Monday, September 3, 2012

Making a Camper a Home.......

It takes a little while to make a camper feel like home. We've been here a week now and are beginning to settle in. 

We even went out for dinner on Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant.
This was our first visit and the food was excellent but it lacked the personality of
our favorite place - Casa Maria - where we have been going ever since we started coming down here! Louis Dean likes THAT place best because they have musicians on Friday night and when they come to our table they get LD to sing with them. As everyone knows - Louis Dean LOVES attention!!

I have some pretty things to look at as I sit at the camper table.
Summer gave us the chicken salt and pepper shakers so I think of her every time I use them. The Dr Pepper box was given to me by my oldest son, Jesse, back when he worked for Dr Pepper when he was putting himself through college. I love looking at things that have a little family history to them. Keeps all my children on my mind and in my prayers.

Every morning we have our coffee and reading time.
Note to self! Bring a larger print Bible when go back home for a few days.
I have to wear TWO pair of glasses when I read this tiny one.
We read a chapter of Proverbs every day which is perfect since most months have 31 days and Proverbs has 31 chapters. Then we read a Psalm. My first choice is always King James Version. The words are so familiar and comforting to me since I have read the Bible nearly every day of my life since I was able to read.

We are still trying to figure out where to put everything!
One challenge is remembering to take our medicines. I keep moving the pill boxes around and forget where I put them.

We DO have a great spot for our keys now.
This plaque used to be Jerl Doggett's. He was Louis Dean's father in law and was one of the greatest influences in Louis Dean's life! Every time he builds and/or repairs anything he says, "You can thank Jerl Doggett for teaching me how to do that!!!"
Another joy for Louis Dean is using some of the things he has here in the camper that belonged to Ruby Nell - his mother in law. He used one of her knives this morning to chop up onion and bell pepper for the baked beans we are taking over to Amber and Mike's this afternoon. The camper is stocked with the dishes, post and pans and things he used when he lived in here for 4 years. I guess you could say he enjoys being surrounded by things that have personal history in them as much as I do.

By being so close to Amber and Mike's house - a mere 6 minutes away - we have been able to spend quite a bit of time helping out with the quads.

This past week we spent roughly 83 hours with the babies.
That's about half of the hours in a week.
Praise God we have the flexibility in our life at this time to be able to help.
AND we get to see the babies as they change day by day!!

Saturday his truck batteries died. The Big White BEAST (Dodge Ram) takes TWO batteries! How grateful we are it died right here in the camper driveway rater than when we were pulling the RV down here last Sunday!!! I went on over to Amber's and LD stayed here - for awhile. Mike's mom has been in town over the weekend so she and I took care of the babies while Amber and Mike had a Date Night. I couldn't leave her alone to come back and pick LD up - so he WALKED! It's nearly 4 miles over there and he was totally give out by the time he arrived! 
 He was super happy yesterday when he bought new batteries and got his truck back!

He is such a natural with the quads.

So far he has never failed to be able to comfort them when they cry and is gifted at getting them to sleep.

Having our own little place to come home makes this whole adventure just that much better!!


Chatty Crone said...

Seems like everyone is blessed for a multitude of reasons.

darlin said...

Linda I love what you've done with the camper, seeing LD hold the babies, as well as you, is so beautiful to see. This is all so picture perfect! :-)

Nonnie said...

I love all of this. From the treasured items in your camper, to reading the Bible together, taking care of your babies, the sacrifices made. To think of him walking that distance - what a gem! You guys are a blessing.

Sandra said...

oh no on the two batteries. the first shot i thought you were inside the RV and thought Wow they did remodel.. ha ha just kidding. your new home looks great and is a proper home away from home. 6 minutes is awesome...

Bernice said...

Love what you have done with the camper,it looks from the pictures that you have lots of room to move.
You and LD look so so happy holding and feeding those little ones.
Continued prayers and Happiness:)

Deb said...

wow that was quite a walk...looks like yall are really settling in...those babies are just too darn cute...

Kathy said...

How cute your camper is! Glad LD got the truck fixed. You'll find someplace for those meds and then you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before.

I know Amber and Mike are happy to have you and LD there to help with the quads. But a four mile walk? Good for him being able to do that. I don't think I could.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Thank you for showing us, more views of your camper. You know I love, love, love 'floor plans.' And pics let me figure out the 'floor plan' of your camper. :-)

So sorry about the batteries, but yes, good it happened right there, and not on the road.

Same sort of thing happened with our daughter/s-i-law the other night. They had been out somewhere, and stopped by here, around 9:30 at night, before driving 2-houses-down to their home.

But they could not get the car to start, when they went to go home. He had to get a new battery in the morning. But is was sooooo goooood, that the battery quit, in our driveway, a 'hop, skip, and a jump' from home. INstead of out around the lake, where they had been!


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

It is so wonderful to watch the babies thrive! They will always be blessed by miracles and brilliance.

You and LD have done an amazing job creating your home away from home.

Have you found a place for your evening wine tradition? We'll be moving ours inside soon. The cool crisp Fall evenings have taken hold.

The best of God's blessings to all of you!

Carla said...

If one just happened upon your blog and saw the pictures. They wouldn't know you're living in a camper. It's so homey. Glad to see LD is such a natural at this baby thing. ;o)