Monday, May 13, 2019

Country Time!

Amber, Mike and the kids met me at Fellowship Church Sunday morning where we all sat together.
I loved that!

There were several photo op spots and since we were late - they were all empty so Mike snapped a pic of us!

Louis Dean was home loading the truck for our trip to the ranch.
Sherry had driven her parents up to North Dakota in their RV for the summer. They belong to a church build group and do that every year. I think that's so cool! In the fall, Sherry flies up and drives them back home. Anyway, Sherry flew in to DFW which was perfect since we could take her to the ranch with us and save Dean a trip! Win! WIN!!

To make the deal even sweeter - Sherry drove and Louis Dean sat in the back seat where he was as happy as he could be. He kept calling out things he wanted me to pick up at HEB - things like Digiorno Pizzas - and 'don't be stingy about it! I want several!' Also cans of Libby Corn (which I bought the HEB brand) and cottage cheese and on and on. The longer we drove, the happier he got.
When we mentioned it, he said since he didn't have to drive - he could just sit back there and think!
I told him we're only going to be here a week and he said that was okay. He intends to eat like TWO weeks!!

I got everything he asked for and then some!

See what I mean? He was so happy!!!
He said he sat out on the tailgate the whole time we were in there shopping and he would visit with the people going past him. He said the men looked envious that he was outside waiting and didn't have to go IN!

I think he was a very happy camper Sunday!

This was the sunset as we were up at the gate.
We arrived before dark!

It is good to be back.
Everything looked good - no water in the camper cupboard where we store our linens.
However, the air was lightly scented with the aroma of  'Essence of Skunk!'
It must be from under the camper or even under the deck.

We opened the windows and left the doors wide open.
It didn't smell outside or in the camper - just in the front room!

We took ourselves outside to sit a spell before bed.
Dean had given his dad several tomato plants and they are all doing so well!
Little flowers are all over them. We will be having tomatoes next month!

This is the life!

I mixed my wine half and half with flavored water making a big wine cooler!
Our week in the country was under way!

This morning (Monday) we had our coffee and reading before I got ready and headed into Waco to meet up with Summer. She's been staying with her friend, Linda, after the death of her husband last week. We met at the Conquistador for lunch and lingered long at the table just talking and enjoying our time together.

This is the beautiful candy dish Summer gave me.

Can you see the bees on it? They even cover the bottom of the dish!!
It's the most beautiful color and I can't decide whether to leave it here or take it home!

Summer rode along with me all afternoon while I picked up RX at Walgreen's, bought a pair of beekeeping gloves at Orscheln Farm and Home store.

We even hit up a couple of thrift stores!
Then Louis Dean called and wanted me to go to Home Depot for weed eater string.

We ended our day together at Collin Street Bakery.
We both love that place and ordered tea and a cherry icebox cookie each, found a comfy sofa and sank into it - giving our feet a much needed rest!
We sat there for the better part of an hour.
Summer pointed out that Collin Street Bakery had incorporated the farm house/industrial /white tile look so popular with Chip and Joanna Gaines but done before their famous TV show - The Fixer Upper. I love how the bakery decorates for fall and Christmas but I enjoy the open clean spacious look the rest of the year.

My view driving home.
The fields and crops are all growing and it's one of the things I get such a kick out of watching - how the fields look from month to month. That's the beauty of coming down here every single month of the year.

I had picked up a couple of bags of dog food for our friend who has the goats and the Pyrenees puppies. They are eating her out of house and home!

We came bearing the dog food and left with a fourth baby goat.
This one is Elsa and is one of Ann's favorites but she knew she needed to be with other young goats.
And she knew Sherry would love to have her and give her a good home along with the other three baby goats - all from Ann.

This is Ann's 13 year old goat. That's really old for a goat.
Despite the goatee - this is a girl.

I love to visit Ann!
So many beautiful critters!

This dog would not budge,
When we left, Sherry had to back out around him!
He never moved a muscle.

