Sunday, November 12, 2017

Our COUNTRY Weekend!!!

We started our weekend off in Fort Worth on Friday with our first stop being a visit with Deanie and Charlie! Poor Charlie hurt his back a month ago and continues to be in pain. He is under treatment and praise God this will not be a permanent situation. Still - we were and are concerned for him.
I'm so happy to say that Deanie is gaining ground! We had a nice long Sister Visit which I surely needed. Living away from the hub of my siblings makes me feel out of the loop sometimes. They all so totally take up the slack in caring for our mother. It felt good to be back and doing my fair share.

Our second stop was to visit Mother and Lillian.
As we came down the hall of the nursing home we could hear some pretty awesome country music!
Mother and Lillian's door was closed so we followed the music and found ourselves at a party!

Craig Murphy was performing and he is an amazing singer and excellent with the elderly at the nursing home. He went around to every single lady and made them feel feel like he was there just for them! He paid personal attention to each and every one of them.

Craig Murphy is a good man.

We left the nursing home and did a stop at Hobby Lobby for some oil paint I need to finish my Santa paintings for this year and then landed at Nita and Mike's for a rest before our Big Night Out celebrating my Sister Nita and Louis Dean's birthdays!!!!

Nita's phone takes the BEST pictures!
Makes me look better than I think I do.

We had dinner at Las Vaqueros and it was an awesome celebration!

Mike actually knew the musicians! Made the evening even more special!
As in the fiddler in red behind me!

It was so much fun for us just to watch Louis Dean have such a good time!

His birthday is the 16th of November but we celebrated early! 

Nita's was the 5th!!! She is amazing!! 
I must  say that Nita is the nicest person I know.
She really is!!

Louis Dean is pretty impressive!

We celebrated Nita and Louis Dean's birthdays at Billy Bob's!!!

Our first thing on the agenda was to get a picture at the bull riding!
This was a 'Nita Thing' and I'm so glad we did it!

Louis Dean on the way to our reserved table.

It was an awesome night and one we will remember!
The place was crowded - PACKED actually!!
And yet everyone was so amiable and good natured.
We were impressed by the diversities of ages at the concert!
Young and old and all in between!
Everyone seems to love Willie!

We had a great time thanks to Nita and Mike!
Mike did the driving and made the evening a total wonder!
Louis Dean and I would never have been able to navigate the drive - the parking and the exit!
We may be showing our age but we are so grateful to Nita and Mike for making that evening happen for us.

We left Fort Worth Saturday around noon - after we slept so well on Nita's sleep number bed!!

It didn't take long to get to to Waco!

We made a stop at Home Depot and then HEB - one of my Happy Places!!

Our next stop was at El Conquistador Restaurant for a Margarita and Taco Salad for me and a HUGE plate of Mexican food for HIM!

We arrived at the ranch all ready to do Critter Chores!
It was a real blessing to find one of Dean's Karate students was already here and the chores had been taken care of. Win! WIN!!

We proceeded to unload and unpack and put up.
How wonderful our every arrival to the ranch.
We seem to touch base with nature when we get here.

Sunday Morning Chores happened right after our morning coffee!

Perks from the chicken chores!! I gathered nearly a dozen eggs!

Everyone is hungry in the mornings!

Horse and goat sharing some cracked corn.

Sadly, Maggie is not around anymore. But this pretty feline was fed some tasty treats.

Such pretty horses!

After our morning chores, Louis Dean did some work on the gutters between the camper and the new room. 

I fluffed and made a lunch of the soup Stephanie had left for us and the chicken salad Louis Dean made a few days ago.

While we ate we watched On Golden Pond.
This movie has more meaning for us now than it did when we watched it years ago.

This afternoon I decorated!

No matter we are still under construction!

I pleased Louis Dean in that all the lights were LED and COLORED!!!
While I favor white lights - at Christmas we do colored!

I do so hope I can all but finish these four Christmas paintings!

I thought I would take pictures tonight since tomorrow I will be using that table to do art on!
Wine and little lights!

