Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Feels a Little Like Fall.....Looks Like Spring!

Louis Dean and I have had a good Wednesday!
It's been blue October skies overhead all day without a single trace of clouds.
Louis Dean climbed up on the roof to see what he could see and determined he needed a few things in order to repair the leak.

I drove him to Lowe's so I could pick up some flowers.

Everything I bought was half price or more except for two small Dusty Millers.
I like Lowe's Clearance racks in their garden department.
I've had real good luck with them and since I do not have a green thumb - if they don't make it I'm not out much money! Surprisingly - most of them not only survive but thrive!

Back up on the roof he went and we hope the repair holds.
I'll be cleaning up the mess in the sewing room this week and will Kiltz the ceiling before we redo that small section.

I finally filled the two empty pots by the kitchen fountain.

Our roses are still blooming!

Louis Dean has been cleaning out our big storage building in the back yard.
That's where I store all my fall and other seasonal decorations other than Christmas.
Except we do put the Christmas trees in that one.
He was going through some paint and found a gallon of the Fudge Bar color I use as trim on the house and on our front door.

I immediately got my paintbrush and put a fresh coat on the door!
It's crazy but I just love all the earthen colors and brown is a favorite!

I have hopped around from one project to another today.
From gardening to painting to sewing and baking - and cleaning!
Always cleaning!

I counted out 196 denim squares and stacked them 14 to a pile.
I'm sewing a quilt for a wedding gift and will make it a square on.
14 squares to a row and 14 rows.

I have sewn 7 so far.
I will have to stop in at a thrift store or two in the next few days so I can buy a sheet to use for the backing. I'm thinking a denim blue color or a chambray would be perfect!

I baked a pumpkin spice pound cake to take to the nursing home tomorrow.
And a banana pudding for Louis Dean.....but I had no idea what to fix for supper so, since our fridge was full of leftovers, I made a taco salad using leftover Hamburger Helper Cheesy Taco and some chips, lettuce and a big fat juicy tomato.

It was pretty good and helped use up some food I didn't want to go to waste.
It pains me to let food ruin.

The low temp tonight will be 54 degrees!
Haven't seen that in awhile.
Since it was almost nearly chilly - 

we had our first fireplace of the season!!

I dearly love the smell of a wood fire!

And I dearly love my front door!!!
I'm going to miss fall.
It never seems to last long enough for me.
In just a few short weeks I will be putting up the Santa wall.
For the first time in forever I will be decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving!
But for now I am going to enjoy this my most favorite season!

While I have been in here writing my journal entry this evening,
Louis Dean has been in his music room writing his blog post!
He started a new blog the other night and he is excited about it.
He's only going to talk about music.....or so he says.
It would thrill him so much if you have time to go over and tell him hello.

Now I am going back to the den to enjoy the rest of my fire!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your door is STUNNING!!!! This is the first time I have really liked anything brown. You sure have talent for decorating. I am going to visit Louis Dean now.

Carol Slater said...

I wish I had a knack for decorating as you do. I love the door and the beauty that surrounds your home.

Susie said...

Linda, Your day sounded like some of mine. I tell Ted that is how we get things done just go here, there and do this and that. LOL I truly admire your quilts. You are making something for someone you love and they can stay warm and snuggly. Your front door looks wonderful girl. Wow a cool down and fire in the fireplace. Ted will be trying to have a fire here, as he went golfing just now and it's 50 degrees out. I love the good deals you got at Lowe's. I sure do pray your roof is fixed. Blessings to you dear friend, love , xoxo, Susie
p.s. I went to LD's blog, he loves that new guitar. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You both get so much out of life....embracing life AND each other! How wonderful! Off to visit your sweet hubby....hope you don't mind! teehee!

Debbie said...

awww, it looks like fall has exploded in your home. and your front door is gorgeous!!

the taco salad sounds good, i like meals like that. it tastes good and is so satisfying!!!

you and ld are such a good team!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did go over to Louis Deans blog. He does say it's about adventures in life and love and music. Glad you were able to get so much done yesterday. Trying to fit so much into one day is not easy, but you managed to do it very well. I got some plants from Lowes in September to decorate the outside with. They are some very colorful mums. But sadly they are starting to loose their blossoms as we've had some unusually hot weather the last few days. We are supposed to cool down today in the 60's and nights in the 40's. We had the unusual for us and now we're in the normal zone. Hope your have another great day and hope that roof is fixed !

Changes in the wind said...

The front door is indeed decked out. Love the picture of the two of you and LD blog is nice, hope he enjoys it.

Sandra said...

the only fires here are from the blazing hot sun, we are hoping to get to 72 to morrow. a cool front of sorts. the door looks brand new and beautiful. I see The Man is Up On THE roof again. hope that repair last and doesn't require another trip up there

Carole said...

Best of luck to LD with his blog. Glad you had a good day. Cheers