Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Love Everything About Being in the COUNTRY!!!

We have been on Critter Duty the last few days and we loved it!

Yesterday I went down at the 'Witching Hour' and the ducks were still out on the big tank.
As soon as they saw me and heard the rattle of the can when I shook the cracked corn - here they came!

They marched right straight for me and followed me all the way to the duck pen!

Monday was a good day for us.
I made one big meal of BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and garlic green beans.
I could eat all of it - very slowly and carefully.
My gums continue to heal but eating is a slow process.
I have to cut even grapes into quarters before I can bite down on them.
I am hoping I will be losing a little bit of weight simply by virtue of the fact that it takes a good bit more energy to eat even a fourth of what I was eating!

Our movie for the day was excellent!
I've seen it several times in the past but this was Louis Dean's first viewing.
He loved it!
The movie ended at 9:30 and I was in the girl bunk by 9:40 and asleep before 10:00!
I woke up at 9:00 and out of bed before 10:00 this morning!
I think I needed some very real and deep sleep!

Grandson Robert arrived this Tuesday morning!

My Guys!
I loved listening to them talk.

Even after Dean went back down to finish up the critter chores, Granddad and Grandson continued their visit in the camper. They had some catching up to do.

Later, Grandson Robert went down to see the critters and Louis Dean went to work......

He is closing up the north end of the new room on this trip.

And he is finishing up the gutter between the camper and the new room.
SO important! The first step in putting up the wall here!

My work today - ART!
I worked on three of the Christmas paintings and will work on the fourth tomorrow.
I will have put in a total of 16 hours of solid 'brush in my hand' painting time on them.
That doesn't count the time spent laying the palette and cleaning the brushes which adds up to another couple of hours all total.

This is our front door!

And this is our side door - which is really our main door!
All Goodwill finds.

This is our front yard!
I love it!
I was sitting at the table painting when I looked up and saw the three horses running along the fence line. The sounds of their hooves sound just like a western movie. They were magnificent.

Later in the afternoon I walked down to feed the horses some watermelon rinds and then visited with Dean as we sat on the tailgate of his truck. Beautiful views everywhere I look.

As in this gorgeous sky!

I love the horses and they love me....I give them treats every single day.

Grandson Robert brought in firewood for the campfire tonight!
Sherry came down and cooked the hamburgers on the charcoal grill.

I made roasted potatoes with onions, garlic and peppers then topped them with grated cheese for the last few minutes. Topped with sour cream - DEE-LISH!!

We had hamburger and hot dog buns.......
we meant to buy hot dogs and hamburger buns since we already had the hamburger!
Go figure! A bun is a bun!!!
We all sat around the campfire and ate, talked and had a wonderful time!

I am writing tonight's journal entry from my vantage point at the table where I can listen to Louis Dean and his grandson talk about all sorts of things.....copperheads, raccoons, politics, goats, the stock market, all manner of things!

Being here in the country is awesome!
Having Grandson Robert join us made it even better!!!


Bluebird49 said...

Glad you're eating, but you don't need the weight loss!
It's so wonderful to hear you are very close to both sides of the families!
Ummm...I'll bet the critters love to see you coming! The horses get special treats?!
My grandson told me he'd gotten his 10-year-old sister to go fishing one day with him. He asked her didn't she love being in the "beautiful great outdoors with nature everywhere!?"
She said, "Not really!"
Then he told me, "She stays in her bedroom, on her bed, with her iPod and headphones all the time---that's just not good for her at all!"
Pretty smart, (and caring), from a 13-year-boy, huh! I love Facetime! I get to be in his shirt pocket as he's casting for fish. He puts it in there so I can see the outdoors with him. So many life-things are exchanged on those Facetime talks! Technology can be really, really good sometimes!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The country is a quiet, simpler way of live. And this is what you need right now! Your potatoes look delicious! Your wreaths are so pretty! I bet you either made them, or got them at Goodwill! I have never seen an all black duck, and you have many there!

Susie said...

Linda, I love how Robert enjoys talking with his granddad. He will always remember their talks. Your dinners and lunches always look like there's plenty to feed everyone. :):) The ducks are so funny. Goats will come when you have food buckets too. Blessings to all, relax in your country home. xoxo,love you, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Nothing like the bond between a child and a grandparent. My Granddaddy Tankersley was a hero in my eyes. I sure do miss him!! Your new room is lovely and I know you are enjoying the peace of the country.

Changes in the wind said...

Special times for all....

Sandra said...

I loved that movie.. love Gere in anything and everything. it was a feel good movie to me. love your three guys and most of all loved the video of those cute marching ducks.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine all that fresh air and work make for some mighty fine sleeping. How great your grandson came in to join you! I'd say all buns taste the same no matter the shape, it's the filling that counts! With the colder weather coming in it'll be good to have the walls closed in. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Deanna Rabe said...

Beautiful views and family time makes for a perfect day!

Linda said...

Sounds like this visit is going well though your five days will be up before you know it.

Carole said...

so glad you're feeling a bit better. Cheers

Vee said...

Yes, so glad that you are on the mend. And also glad that you are enjoying your time at the ranch with family and friends. You know, the horses, ducks, goats, and all.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm stopping by to wish Louis Dean and VERY happy birthday and give him some birthday hugs..I'll give you hugs too! heehee! Hugs!