Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving Lunch With Mother and Fruitcake Cookies!

The Nursing Home hosted a Thanksgiving Lunch for the residents today and they could each invite two guests. While Mother and Lillian normally eat in their room instead of going to the dining area, Mother made an exception today and she really did enjoy herself!

Mother didn't realize we were coming - Deanie issued the invitations -  so when we arrived, she didn't have her make up on. She fixed that pretty quick!
Mother is hearing well with the new hearing aids. Lillian puts them in for her. She does a lot of things for Mother and they seem to be getting along nicely.

Louis Dean was Mr. Personality in the dining room chatting everybody up!

 I used to go to Fort Worth every Friday, pick Mother up at the hair salon and take her out to lunch.
Every single Friday we would take a string of selfies and then she would look at them and pick out the one for me to post on Facebook. It was like old times doing that together again this afternoon!

Mother is a People Person and we have been surprised that she stays in her room so much.
We are going to start bringing lunch in on a Friday soon and then take her to the dining room for the activity that week. Sometimes it's a musician and other times they have a party theme going.

The lunch menu today was the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast and we were all members of the 'Clean Plate Club!' The home did a really good job! The owners were all in attendance and visited at every table. This home is amazingly clean and always smells nice. Today I caught the distinctive aroma of Claire Burke's Applejack!!! The floors were all shiny and clean and everything looked nice!
I need to remember to bring a Christmas Wreath and hanger for Mother's door when I go pick her up next week for Thanksgiving at Nita's.

Mother got a special treat today.
Our sister, Shari, who lives in Alabama sent Mother a Thanksgiving Greeting.
She mailed it to my address and I delivered it to Mother at the lunch and read it to her.

She was touched by it and said 'Thank You' several times.

So now I say, "Thank you, Shari! That was so sweet of you! It meant a lot to Mother."

After lunch Louis Dean gave a mini concert for Mother and Lillian.

I think they had a good time.

I know how much Louis Dean loves an audience!       
He played for about 45 minutes - everything from Pretty Paper to The Baggage Car Ahead to Legend of the Rebel Soldier to Grandpa, Tell me 'Bout the Good Old Days.

We left in time to get home before traffic.
I opened up the house to the 81 degree weather and turn the attic fan on.
It just doesn't seem right to be sweating in the middle of November.
I carried my ice tea out to the kitchen pond and sat there looking up at the pecan trees - alas, no pecans! - and down at the leaf strewn deck. Fall is falling - in more ways than one.
It will be time to pack it away all too soon. This favorite season of mine never lasts long enough for me.

So! In keeping the holidays in mind, I decided to make my fruitcake cookie dough! I like to prepare it ahead of time and keep it in Ziploc bags in the fridge to bake up fresh batches as I need them. The dough last a very long time!

The Recipe!!!
My Aunt Irene gave me this Hood County Cookbook published in 1985.
It is my favorite!
I have baked them every single year since.
Can you see where I put in today's date?
It's getting pretty crowded on that page.

The Candied Fruit! 3 pounds of it!
2 pounds when I have a pound of pecans to add to it.

The Dough!
You need a strong arm to mix the fruit and batter together.
I asked Louis Dean to do this for me.

The Secret Ingredient!
Spiced Rum!!

We are sitting in the gazebo as I write tonight.
Still warm - in the 70's now.
The temps are supposed to drop throughout the day tomorrow and remain in the 60's during the coming week for highs and lows in the 40's.
That will be perfect Christmas decorating weather!


Nita said...

I’m praying for a beautiful Thanksgiving Day ! I want us to set on the back porch and visit have wine or water...visit with family that we don’t see except at Thanksgiving! That’s what it’s all about, plus the food , always the food too !

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your mom seems so content and happy! I am so very glad for all of you! and how wonderful that she had her early thanksgiving with you, and a free concert!! Yum, the dough LOOKS like chocolate ice-cream! It must taste and small delicious!

Wanda said...

What a blessing for your Mom and Lillian to have you visit for the Thanksgiving dinner, and then a concert for them on top of it. Louis Dean is such a sweetheart. I did find the 2017 date for your fruitcake cookies. I processed my persimmons yesterday and will make some persimmon bread and perhaps some cookies too.
Happy Thanksgiving....and on to Christmas decorations...HaHA.

Bluebird49 said...

Hi girl---you're looking so young! I turned 68 Nov.3rd. We're about a year apart, and I look and feel so old.
You mom looks great and Lillian is a blessing.
Louis looked so jolly in his pictures!
That reminded me of fruitcakes and fruitcake cookies I made every year! I love that you date recipes every time!
Have a wonderful, healthy Thanksgiving. You and ALL your family! Thank you so much for your comment at my blog. It was a treat to me!

Kathy said...

I love your tradition of making fruitcake cookies. I know it's getting toward the holidays now. How nice that you were able to spend the day with your mother. Louis Dean is a gem to give them a personal concert. Maybe someday he can do it for the entire place. Your mom is looking good. I know it is a relief to all of you to have your mom in a place that is so clean and safe and that they take care of her.

Carol Slater said...

Your mom seems happy and it sounds as though the home is a good fit. I am glad that she is doing well. I like how you write the dates in your book.

Arlene Grimm said...

How wonderful that the home goes all out. And that the owners were there and greeted the residents is very nice. I am sure LD's music was much appreciated..he does a great job. Off to a wedding this morning and looking forward to seeing two wonderful people tie the knot. They are finding love after the sadness of losing a spouse so that makes it even more special.

Sandra said...

we are having a cool spell, our cold is coming noonish on Sunday and we will wake up to 59 degrees brrrrr that is cold for here. looking forward to it. we are loving our last 3 weeks of 60's at wake up to 80 during the day, no humidity so very comfy. your mother looks great, so happy for all of you she loves it there. I am thinking she stays in her room because she is content with her new friend...

Susie said...

Linda, That is so good that LD and you got to enjoy Thanksgiving with your mother. She looks as if she is doing well. I am sure your mom and Lillian loved LD singing to them. Your mom always seemed to enjoy that while at your house. It's good she has a clean home with friends and entertainment. It's raining cats and dogs here, winter is coming I am sure. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I recently inherited some Spiced rum and had no idea what to do with it and now thanks to you I have the perfect way to use it. I'll have to make up a batch of those cookies soon. Nice to be able to have the batter on hand to bake a batch when you want them. So glad your mother is in good hands and receives such great care and wonderful you are close enough to visit often. My own mom died several years ago now is dearly missed. I'm looking forward to the coming festive days and will enjoy the season for all it's worth. We need to celebrate the good as often as possible. Surely does help us to get through the tough times when they come.

Changes in the wind said...

Was nice you spent the day with your mother and she seems to be in a very nice facility. I have to tell you that since you had our dental work done you seem to look years younger!

Jan said...

So glad you got to have Thanksgiving dinner with your mother. I remember we used to take my dad out for lunch once a week and went to the home for the holiday dinners with him. What a treat that concert was for your mother and Lillian!

Phoebes World said...

How wonderful to have Thanksgiving Dinner with your mother.. and a musical treat too. I love your cookie recipe...another one for me to try
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Phoebe x

Vee said...

The “sniff” test is a good indicator of a quality nursing home imho. 🙂

Your mom is looking well... I know that she enjoyed her time with you folks.

Must catch up here...I’ve missed things.