Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Eagle Has Landed!

Louis Dean and I drove to Fort Worth this afternoon and brought Mother over to stay with us for a few weeks. Deanie has not been in good health for such a long time and taking care of mother has taken a further toll on her. It's my turn to help.

I was a little late in picking her up due to the fact that I'm driving Summer's car while she is in Puerto Rico.Remember how my AC in the Ford Fusion would stop when we hit a bump? Well, it stopped and even though I hit every bump in the road I could find, it wouldn't come back on! I Googled it - as per Mad Snapper suggested - and now he just needs to order the part and get Cousin Joe across the street to fix it! It took me awhile to figure out how to open the trunk. Actually, I never did figure it out but when I got to Fort Worth, Deanie did!
Then on our way home, I stopped to get gas and had to get the owner's manual out to see how to open the gas tank lid.

But we made it!! Finally!

Since we've been gone the last month, I did not have the guest room cleaned and ready so Mother watched TV while I got to work. I knew something was up when I heard Paw Patrol coming in loud and clear from the den. She had found the controls and had tried to change stations and turn the volume up. After I got to a stopping point in my work, I went in and fixed it for her and tuned in to Fox News. I do believe she usually watches CNN but she said, "Yes! YES!" to Fox.

It was late afternoon by this time, so I took her in a small plate of cheese and crackers.
I took Louis Dean a larger one - he was in his music room busy learning a 'new' old song!

I have been wanting to redo this room for a long, long time. Someday.
Remember last July when we were preparing for Kailey's open heart surgery and I couldn't say anything about that yet so I stayed busy refinishing that bedside table?
It went through about as much stress as I was and ended up looking great!

I want to do the dresser drawers on this piece to match the table. Someday.
I need to take that poster of Johnny Depp down. I'm so very disappointed in him and his remarks about President Trump. I thought he was a better man than that.

I cleared the quad's clothes out of three drawers and put them in those brown boxes.
I have since moved the boxes to another one so Mother can get her walker in.
The only thing I didn't get done in there was setting up her coffee bar and I have decided to simply add a third pot to our coffee cart in the kitchen.  Easy peasy. All of our coffees in one place.

We ate dinner together off of trays in the den. Normally we eat on the late side but I managed to serve it by 7:00 or so.

A Country Supper in the City!

The cornbread was form Sunday as was the ham. I meant to have the navy beans I had left from that meal also......but I couldn't find them. I may have left the container in the fridge at the camper.
The squash casserole was especially good!

I was happy I had a can of black eyed peas and I seasoned them with some bacon grease and my homemade pepper sauce. Delicious!!

For dessert!!! Banana Pudding!

It's fun to take an old cookbook down and use some of the recipes! 
This is my Cookbook of the Week!

Mother is going to get her exercise living here.
I have carpet, for one thing. It's crowded, for another.
The den is a long way from the bathroom. 
All this means she is going to have to walk....and that's probably a good thing.
Early on this afternoon we discovered that I cannot understand what she says (she had a stroke 12 years ago) and she can't hear what I say. So we do a lot of sign language!

She went to bed right after we ate.....but that took awhile. I had unpacked for her and showed her where I put all her stuff. She has a total of five drawers - six if you count the one in the bathroom.
Still, I checked on her and found she had taken pajama bottoms out of the drawer I keep for Summer and couldn't find the top. Never mind that they weren't even hers! She was relieved when I showed her the RIGHT drawer!!

I think we will get a system down and as long as we keep our sense of humor - we will be fine!
Trusting God to work out the plans for her to get into a home. Until then - we will make this work.

I'll leave you with two photos Amber sent me last night - or the wee hours of this morning - and I had already posted my blog. I actually went to bed around 2:30 and was still awake at 4:00 am. 
So if I played Scrabble or Words With Friends or left comments on your blogs along that timeline - now you know why!

It was a good Fourth of July!
Guess what??? It's only 57 days and a wake up to September FIRST!!!
I'm counting down the days!


Shannon Hopps said...

