Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We Needed This Monday!

Monday has long been one of my favorite days of the week.
Even for the few brief years when I worked at Larry Dodson's State Farm Insurance Office - I loved Mondays! A fresh new week full of potential and possibilities. 

When we left the ranch last Monday, I told Dean we would be hitting the floor running and so we have. However, today - this Monday - has been a calm gift in the hurry scurry of Life.

My dear friend, Candie, and I have been trying to squeeze in visits to no avail all spring and summer this far. Either she was out of town or I was. FINALLY! Today worked for both of us!

She brought the makings of the most delicious Berry Salad! ALL berries!!
Louis Dean had made a tuna salad yesterday and I added another big can of good tuna to it today along with chopped onion, apples, cucumber and a bit of celery + some dilly bits seasonings. I save the seasonings at the bottom of a bag for just such times as this. I used some in my squash casserole not long ago.

Louis Dean had made tuna salad and I did a garden salad with onions and tomatoes picked fresh from the garden. We had a lovely lunch together - Candie, Mother and Louis Dean and I.
I asked Louis Dean if he preferred to eat in the den or in the dining room with us.
He asked, "Do I have time to comb my hair?"
A perfect answer!

I haven't taken pictures yet of all the beautiful clothing Candie gave me from her mother.
She gifted me with a total and complete new wardrobe for ALL four seasons!
If I did not have another stitch of clothing in my closet - I would be set up in style!

Candie came bearing all sorts of gifts - fruit, clothing and a knitting lesson which included needles and yarn!

I follow my friend, Debbie in All About Purple and I love her knitted washcloths and have long longed to know how to make these! 

Candie brought an assortment for me to choose from!

I chose this design. She assured me it was easy.
It didn't LOOK easy to me! But I trust her and the lesson began.

So far so good!
By the end of this day - I was half way through with the washcloth!
I found that knitting allowed me to relax and listen, talk, and think.

Candie gifted me with this scrubbie.
I am going to Dallas on Thursday and will be shopping Walmart for needles and yarn.
It needs to be cotton and Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream label.
Walmart has the best prices and I am so happy to be knitting again.
I knitted back in the 70's but not well. I went on to crochet which I had better luck with but I yearned to KNIT! Thank you, Candie!!!

Now THIS is what my master teacher is knitting!!
A beautiful work of art!

So we had lunch and then a lovely afternoon sitting and visiting while our knitting needles were clicking away. Summer had a doctor appointment and came over later. She had regressed in her pain and the new doctor seems to know why. We are encouraged but still concerned.
Summer arrived in a great deal of pain.
Every time I lift my camera - she smiles! No matter what!

Truth be told - she was actually in tears from the pain and the emotional drain of being in such constant pain. It messes with your brain and your emotions!
We were glad Louis Dean was here to comfort and encourage her.
He is the father she wished she had.....and perhaps she does now.

This was a wonderful Monday!
I needed this and Summer needed this and I think Mother needed this.
We celebrated friendship, a meal together around the table, and the gift of working with our hands.
Mother enjoyed seeing and visiting with all of us.
Candie was a very real blessing today and I thank you for your visit!
We all so NEEDED you today and you were here for us!

I wish I could say this evening ended as perfectly as the day was.
It didn't.
Mother acted out after Candie left and she had Summer as an audience but we handled it.
All is well as I write this right before I go to bed......but all is NOT really well.
I am determined to be real after spending so many years covering others in the garment of our righteousness. These are difficult days and this is a difficult time.
I did not talk to Mother as I intended to this afternoon.
I will share the WHY later.
I am determined to have the 'conversation' in the morning over coffee in for  the kitchen.
The events of this evening will give added weight to what I have to say to her.

***Deanie, I know you may be reading this and wondering what is going on. You do not need to be concerned. All is well.***

Thank you,all,  for any prayer prayed for this day.
It worked out just as God had planned.

And a quiet sleep is what I am praying for tonight.....


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh Linda, I am so sorry. And I think this may be a reaffirmation that she cannot stay with you on a permanent basis. Candie was just who you needed today! I knew you would have no trouble with the knitting,because you are such a creative person. I will say another prayer tonight about your talk with your mom. I know it is not easy. Blessings to you, and you are right. God has GOT this!

Vee said...

What a happy day you describe with Candie and knitting lessons and new clothes. ☺️ It is true that busy hands help busy heads relax. Precious Summer...praying for her to find the relief that she needs. Chronic pain is no friend.

Your darling husband is such a dear man. God bless his ministry as your husband and dad to your kids. He's helping to heal hurts.

Life is messy. May I offer a suggestion? If so, I'll send it behind the scenes...

Deanna Rabe said...

Vee said what I think about Louis Dean in your life and the lives of your daughters especially. He is ministering to your hearts everyday! God Bless him. Prayers being said for Summer.

How fun to have such a good day with your friend. How said about your mother. Praying for your talk with her. Sounds like she carries so much bitterness and pain and it spills over onto others.

You are letting God work through you in the life of your mother.

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear Summer is in more pain again, prayers for her and for you in your MOM situation.. can't wait to see your new wardrobe. I would call these hot pot handlers not wash cloths. have never heard of using knitted clothes to wash, is that for dishes or people? they are beautiful and I know you will enjoy making more

Kathy said...

