Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Gentle Country Days......Monday and Tuesday......

The rain is gone and the mud is drying and all is right in the country these days - country meaning our neck of the woods!
We have been sleeping late and puttering around, eating well and resting some.
There's never a lack of projects to do but we just kind of fall into doing one thing or another.
Monday afternoon, Louis Dean and I were talking about how things were before he started the front room that is attached to the camper - making it our Camper/Cabin now.
The very first thing I bought was a big red screen door! A perfect country place screen door.
It was two years ago at the city wide garage sale here in Mart.
Speaking of that garage sale - I missed last year - and this coming weekend is this year's!
It was scheduled for last Saturday but was reset for this Saturday because of the storms last weekend.
Guess what? 90% chance of storms again this weekend. We will see......
and we will be on Critter Duty again!

Anyway, I told Louis Dean it would be nice to get that screen door up before the flies arrive.
There's a LOT of flies in the country - especially with Mr. Jackson's cattle smack dab in our 'front yard.' When Louis Dean asked me if I would like for him to concentrate on getting that door up - I was so quick to say YES I think his head spun around!

So that's what's he's been working on.
I got my paints out and set up my art table.
There's a perfect place next to the big fridge and kind of behind where the door opens to the side deck that will be perfect for shelves and storage for my art.
That's Louis Dean's next project after the screen door.

We sat out on the deck last night around 7:30 and admired the scenery.
I never remember the horses names but this is the mama to the other brown horse.
Dean and Sherry came down and visited with us and told us all about their weekend.
We told them all our critter stories including Emu!

There is just something so gentle about our time here.
No rushing around. No staying so busy we are exhausted.
We move and work at a slower pace. 

I was talking to Ann, the lady with the goats and pups.......

she lives just a 'piece down the road' from Dean and Sherry.
This is the pic she sent me of the pups.
The one at 8:00 is called Possum and he's the male dog Dean originally wanted. 
I really like that cat at the top of the photo!
Tomorrow afternoon, Louis Dean and I are going over to meet Ann in person.
We are not in the market for a dog but it will be fun to love on all of them.
And it's always fun to make new friends!

I'm finishing up some art I had been working on last month before starting some new pieces.

Last night I went to bed a little but concerned about a Santa I'm trying to redeem.
Actually I was REALLY concerned.....and I still am although he is looking better today.
Louis Dean said, "Linda, I will BUY you another canvas if you want to throw that one away."
That did not help my confidence in fixing Santa.

I was happier with this one although I see I signed it 2018.

Now I am back to work on a pastoral scene that will hang where that pumpkin is - once I get it finished.

Dean and Sherry had supper with us tonight.
I love the times we all sit together on the porch and visit.

I think the pups have names now.
This is Rughar......although that seems to be a name from a character in World of Warcraft.
Maybe his name is Ruger......named after the gun.

And this would be Remy.....short for Remington.

These are such good sweet dogs and so smart, too!

Louis Dean has already gone to bed and I am about to head that way myself.
I'm enjoying The Time Traveler's Wife and usually read for an hour or so after I get in bed.

I will close with this pic of Amber and Mike taken 7 years ago today.
She was about to leave for the hospital where she stayed for 52 days before the babies were born.
She was pretty amazing then and is still equally amazing today.

Goodnight from the Country!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Goodnight Linda. Have another wonderful day tomorrow.

Vee said...

😆 Oh that last picture! You are the ones who know such things are true.

Your days sound full and restful. Here’s to a great screen door! And here’s to an easy weekend where You can go and do what you want. May critter duty go smoothly. No more attacks from a mean rooster.

And somehow I know that the Santa will be rescued.

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration with the Santa painting, sometimes we get so frustrated because things just aren’t going the way we want, Your hubby meant well bless him, he must have thought starting over would relive your frustration but I know I would be the same way, I would keep at it til it worked lol. The pups are beautiful and I know we have dogs in our family with some of the same names. I love that you paint art for specific places in your home, you have a vision of what you want and where you want it, I do that too and always have lol,
52 days in hospital waiting for the baby to be born , that must have been a difficult time, such a lovely young woman.

Nanaland said...

I hope you get your ssreen door up Linda. I totally understand about the flies in the country. My Granddaddy would say, if you kill one two more will come to the funeral.:) Those pups are precious. Like you, we do not need or want a dog but puppies are so tempting. Hope you get your Santa sorted out!!