I got to hold the baby on my lap and that's how she went home with us - on my lap!

We all love to hold a baby!
Three of the four babies are bottle fed with goat formula.

This picture is funny because Dean calls drinking wine 'juicing!'
Sherry said we have new 'juicers' here now!

They even recycle Dean's Modelo beer bottles.
I fed two of the goats tonight. We are on Critter Duty this weekend so I was practicing.

We love all our time here but the evenings on the porch with a campfire and the night sounds is our very favorite!

Louis Dean is already in bed and I am heading that way shortly.
It was a warm 80 degrees today but the night air has a chill to it so we are able to sleep without the AC on and with the windows open. No sound machine required!

Goodnight from the Country!!


Vee said...

Eau de Skunk, eh? I have Eau de Groundhog and it is nasty. Ok. Enough of that! 😉

Yes, that man of yours was very happy. I would be, too, if someone else was doing the shopping and I could sit on the tailgate swinging my feet. Ha!

That’s a pretty pic of you and Amber.

Have a fine time at the ranch this week. Sure looks cozy there. (Those baby goats will keep you plenty busy. They are so cute.)

Susie said...

Linda, You say you love the quiet country, there was nothing quiet about those evening sounds. LOL. Oh I loved the video of LD .So funny. I think about the trip with him calling out from the back, all the things he wants to you to pick up at the store. What a trip that must have been. The picture of you and Amber is so nice. Love it. Blessings to all of you, stay safe. xoxo,love you, Susie

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss critter duty lol, have a great week!

Estelle's said...

It all looks wonderful...enjoy your time!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Gotta love a happy man! Our guys deserve being happy,they work so hard!

What a lovely photo of you and Amber, and how great to have a day with Summer.

I really enjoyed my visit to Waco when I was in Texas! And love getting to have breakfast with you and Summer!

Those goat babies are so cute!

Enjoy your week!

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoy your "country" time there! Love all the pics.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a beautiful Mothers Day picture of you and Amber. Glad you got to meet up with Summer too. It is wonderful out in the country where the changing seasons are so beautiful. Yes, we all love to hold a baby, but I've never had the privilege to hold a baby goat before. How sweet! Hope you enjoy some relaxing country days this week. Here, the sunshine came out this morning, a welcome relief from the rain.

Rain said...

I so much enjoy your country posts Linda, you guys look so happy and filled with gratitude! The camper looks so cozy and I love the goats!!! :)

Sandra said...

this is such a happy post. loved every moment and I wish I were there to visit Ann and her goats and dogs and to hole those babies... I love baby goats. we had them several times come to visit at the nursing home. my job was to pass the goats to the residents and let them hold it, then move it to another. the goats are so much lighter than they look. I want to ride in a truck and hold one on mylap

photowannabe said...

Amazing critter night restful and cozy feeling.
Love your "babies" too. I know you are going to have a wonderful time in the country this week. I'm a bit envious.
Sure hope the skunk smell isn't a harbinger of things to come.

Bluebird49 said...

I would have been surprised if you had not hit a thrift store this past week! Y'all enjoy!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I know that Louis Dean loves coming here so much,and that just makes him happy!! Your picture at church is so beautiful. I love your pretty outfit,and your hair. Baby goats are the cutest! Especially when they start jumping!

Carole said...

So glad you are back in the country for a wee while. have fun!

Kathy said...

I haven't been on blogger for awhile and have finally caught up with your week. What a busy time you have had. Enjoy your time in the country. I don't know how you sleep with all that noise!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, Louis Dean surely did enjoy himself while the ladies shopped. Looks like you will be dining well at the ranch, Linda. The baby goats are cute as are all young ones.

BeachGypsy said...

Linda my friend I loved this post and seeing what all you've been up to! Love those "country pictures"!! Love the picture of you and Amber....look at you there in your gypsy skirt!!---you look gorgeous, yes you do!! The baby goats are cute. I love coming along with y'all when you feed the animals and especially when you relax around the fire at the end of the day.