Linda, I am so glad you are knitting. I have gotten back into knitting in the last year and a half since retirement and it is my relaxation time for sure. I can knit, talk to someone and watch TV at the same time. Joe is amazed. I make those same dishclothes. I've made two for me and three for my friend who absolutely loves them. They are so easy and I don't think you will have any trouble with them.

I am sorry about Summer's pain. I have had back pain the last two days and can certainly empathize with her. I will be praying that this new doctor can help her. It has been a pleasure getting to know her better on facebook since we became "friends".

I thank God for bringing LD into your life. What a blessing he is to you and your family!

Arlene Grimm said...

I learned to knit as a girl..but just basic stitches. It is very calming. I have a good friend who is a whiz at knitting. After a stressful day yesterday, I was glad to sit down with needle and thread. Sorry Summer is still feeling badly. Marvin continues to struggle with pain and I am praying the epidural the doctor plans to do will help. Maybe the episode with your mom paved the way for you to relay to her the plans y'all are making for her care. It is hard to be "the heavy" but as you said, sometimes you have to tell it like it is. You can tell I was a teenager in the 70s!!lol So glad you can look on the bright side in all situations.

Estelle's said...

You have many blessings Linda...I have been through caring for aging parents...just remember...this time belongs to YOU...you deserve time to enjoy life with your dear LD...I am glad to see Summer is back with you..I hope a plan for your Mother develops...peace and love to you

Mrs.T said...

I can't knit but I do dearly love to crochet. At this point in life I prefer small portable projects like hot mats (to use like trivets on the table). I have a vintage-y pattern I love and have made dozens of these. I find that the pretty colors of the Peaches and Creme cotton yarn are addictive and it is soothing to work with them. I buy mine at Walmart too ... best price, as you noted.

You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with your mother. I will pray that you can get her placed in just the right situation. As I look back I am just in awe of how God worked it out for my dad to be in just the right place.

"The conversation" won't be easy but you are doing what's best for all concerned. It was explained to me when we first started thinking about care for my dad, that every change in their living situation becomes more confusing to the elderly. Sharing your mother around between the siblings, as has been happening, is kind and good of you all, but it will really be more helpful for your mother if you can get her into one place where she can be settled and cared for.

So sorry to hear that Summer is struggling with pain again. She has been through so much. Hope the new doctor can help.

Changes in the wind said...

A heavy load you carry for your Mother and Daughter.

Linda said...

I feel so bad for Summer, perhaps helpless is a better way to phrase it. Linda, I do hope you can hold strong. Change has to happen.

Susie said...

Linda, My goes out to you , your daughter and mother. We can only do our best. Some times standing on our heads won't make people happy. I think your mother is just aging...I always told my girls, don't let me turned into my mother. LOL...I hear myself at times and I sound like mommy. Gaa...I loved my mother but she made me crazy at times. I am pray your mom gets into a nursing home soon...for her peace as well as you and your siblings. Poor sweet Summer. Pain is a tough thing...saps our energy and try to take our Joy. I just told Teddy this morning, my painful feet are taking some of my joy away. Bummer. I am bound to make myself smile anyway. So there nasty arthritis. So thankful you all have LD to hug you and comfort you. Blessings to all, I love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Susie said...

Yikes, that first sentence was to read My heart goes out to you. xoxo,Susie

Nonnie said...

Oh my, bless your heart and those around you. I am so sorry to read this. I know it is heartbreaking. My heart is touched by Summer's love for Louis Dean and his tender heart for her. I'm so sorry she is in such pain. May the Lord give you wisdom as you deal with the conversation and strength for each new day. I love the knitted washcloths.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh Linda!! What a wonderful day you had with Candie, Louis, Summer, and knitting! Candie must be an angel on earth, bearing knitting, clothes, fresh fruit, and friendship! We would all like having an angel like Candie in our lives!
The dishcloth you started is the very best starter in knitting! I always wanted to knit, and I started about 17 years ago. It was so different than crochet, but I loved it. I was so pleased to stay with it so as to learn to knit socks about a year later. I really love to know I am giving (or wearing) a sock unlike anyone else's, and to know I knit every stitch in them --(wrong or right!) really gave me confidence. (Now I can't see those tiny stitches, so I don't do socks anymore!) :(
Honey, this is something very heavy--with you and your dear sisters and brother--knowing when to place your mom in a place well suited for her. I have prayed for you all this afternoon, and I will again. If as many of you that can get together and pray for God's guidance in this, I know He will show you the way. You will be in my thoughts and I am anxious to hear how your talk with your mom went.
I am praying!!

Ang said...

I'm so glad you got what your soul needed. Seems God's timing is always perfect. Prayers for you and your situation with your mom. It can be a very tough thing to handle I'm sure but you are doing it gracefully and that is all that matters.

Carol Slater said...

God blessed you today with your friend and just the relaxation that you needed. I pray that things go well with the talk with your mother. I understand as my mother lives with us and I care for my in laws as well.

BeachGypsy said...

Thinking of you. You know---it's gonna be difficult---but God is going to walk you right through this you'll see! Hang in there!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so grateful you had a great day before the "other" happened. I send you strength my friend! God will give you peace and grace. I'm so very sorry about Summer's continued issues. I know exactly how the pain can wear on you...tears, frustration and many other emotions strike and it's kinda like hell on earth. Please let me know how things go.