Sandra said...

I believe every child that wants to should be allowed to play in mud...I loved mud puddles as a child, my cousin did not...I loved to go barefoot, she did not...Rugger and Remington are gorgeous dogs. I had a dog with a painted face like Rugger... his name was Joey... I still have trouble believing how long since Amber was in hospital and how old the quads are. can't wait to see the new door go up... wish I could paint

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like it's good to have some quieter days to relax before your next round of critter duty. Sorry it may be another rainy weekend coming. That red screen door sounds wonderful. Yes there are lots of flies in the country and it is definitely needed. I hate it when one gets in the house and buzzes around and seems impossible to get rid of. I finally got my Spring painting project fin shined and will show pictures after Easter.I think they are cute, but not really very artistic. I have done many still life paintings similar to the one you finished up. They take a lot more work than what I've done. How cute those puppies are. They are very lovable. Enjoy the quiet before the storm.

Tina said...

I love the wine picture so much!! Hope you figure out how to fix the Santa painting, that is so frustrating when a project is not turning out how you envisioned it! The pups are so cute and should be such a help with the goats! Louis Dean is so great to ask you what the priority should be for his next project, he's a keeper! Have a super Wednesday!

Changes in the wind said...

It is interesting how location can make a lot of difference in our lifestyle, I am happy for you that you have this variety. Can't wait to see that red screen door and love that it was the first thing you bought.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your wine painting is so lovely. You captured all the glass reflections perfectly! I hope you get that screen door up fast! I cannot WAIT to see what you get at that huge sale!!

jujupage1 said...

Glad the rain has stopped for a little while for you. Those puppies look so cute! :)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Can’t wait to see that cute red screen door hanging! The dogs are so cute!

Don’t fret about the Santa. You are making art and sometimes our art goes its own way! Maybe you’re trying too hard. I’ll pray for you to see with fresh eyes what the Santa needs! You are a wonderful artist!

I love to see you and Louis Dean savoring your days!

photowannabe said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the red door on your country place...That's the perfect thing.
Adorable pups and I am sighing over your wonderful time in the Country.
Love your family times.
I am so looking forward to reuniting with part of my family in a few days. We haven't been together for two years. Road trip with one son and family to see the other...
More to follow ...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

i just spent awhile catching up on some previous posts, Linda. It's always so nice to read your posts from "in the country." Those puppies are so cute and soft looking and as much as we also enjoy pets, we now prefer to visit other people's, pet them a lot and then leave for the next visit. Hope the Santa painting gets worked out in your mind.

Wanda said...

What would life be without memories. I can't wait to make some more with Tristan. He's growing up too fast and lives too far away. I had to post about him today, and my heart is missing him and our daughter.

Love your pictures, pups and your art....

Thanks again for remembering us in your prayers.

Carole said...

I'm a little bit with LD about the santa - can you paint over all white and start another one or a nativity scene? (I'm not that big on Santa - a commercial construct .. according to one memorable Christmas Eve sermon).. but you clearly enjoy him so go for it! Cheers

Say What? said...

Your love of the country and outdoors shows. It's a special place, I know. Is it crazy loud there at night? We've apparently got a frog "problem". Well, the only real problem is that they like to hang outside our bedroom window and sing all night. ;)

Susie said...

Linda, It will be nice for you and LD to relax while things dry out there. Your art work time looks to be so much fun. Nothing cuter than a pile of puppies or kittens. We all think that Amber and Mike are truly amazing parents. Their sweet children are a testimony to that. You all surround each other with love and encouragement. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie

Sue said...

Love, love, Love this post, Linda, Did I say how much I loved this post so much sweetness, You and Louis Dean seem to love animals like my dh and I.So many stories to see especially with animals, I happened to have my camera yesterday when the turkeys had a run in with a rooster, a sight to behold!

I do admire folks who can look at something and capture its beauty on canvas, yours is beautiful! You are so correct about the peace and quiet in the country,as are the flies being plentiful. ~wink~ Have a blessed day, thank you for visiting me.

Judy said...

Hahaha! Love that last picture. So true! As for flies...I know whereof you speak. Fly season is soon upon us again. Enjoy your beautiful screen door! As for Santa...he will come! I know.