You're so amazing, Aunt Linda. Your good attitude is inspiring. It is always a challenge to have a house guest and it throws off the dynamics of your routine and yet you find the good in everything and you plug right along. I am taking notes, you know. You have more grace in your little finger than I could muster on my best day. Thank you for sharing the good (and there is SO much good) and the not so good and how you manage it all. You're truly inspiring.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you got rested during your time at the ranch because I think you will have your hands full with your mom. But that's what we're supposed to do, isn't it? God wants us to take care of our parents and we also do it because we love them. I hope and pray that things work out to get her where she is supposed to be. Your meal looks so good. I know you are loving your vegetable garden. I never got mine planted. *sigh* Only 57 days to Sept. 1? It hardly seems possible.

Linda said...

Well, my dear, you've got yourself a situation. I can fully understand that it is your turn to help with your mom. Your sisters have gone over and above in caring for her. I understand that. I can also make a pretty accurate prediction I think, having walked this path a time or two myself. Your situation will not work for keeping your mom. I'm not at all surprised she was digging in the wrong drawer for her pjs. That's a HUGE adjustment for her. I can't even imagine what I'd have on my hands with Bob if I did that. The sooner you can get her settled in whatever is going to be permanent the better off all of you will be. If you need Medicaid funding it could be a problem because Texas' governor is aggressive in cutting Medicaid if he gets a chance. Don't know how those funds will be affected by the Republican's healthcare plan. The sooner you find a place the better for everyone concerned. It is possible to live too long you know. If you should have the misfortune to do that you would be well served to put a smile on your face and be pleasant to your caregivers.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your fireworks picture AND the Quads in their Fourth outfits. Yes, I know a lot about living with older generations. There were four generations in our house when I was growing up. Needless to say, my discipline was very confusing! No wonder you did not sleep well, it is not an easy thing. but I know you will manage wonderfully and cheerfully; that is just WHO you are! Yes, Johnny Depp has just been full of surprises lately! Your food looks wonderful! I bet your mom will be gaining weight.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, my dear friend! I hope you are emotionally, mentally and physically ready for this! I know Deannie kissed and hugged you tightly.

I pray all of y'all will have peace of mind, and love and patience with and for one another always, but especially now. I pray Deannie will get healthy soon!

You've had freedom and country living last month. If, on some days, you're feeling at the end of your rope, think of all the work you and Louis got done....about your decorating you'll do! Think about the pets and the wildlife, scents and sounds of all the flora and fauna down at the ranch. Breathe it all in into your heart, and share your life here at your "life journal"! You have so much strength!

Vee said...

Many blessings to you as you enter this time of caregiving. Deanie surely does need a break in her routine. May every little ruffle be smoothed and the time go by pleasantly for all.

Love those late-coming photos from Amber. I like to see the interactions...the casual way Harrison has her arm around Trystan's shoulder...she's a little shorter so it's easy. 😉 So cute are they!

Susie said...

Linda, You will be in my thoughts and prayers, taking your mother in to care for her, as she changes with age. It will be a task, no matter how much you love her. Take little breaks when you can. Love the pictures. I make cheese plates, as I call it here, with cheese, crackers, apple slices, almonds, and pickles slices. This is our supper lots of times. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Being a care giver is a big job. I know you are glad to shoulder your load but prayers going up for you, Linda. I love the picture of the quads. They are really growing up!!

Debbie said...

ooooh linda, you are taking on a big challenge having your mom, i think you have done it before??? my mom is 83 and i have no idea how much longer she will be able to live alone. she is very difficult and i think it will fall on me. we give up a lot in raising our children, i feel like this is "our" time but it is impossible to turn your back on them. my mom is legally blind so we are doing a lot for her already!!

her spot looks beautiful and your dinner looks so yummy - i love the meals you prepare!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Love those photos from the 4th!

Prayers for Grace for all of you! It will be a challenging and stretching time for you, friend, but remember who's got you in the palms of his hands!

Wanda said...

Dear Linda, no one demonstrates how to live life in an imperfect world, with turns, crooks, hitches, mountains, deserts.....You do them all so well, and with such a gracious attitude. You truly live out the Fruit of the Spirit in your everyday life. You mother is so blessed to have the daughters she has. I know you will have added strength from the Lord for the days ahead. Wish I was you neighbor...would love to lend a hand.

Ang said...

Taking care of an ailing family member is so difficult. It really takes a toll on the whole family. I'm sure you all will get through with lots of good belly laughs.

That dinner looks amazing. We eat late too!!