Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday's Treasures!

I set my alarm again this morning and was up and in Dallas by 9:30!
And what's more - I haven't taken a nap today!

I was there to see Harrison perform in his drama.
He was magnificent - of course!!
The play was about Anansi - 

I confess I had never heard of these stories before.
The drama teacher was truly wonderful and did a fantastic job with the classes.
Amber saw the same play 3 different times.
Friday she watched Logan and Trystan.
Monday was when Kailey was in it and today was Harrison.
She knows the story by heart now.

I drove home in the rain and decided to hit up the Goodwill and Irving Thrift.

The Texas coffee cup was $.069!
I'm a sucker for pretty trays and the glass chicken will go to the ranch with me.
The crockpot will replace the one that broke last week - and it will go to the ranch.

I was planning on buying another mattress cover for Lillian's bed and I found this twin size Cashmere-Yak! $5! I also bought a HUGE Battenburg lace duvet cover for $4.
It looks blue but it is actually sparkling white!
I will either use it as a tablecloth or as a bedspread.

I fell in love with the wreaths!
Hung the sunflower one up in here in the sewing room and used the other one on the table by the sofa in the den. The glass will be perfect for a margarita and the chippy board type place mats will go to the ranch.

Signs!!! 'Hers' is in the bedroom and Home Sweet Home is in the dining room.
The Bon Appetit is in the cook book case. It has glass doors that lift up and the sign is perfect.
The wine box sits on the buffet in the dining room.

Is that not the cutest little bird house?? 
We may take that to the ranch, too.
The wastebasket is perfect for the guest room.
I bought two stitched tea clothes - $0.75 for both.
They will be perfect for when I take a tea party to the nursing home.
And I could not resist a Santa all in pink velvet!

But the prize was the plates!!!

Seven plates for $0.75 each from Williams-Sonoma.
Just so you know, I packed up two giant sets of China and took them to the Goodwill this winter.
Now I had plenty of room for these beauties!
And the set of a dozen pretty rose napkin rings was perfect!

ALL of these treasures - including three sets of twin size sheets (I was able to match some up that look like they go together) and two sets of pillowcases plus two muffin tins - all for just over $50!

I stayed busy for a little while this afternoon taking pictures of everything and then set about washing, cleaning, arranging, storing and displaying it all.
Once - a very long time ago - on KCBI Christian radio - there was this famous lady who shopped thrift stores and  garage sales and then shared her stories on the program. She said it was key to deal with what you brought home immediately. I took that to heart and that's exactly what I do.

In other news - I am still working on chopping back the jungle a little bit every day.
Usually it is in the evening after the sun has gone down past the fence and it's cooled off some.
It was in the 60's this morning and I ran the heater in the car but by the time I got home this afternoon the temps had started t o climb into the low 80's.

Louis Dean is preparing to put the gazebo up again but first he must do some work to resolve the issue of water coming in the sewing room.
See the trumpet vine on the telephone pole?

It is so pretty!
By the way - thank you for the info about the lilies.
You are right - they must not be Day Lilies since the flowers last for the better part of a week.
These are hardy perennials.

A French drain will go in here using the PVC pipes Louis Dean picked up at the curb on Monday!
God does provide for our every need!

I am so proud of Louis Dean - and of myself, too.
We have occasionally grumbled about getting older and complained about not being able to do as much as we used to. For me it was a little embarrassing to be getting old. My hair is thinning and more changes happen every single year....every single birthday. On the bright side I don't bite my fingernails anymore. That's because I have dentures! Growing old gracefully is not as easy as I thought it would be. However....I'm getting better about it. A sweet young lady told me at the school today how pretty my hair looked. I told her how much I appreciated her telling me that. Normally I wear a small blond crown wiglet but today I went with my real hair. I am going to buy a new wiglet and I'm not above using whatever paint, cream, accessories and such that I can - but I am grateful to be my age and I want to celebrate it - not be slightly ashamed of it.
With that in mind, both Louis Dean and I have slowly adjusted to the new 'normal.'
We rest more. Take more breaks. Pace ourselves.
I dedicated this year of 2019 to not put deadlines in my life if at all possible.
I've not entertained as much and I haven't had the pressure of  'getting everything cleaned up and ready for a party' this year. Every season so far - and there's just been two - I have used the dining room table with all the place settings. This year we are trying to get a handle on some things around here and that makes a mess. So be it! I try not to look at the enormous amount of things to do but to take it a chunk at a time. Louis Dean says I have taught him to do this and it makes things less overwhelming. So for now, Louis Dean is concentrating on getting the drains in at the back before putting up the gazebo. Then he will move on to the decks.
I'm cleaning house and tending to the flower beds and yard work, Sanford and Son still live in half of the back yard. We have served them notice that eventually they must move. It won't be all at once but a little at a time.

But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
Isaiah 28:10


Ginny Hartzler said...

Splendid advice for us all. I know some seniors who set goals, then rush about and are disappointed in themselves when they do not get them done. I say to be kind to yourself and only focus on tiny things at one time. I love all your treasures! Especially the signs and blue chicken.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’ve been tidying areas of the house that have been cluttered. It feels good.

It’s a blessing to grow old. Many never get the chance.

Saimi said...

