Monday, July 17, 2017

A Day With Logan!!!

Look who came home with me from church this morning!

My Little Logan!!!
I knew she and I needed to spend some time together before I go back to the ranch later this week to report in for Critter Care! She told me the other day, "MeeMaw, I'm sad about you because we don't see each other very often anymore." Well, we saw each other all day today!

On our way down Josey Lane to the Bush, we pass a Farmer's Market that is open every Sunday. I have wanted to stop here so many times and kept thinking I would someday.  Today was the day!
 I bought both red and yellow meat watermelons......

plus lots of berries! Also okra - which we plan to fry up tomorrow night to go with the chicken tenders, gravy and mashed potatoes Louis Dean will be making for dinner!
I'm so glad we stopped and shopped and I will be doing this again!
It's at Josey Lane and the Bush Toll Road and is a great place to get all sorts of fresh things plus honey, plants, and various other 'stuff!'

Louis Dean had homemade hamburgers ready for lunch when we got home and they were delicious!!

Logan had all of our attention and we were hanging on her every word when her Granddad said, "You need to be recording this!" So I did!
Amber is letting each child plan a meal, help her shop for it and then cook and serve it to the family.
Logan was the first and she chose a menu from The Pioneer Woman cooking show that she watches with her mama.

Now it was not MeeMaw that said she could be picky with Harrison when he makes his meal.....
and the truth is that Logan is really not a picky eater. But neither is Harrison. Or any of the four for that matter!

After lunch we had a mending job to do......

The little lamb Logan sleeps with had a tiny hole that I would have never found without Logan knowing just exactly where it was! She actually mended it herself and she was so proud!

Naps followed with Logan sleeping as close to me as possible!

For our afternoon activities, Logan chose to paint first!

She is working on her very first canvas.

She loves strawberries so that was what she painted!

Pretty good for a 5 year old and her first painting!

Another request of Logan's was to visit Miss Stephanie.
She first mentioned it on our way home from church but continued to remind me before and after naps as well as while we were working on her art project.

She got what she wanted!!!
Stephanie was so very gracious and came over as soon as she got home!

Plus she brought Sam with her!
That was another request! Logan loves Little Sam who is now 12 years old and a neighborhood celebrity!

Louis Dean absolutely ADORES Stephanie and you can tell by the way he's looking at her!

There's not much about the summer that I really like but for the fact that it's so easy to eat well with all the fresh fruits and vegetables. That is one thing I am glad of.

Preparing meals for Mother is easy peasy.
This morning it was half of a toasted blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a small bowl of fluffy salad. Lunch was half of a homemade hamburger (which she didn't eat) and chips and more fluffy salad + fresh fruit.

Tonight I made a light tray of cottage cheese with fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, red and yellow melon balls with chicken curry and rice. 
She ate every singe bite.

All that fruit we got at the farmer's market made for a great salad tonight!
Logan, Louis Dean and I had pizza and then a big bowl of fruit salad!

Logan did not want to go home until dark and Amber obliged! 
The sun was just setting when she arrived to pick her up.

Mother was about to go to bed so Amber had a chance to say hello first.
Mother has settled into a routine that includes coming out to the kitchen every morning to drink her coffee and then retiring back to her room to dress and rest. She spends a good part of each day sitting up in bed reading her magazines or just resting. Normally, she eats lunch in the kitchen but today she wanted a tray in bed just as she did tonight.

Mother was happy to see Logan and then Amber and Trystan.
Early on, Logan was a bit frightened when she saw Mother and was puzzled by the fact that Mother couldn't speak clearly. I explained as best I could and then later in the day we had a good conversation about getting old. She's concerned about Granddad and she's concerned about me. I assured her we don't get old really fast but slowly - year by year - birthday by birthday and I pointed out all the ages in front of her....such as her older cousins, then her aunts, her parents, and older friends of the family and then her grandparents. It's a gradual process. She seemed comforted by that.

Trystan came with her Mama tonight to get Logan and we soaked her up with our eyes!!

The most precious perfect little girl you can ever imagine.
Her Mama said she got extra stickers today for being so good!
She sure made my heart happy!!

