Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Dressed Up and No Place To Go!

Every day we dress the quads up - but we never take them anywhere!
The exception being the pediatrician's office - or the hospital - or the eye doctor!

Logan Lee is all decked out in matching socks as she watches her version of TV!

They MUST be dressed up for Mat/Tummy Time!!!

Kailey laughed and talked to her mirror image!
Kailey is actually a mirror image of her mommy when SHE was this age!!

I have had the BEST day playing with the babies!
Trystan amazes me with her watching eyes! Unless she is sound asleep she is always watching everything and everybody!

Logan is such a joy! The smallest baby of the four at birth - just 2 lb 6 oz - is now the SAME weight as Harrison!! 10 lb 10 1/2 oz!!! Kailey is close to this and Trystan is about a pound lighter than the others. She is going to be petite but she is putting away her bottles!

Harrison is usually so active but he pretty much slept through most of the play time today!

While the babies are healthy and growing and exceeding all our expectations -
they are still preemies having arrived 2 1/2 months early.
Their immune systems are not up to par yet so while we dress the babies up each and every day we do NOT take them OUT nor are people invited IN!
Amber and Mike can't invite people over for a cook out in the back yard or have a group over for a football game on TV.

Each of us who take care of the quads have had a current flu shot plus a DTaP vaccine. We wash our hands constantly and use Purell by the cases!
Fortunately none of us have had so much as an allergy attack!

The doctor has advised Amber and Mike to go into 'Lock Down' until Easter.
The RSV ( Respiratory Syncytial Virus) season is upon us - fall through spring - and the babies are at higher risk due to being so premature. This all makes for a very limited social life for the parents - and the caregivers - as well as the babies. But the babies have each other so I'm sure they won't be lacking for social interactions!!

There are so many issues with multiples and preemies that I didn't think about before.
After Easter the babies will be 'Fair Game' in fending off germs on their own.
Their immune system should be strong enough by that time.

This makes it a difficult time for the parents......
I've read other quad blogs about how stir crazy they get!
Especially the MOMS!

Praise God for modern methods of communication - Skype, email, Facebook and blogs! I will keep dressing the babies up and showing them off every way I can!

The day will come when we can finally say.....
" Would YOU like to HOLD the baby?"


Vee said...

What are you talking about that they have no place to go? They're going all over the world. Why they're right here in the Northeast now. I do know what you are saying and can not imagine how challenging it would be to be so isolated. Does this also mean that parents and grandparents should not be socializing away from home either lest they take something home? Complicated I am sure.

They are so cute and so well cared for and so beautifully dressed. Good thing that they have each other as they're not wanting for social interaction.

You certainly do look as if you're in your element. Yes, the two of you are as cute as can be also.

Nonnie said...

Our granddaughter was two months early and we went through all the things you described. But you are right. They have each other. Kate didn't even get to be around any other children. It was hard, but she is 4 years old now. As Vee said, everybody is getting to see them. Them are surrounded by all of you. They're adorable.


Oh Linda, I'm so happy to see your lovely and adorable quads grandchildren, it makes me so happy to see them so well and so elegant..look at all of us bloggers looking and admiring them in their lovely cloths, which they will outgrow sooner than you take them out to wash, lol.. You have to be the happiest grand I've ever seen and you are in your elelemnt too. Thanks for sharing honey.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
darlin said...

The babies are all so totally adorable Linda. It's unfortunate that they are on lock down mode but at least they're all growing and doing just fine.

I love watching how they are all developing, smiling, talking in their own language and you're so right, no lack of socialization ... they have one another, a loving Mommy and Daddy, Grandparents and I'm sure it's safe to say all of us out here in blogland.

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing journey and it's so awesome to see them all dressed up!

Deb said...

They are so cute.... Their health is more important than anything else

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

The babies are growing so much!! Lock down is a good idea. Both my girls had RSV last year and it was rough they caught it at Cooks Hospital in FW.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

I AM SO GLAD that you are in "Lock Down" mode.

I'd prefer all new babies NOT be exposed to others. Especially since there are so many clue-less people out there, who lean right in to a baby, breath right in their face, and grab their little hands, which will immediately go into their little mouths, along with the clue-less person's germs. UGH...

Oppps, sorry for the rant. But it is a biggggie, with me.

Oh and pics of LD holding a quad, really show how tiny they still are. Healthy yes. But tiny still. They NEED protection.


Sandra said...

i never even thought about the flu season and can understand the lock down season, but it will be tough. they look so tiny in your hubby's arms, shows just how small they are.

Kathy said...

All of us in blogland like seeing those babies dressed up. They are going places -- it's just virtually going there. I can tell by the other comments that we all LOVE those babies. I don't blame all of you having them in lock down to keep them safe and healthy.

Dee said...

Oh my...It most definitely is better to keep them away from people right now. I bet their first major fun outing will be something special for everyone.

Carla said...

When Easter arrives those babies will be so pooped from being handled and pasted around. ;o)

then they can come be rocked on the patio. A rocker for each baby.