It's been a wonderful first of only five days here on this November visit to the ranch!

Christmas lights are strung up and will welcome Dean and Sherry home tonight!

They have been in Oklahoma at a Karate event......

Pretty impressive!
We are looking forward to hearing all about it when they get home.

Good night from the Chapman's!
We are IN the COUNTRY!!!


Deanna Rabe said...

Wonderful weekend! I LOVE the photo of you all at Billy Bob's on the bull! So fun and full of joy!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your second home is country gorgeous! And YOU are Queen of Lights! Oh my, everyone is making so much noise while Willy is performing! I Know they are all happy, but his performance needs the respect of being listened to. I love the picture of you all on the bull, and the cool overhead shot of the chickens! We love our Sleep Number bed! Glad to see your mom is looking well. It looks like you have lost quite a bit of weight.

Kathy said...

I am so in love with this happy post. Everything is so much fun -- your mom, restaurants, concert, pictures, shopping and the ranch. You make me feel so Christmasy with all your decorations.

Miss Dishywoo said...

Just by reading this, I could feel the fun and excitement of this birthday celebration. So glad all of you were able to see Willie! Your look terrific with your new haircut. Pretty Christmas tree!

Bluebird49 said...

You two really did it up this weekend. I'd love to have seen Merle Haggard in his prime---Willie's great, but I just liked Merle better!
I am a November baby, too---on the 3rd. Mama's was the 29th, our son's is the 27th---so happy birthday to all! I can tell how nice Nita is, and I can tell you all are, too!
I know Dean and Sherry were excited to see all your bright decorations. Nothing like colored lights---what we had when I was a young'n! (Y'all have stayed young. Me---notsomuch!)
I must watch "On Golden Pond" again. I've forgotten so much!

Juju said...

It looks like you had a good time!

Estelle's said...

I could not believe it when you said you had never been to Billy Bob's.....we celebrated some great birthdays there when several of our friends turned the big 50! How wonderful to see Willie!!!! LD just looks amazing...he was having a ball...must be love!!!!

Carol Slater said...

Wow! What a weekend! My moms' birthday is Nov. 18. I may try to do something special with her that day. I will see what I have going on. I love your decorations at the camper. Enjoy your time there!

Susie said...

Linda, Everyone looked so good with the smiles all around. Your mom looked well too. That was a wonderful birthday celebration for LD and Nita. So good you are decorating at the camper...that had to make you smile. Hope you have an enjoyable time at the ranch. Be safe. Blessings, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Have a wonderful time in the country Linda.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great weekend for you all. Your Christmas lights make me want to decorate but I wait till the week after Thanksgiving. It would be wonderful to have a place to go to in the country like you two do. Fresh eggs would be nice too.

Sandra said...

you know before I say it my favorite photo is the last one. FIRE oh YAY! and the farm animals to. what a birthday bash LD and Nita had, love the bull rider shot... your life is certainly fun filled and full of adventure

Carole said...

Happy Birthday LD. Have a great one. Cheers

Wanda said...

Wow...what fun. Great entertaining post. Hugs.

Debbie said...

country life sure does agree with you guys, everyone looks great. especially mom, she looks to be happy and content!!!

love those fresh eggs - one big perk of having chickens!!!

Carla said...

Dang that Craig Murphy guy was good. Love that he was so personable with all the ladies. LD definitely looked like he had fun. Love the picture of y'all on the bull. Your hero is trying to wrestle that steer. Not sure how much I'll decorate at the rent house. More on that as soon as I can get caught up and start blogging again. LOL

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, happy post. I always feel like I am there right along side of you. I think it wonderful about the entertainment in the nursing home, too. That is really special.

Hope you are having a good day- xo Diana

Mrs.T said...

Love your Christmas decorations! Just had to mention -- On Golden Pond was filmed on a lake only a few minutes from here.


How sad for the goat to live his life chained up.

Craig Murphy said...

Thank you Carla! This IS Craig Murphy.

Come to see me sometime.