You are a treasure hunter and found yourself some real beauties!! I'm not good at thrift shopping, well, I'm not good at shopping period so its such a treat for me to see all the wonderful finds you brought home. The ranch will thank you !'m glad you are embracing your age. It's part of life and it's going to happen regardless so why not. I feel the same way, I'm just doing my best to stay healthy and active and I'll let nature take it's course from there.

PS my husband and I love napping!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've been surprised at how much changes as you age...I just hate not being able to do all the things I want to do. But like you, I'm trying to adjust. You always look so beautiful and stylish. I like to feel good about myself and put on a cute outfit and jewelry when I get out! Love the plates you found and that beautiful Santa! Tell LD not to work too hard in the heat! Hugs!

Vee said...

A good reminder...keep going! What you had to say about growing older gracefully hit a nerve with me. It is much harder for me than I thought as well so I read your words with interest. The physical therapist told me yesterday that I need to be using a cane. What?! He says I am too unsteady and it would be too easy to fall and break something. It shocked me!

Love that the Quads are involved in everything from sports to drama. Very cool!

Your trumpet vines are beautiful and your daylily look alikes had me fooled. Wonder what they could be.

You really did score big shopping. I have things I dragged home from Wal*Mart last night that must be dealt with. ☺️

Happy projects! Happy pacing!

Changes in the wind said...

You did find some really good deals and I know how much you enjoy it. Now you have three places to shop for...the house, the ranch and the rest home:) Aging...it is funny but we just never are ready for it. I can tell you I don't look like my Grandmother's at this age:)

Sandra said...

one of Sanford's sons lives here also.. I just ignore it. if bob dies before I do, I will hire someone to come with one of those big dump things and haul it all away.. if I go first who cares... all of the things you do and the places you and how you shop is you and makes you happy, so keep on doing what you love to do... keeps you young by making you happy. to funny about seeing the same play over and over. they must be in different classes. I thought they would be in one play together

Debby said...

You and LD are so active. You are a good example of how to enjoy life. It's true that aging isn't fun at times. We all have things that stress us. I think it's so important that we do things that make us happy. A good attitude helps too.
You are a good example of both.

Lisa said...

OH wow, what great finds!!! I love the GoodWill thrift store. I just got a couple rustic signs from there last week!

Judy said...

You always seem to hit the jackpot at the thrift store. I usually come home from there empty-handed. :) Maybe I need to take you with me sometime.

I love your attitude about getting old. Every day is a gift and you know how to make the most of it.

Where have the years gone? Now the quads are acting in dramas! It has been a joy to follow along these past years.

Nanaland said...

Linda you and LD have more energy than most folks I know. Just keep on going!!

G Dazeez said...

Linda, you and LD are so right about aging. The past year I had to purge, I just couldn't keep up anymore. We quit our three jobs and decided at our age we needed to sit and enjoy what we had. Last year both our hot water heaters burnt out along with the dishwasher. This spring it is our 3 garage door openers, the repairman said they last about 20 years at the most. We've been in our home 18 years. Then we got all this rain, so now we are pumping water from our crawl space. Then I go to the mail and our county assessor has doubled our assessment,hence doubling our taxes. I may need a magarita this afternoon!

BeachGypsy said...

Love this post my friend and love seeing all YOUR BARGAIN GOODIES! I love seeing people's treasures, so fun to see what everybody finds and brings home!! you always find such great deals though....our local thrift shops are higher priced than yours for sure. I know about the slowing down......tomorrow is my birthday and I AM THRILLED AND AMAZED that I've made it this far!!! LOL Hugs!

Carole said...

Chunking it up has my vote... Cheers

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Wasn't Harrison blessed to have you attend his play! And you were blessed by some terrific thrift store finds! ♥

Chatty Crone said...

You have better thrift stores than I do around here. And you have two houses to decorate - you got some great things. sandie

Rain said...

Wow Linda you DID hit the jackpot!!! I love that the crockpot is RED!! And the Santa! I'm a huge Williams Sonoma fan, I have so many of their cookbooks! Great finds!!! I think you are growing old very gracefully and you're an inspiration to me! :) xx

photowannabe said...

That's what your journal is to me.
I really like your purpose for 2019...Do less fussing and enjoy life more.
I think you and I think alike..I do clean and straighten but lots of times...what you see is what you get...(:0)
Your thrift stores are certainly more wonderful than ours. Love your finds.
I have too much stuff for bring home any more.
In fact we are in the process of purging some of our collectibles and "treasures"...Getting back into the business of Ebay selling...It's so much work, I hope we can do it.
You look beautiful every day.
Good luck with the French Drains..I sure hope they will solve the problem.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Linda, as my mother always used to tell me, “Don’t get old” and now I am older, so what went wrong? But seriously, you have made some great decisions and thanks for sharing with us. I know that keeping active, but also taking time to rest and recharge is just as important. I admire your attitude and goodness to others, family and friends alike. And, you did score some great deals, like you I enjiy a goid thrift store find and even better when I can give it to someone or get rid of something in its place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest comments about appearance. My hair is getting thin and everything, literally everything, seems to be sagging in spite of doing periodic exercise. It is hard sometimes to look in the mirror...so I try not too and then my heart and soul can happily feel as though I am still 20.