your super woman Linda!!!

I can't wait to see your Fall decor for the camper.

Hope you & Louis Dean got a little rest anyway :)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I love your hanging laundry! Red... White... and Blue.... Very patriotic. :-)


Vee said...

The organization is so impressive! Love the little home away from home that you continue to create. I thought you had a real fancy clothesline...it made me laugh to see what it really is. Whatever works! Looks like a wonderful meal and aren't those rotisserie chickens great? We can eat three meals or more from one of those things.

Sandra said...

i am always surprised how you find time to take all your photos. looks like lots of work to me. those bottle proppers and the things they are laying on are really cool.

B'ham said...

Boy those little Angels sure are growing !! It is so precious to see their individual personalities coming thru... and how they are really 'watching' things too !!
Your supper looks real good to me...
Silly question, what kind of toaster oven do you have ?
My big old stoves oven is about gone and I've been thinking about getting a small counter-top one...

Oh- have an extra five minutes in the hot tub for me will ya ?!?


Changes in the wind said...

What wonderful times these are for you all....Love all the pictures.

Susie said...

Linda, All your babies are looking cute, even LD. You are one super person...always on the go and and doing.Smiles, Susie

Dee said...

Cute camper and a creative way to dry the clothes.:) I keep going back and looking at the quads and the sweet potatoes. :) These times spent with the little ones are wonderful bonding times for you. It will be fun to see them grow and develop their own personalities. I am so happy you are sharing it with us.

Deb said...

they are so lucky to have you both there...just love seeing those sweet babies...

Carla said...

You're so funny. Potted plants - decoration - home away from home.

I do like the way you relax what foods a cookin.

Carla said...

That should say while foods are a cookin.