You gotta love a Granddad that will play a pink guitar for his granddaughters!
Logan actually played and sang for us earlier. She sang a song she made up as she went along all about her MeeMaw and Granddad going to the camper and how she missed them and they came back and how happy she was to see them again!
She was just singing about what is. Isn't that what folk music is all about?

So ended our Sunday..... enjoying a few sweet minutes with Amber and Trystan and our Logan.

We really needed this day and this time.


Linda said...

What happened to our baby Trystan? Her legs, arms and fingers have gotten longer. She poses like a young woman not a baby. I was counting on her remaining a baby for a while longer.

The picture of Logan mending her toy is just precious. She certainly is your mini-you. Glad you got to have this kind of day with her.

Vee said...

The most wonderful day and the sweetest accounting of it... I really enjoyed hearing Logan's voice and the way she says "Harrison."

Kathy said...

This was a sweet day with Logan. I think both you and Logan needed this. Hope you have days with the other three too. You are a good Meemaw.

Susie said...

Linda, That little voice of Logan's....just makes me smile . I like the way she said soy sauce. She did an awesome job on her painting. So good to have that time with her. You will have to have the others , one at a time too.:):) Explaining the aging process for a child can be tough. I used to say(when I was in my 50's) that I was older than dirt. My grandson Jake kept asking me was I very old...then his mom said he was worried about me ,because an older lady that used to walk by their house, had passed away... I had to say, " No I am not old." , so he would not worry. Sad when I think of it. Blessings to all of you, Love, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

You are making precious memories Linda. Hope you have a blessed week.

Sandra said...

Logan has her grandmothers talent for painting and cooking. cute video, love her voice. it is hard for children to under stand getting old. Logan is so cute and sweet.. not only will they remember you but they will have all the videos and photos to

Deanna Rabe said...

Perfect Day! Sweet girls, and lovely food, good friends, and family. You are caring for your mother very well. What will you do when you go to the ranch? Will she go with you?

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a fun day with Logan! She did an awesome painting! Thinking of you as you care for your mother. You are a good daughter. How old is she?

Ginny Hartzler said...

what a wonderful Monday post! Ah, the joys of bonding with a granddaughter are so rewarding. And she does remind me of you. She is so articulate, knows what she wants to say and says it. Is not shy of the camera, and acts so natural. Well, she has kind of grown up with it. Her painting amazes me! It is so GOOD. Looks like a much older child did it. And she even got the leaf shapes right and everything. I could not even paint this good myself. She surely got her artistic ability from you. I think you explained ageing to her so beautifully. I have never heard of or seen a yellow watermelon! How does it taste different?

Nonnie said...

That sweet, precious Logan. Loved watching the video and hearing her sweet voice. What a joy to have such wonderful times with your family. She's already mending? Wow. I loved her painting. Did you draw the pic for her to paint? I loved your conversation about aging. You were right down the street from us when you were at the Farmer's Market. I'm going to have to check that out. I don't go down that far on Josey.

Carole said...

Logan is talented - takes after you Linda. Cheers

jamarson1 said...

I'm glad you got to spend precious time with your girl! She is adorable. I've been soaking up moments like these lately as well. Have a wonderful trip to the ranch this weekend:)

Ang said...

I got to admit, that painting Logan did was quite impressive. Those grands sure are lucky to have you and LD!

Bluebird49 said...

That Logan is a very good conversationalist, and she is so smart and talented, that one! She really is a mini MeeMaw. They miss you and Louis when you're away...I know you miss 'em sooo much. You've been seeing them so many times a week since their birth! I know Amber misses you so, too. They're really growing up fast!

Hope you get wifi down on the ranch soon. I hope there will be a resolution for y'all very, very soon, too.

Gypsy Heart said...

Such treasured memories you're creating! Logan obviously needed this one on one time and I'm sure you did too. Both girls are so adorable!! They are growing so fast! I had such fun with Alex & Abby in those early years. As they get older, their friends become their main interest which is natural but kinda sad too. We almost had to make an appointment with Abby before we lost her. :) I still remember when I was focused on friends vs family.