Thursday, April 11, 2019

Country Roads, Bluebonnets, Meeting a Neighbor and Art.....Wednesday and Thursday

We went to town Wednesday and it took all day to do our errands.
Louis Dean did not sleep well the night before so it was a good day to stop work for a day.

It was a gorgeous day!

Our first stop was Home Depot followed by Walmart - which has a Chase Bank inside so I cashed a check in the hopes of getting to shop the Mart city wide garage sale and Leon Junction's warehouse clearance on Saturday. (However, this has been rescheduled since storms are once again in the forecast for that day!) Next we went through the Walgreen's drive up service to pick up Louis Dean's prescriptions.....followed by a late lunch at The Catch on Valley Mills. Finally, I ran into Aldi to pick up a few things. When I got back to the truck and opened the door to the back seat to put in my groceries - the can of red paint I bought at Home Depot fell out and the lid popped off and the paint pooled like blood at the scene of a homicide. So we made another trip to Home Depot!
The paint is for the cooking station - that workbench we found at the curb several weeks ago.

Finally we were on our way home!

I am so happy that Louis Dean stops for photo ops!

The bluebonnets were gorgeous!

So were the buttercups!

I love seeing the fields.
The green plants are showing up now.
It's always a guessing game to me as to what has been planted.
Wheat? Cotton? Corn?
I don't think I have seen anything else down here.

When we got to the end of County Line Road, we turned left instead of right as we do to go to the ranch. We were going to visit Ann, the lady who sold Dean and Sherry their pups and mama goat and baby.

Just a little ways down the road, we slowed down as there was a whole gathering on the road.
A young mama, her older children and a baby in a wagon, two tiny dogs and a granddad.
I stopped to take a picture of this cow and asked her if this was her place.
She said, "No, it belongs to my dad. We are picking flowers!"

I took another picture and then we eased around them in our big white diesel truck......
the road is narrow and there were six people on it plus the wagon and the dogs....
we were slow and careful.

This was not a road we normally travel.......

so we stop and take pictures!
The scene behind us.....

and the one in front of us.
We turn right at the fork in the road....

and we find our way to Ann's place.
A cowboy was driving up the same time we were.
He was helping Ann pull a couple of dead goats out to the field where she was getting someone to dig holes so she could bury them. This is a reality for the farmers and ranchers.

Ann is a pretty amazing lady.
She breeds dogs and rescues all manner of critters.
This little goat is dying and yet Ann bottle feeds him, holds and comforts him until the very end.
She told me why he is dying. I can't remember it all but there was no hope for him. And yet she cares for him until the very end. You have to love this lady.

I got to meet all the pups in person!!
They are every one adorable!

There's no way I can have one of these sweet dogs for my own......but we can visit and bring 50 pounds of dog food when we come.


Now a cat I might could handle!
But probably not this one!
She's pretty much at home here and runs the place.

I'm still finishing up paintings previously started.....
after this canvas there's only one left and then I can start some new ones!

It's Bluebonnet Time in Texas!
I'll close with this photo Summer took back in 2004.
My life was very different back then.
I was in the middle of a messy divorce and working at a State Farm Agency.
Summer was such a support to me - then and always.
After we got off work, she took me out to look at bluebonnets and did a photo shoot.

Summer is always celebrating the Bluebonnet season!

She, Sherry and Gayle ate lunch at the Wildflower Cafe in Ennis before hitting the bluebonnet trail!

Yes! It's Bluebonnet time in Texas!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Red Paint !!

Lovely pictures of your drive home with the stop to meet Ann and her charges.

Blue Bonnets - amazing.



Ginny Hartzler said...

I saw Summer & the bluebonnets on Facebook and told her how pretty she looks! You must have got red paint all over the inside of your truck! I think the buttercups may be primroses. Buttercups are tiny and bright yellow. And both are so pretty! What a great visit you had, you are so generous and helpful with everyone. You always leave people feeling better than before you came. And that is what life is all about!

Anonymous said...

Oh the blue bonnets are beautiful! Everything is so green and lovely, looks like summer to me lol, that woman is so kind to the animals, she is certainly a gift to the critters and we could learn from her. Your painting are beautiful, you certainly have a beautiful area to inspire you! Your photo shoot is beautiful, even though you were going through a difficult time it certainly didn’t break your spirit, you look wonderful, it’s really good of you to bring the dog food to the farm that’s a whole lot of dogs to feed!

Carol said...

Oh Linda, you leave us with such happy thoughts. You and LD do so much for others and it is such a blessing. I know how Ann feels. We had a baby cow that needed to be cared for like that and I even kept it in the house on a heating pad because it was so cold. It is just part of farm life.

Vee said...

What a day filled with highs and lows. You are the second person this week that I have asked if she may have been reading too many murder mysteries. In your case it’s because of the vivid description of spilled red paint. 😊 Always good to see the bluebells. Your buttercups are very different from our buttercups.Yours are, quite frankly, more pretty. Glad that Summer is on the bluebonnet trail, too.

Vee said...

Oh I meant to say that I love roads where the trees arch over creating a canopy that way. A very nice drive to Ann’s. She does seem a remarkable woman. It is something I could not do. Farm life is not for me, though I am sure that it is rich and wonderful in many ways I’ll never know except by hanging out here. Happy Friday and a happy weekend.

Susie said...

Linda, I loved all the photos. Oh dear, you need a milk crate to keep in the truck to put things like milk or paint in so they do not tip or roll. I try to stock things to not roll...but not Ted, I hear thing falling over as we drive home. I tell him let's get a milk crate. LOL. I can only imagine how you felt when the paint fell out of the truck. Yikes. Ann does seem like a lovely soul. So kind. I love the bluebonnet photos of you and Summer. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

I would love to see bluebonnets in person. will had to do with your photos of them. they are beautiful and so are the goats and puppies. sorry the little goat is dying. country roads are something I miss a lot

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, on the bluebonnets, buttercups and pups, but ouch on the red paint. So nice to see the pictures of Spring in Texas. The country roads are just beautiful. That lady is one special person doing rescue work as she does. Hope you have more lovely days and less rain for awhile.

Hootin' Anni said...

Makes me want to sing "country roads, take me home". Our bluebonnets & indian paint brush bloomed last March. They're long gone now as yours are bloonig still.

I think those pink wildflowers are primrose, not buttercups.

Carole said...

A drive in pharmacy! Wow!That cat looks a bit like our neighbours cat, Molly, who spends all day with us and bosses us around... Cheers

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a fun post! Those pups are so sweet!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hello Linda, your photos are lovely. Ann is indeed a very special lady. The baby goat dying in her loving arms.
Thanks for sharing Happy Easter.