Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fun in the Sun, Chicken Dinner Packets and our New Door for the Ranch Room!! This was our Thursday!

This was the last day of swimming lessons for the quads. I missed all the others but made it to this one! Summer and I rolled out and headed over to the aquatic center and actually arrived before they did. It was fun to watch them. 

Of the four, Amber tells me Logan has missed me the most.
While I have no favorite - she IS my Mini Me!!!
I am just drinking her in with my eyes!
I do believe she is getting prettier every time I see her!

They were really excited to see their Aunt Summer!

Summer arrived first and saved front row seats for all of us.
Mike's mom came to cheer them on so it was like a big party!

Harrison and Trystan......

Logan and I at snack time.

Aunt Summer had them all laughing and posing!

We needed this time of fun in the sun.
Summer stayed until she was just in too much pain and then went home to take some medicine before going in for her MRI at 7:00 this evening.

We swam, played and stood under the huge buckets that dumped water out on the ones standing below.
It was great fun!
We floated around the Lazy River, played 'IT' in the 3 foot pool by doing our fingers in a crab snapping imitation if we were IT, and having an under water tea party which I have done with all four of my children and now all of my grandchildren!

I especially loved watching Kailey today.
It was a year ago yesterday that she had open heart surgery.
What a difference a year has made. She is no longer frail and her heart no longer feels like it's beating out of her chest. We don't worry when she runs and gets tired.

This was a really good day to bask in the sun and rejoice in the Son!

I got home around 4:30 and Mother was still in her pajamas.
She was really tired today and rightly so. We ALL were!
I took my shower and then she took one and put on fresh pajamas.

I brought her a light dinner plate of cottage cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, blueberry cheese roll and a tea cake. She ate every bite!

I went about my business doing errands and cleaning house, doing laundry and preparing dinner.
I made Grilled Herb Chicken and Potato Foil Packs and they were delicious!!!
I cut the chicken up and added carrots to the recipe plus I used a LOT of fresh herbs from the garden.

Easy Peasy and OH, so GOOD!!!

Instead of cleaning today, I decided to redo the kitchen table area.

Tuesday, Ruth Ann and I shopped a few thrift stores and I found two chair covers for $7.98.
I already had the tablecloth so this was a win! WIN!!

I set the table with Tracy Porter Octavia Hill Collection plates I bought this spring at Goodwill.
Sometimes all it takes is a pretty corner spruced up and looking pretty to make my heart happy.
I'm packing away the Patriotic Decorations and hope to do some deep cleaning before I haul out all my sunflower collection for August 1st! It's only 49 days to September First! The sunflowers will be a prelude for fall!

Louis Dean stayed home all day with Mother but he didn't see much of her since she rested in her room all day long. She's reading the magazines Deanie gave me for her and seems to be in really good spirits in spite of being really tired.

Louis Dean worked on his music - he discovered some 'new' old Willie Nelson songs and worked on them before going outside where he set the door we are going to use as our front door on the extra room at the camper.

LD bartered a 30 pack of beer for it and it's solid wood!
The panels had Plexiglas in them which he took out and replaced with some nice plywood.
We are sanding it and getting it ready to paint but we will probably do that at the ranch when go back down there.

We had dinner and watched the season premier of Suits. Louis Dean is outside watering and spraying the French doors to distract me.
If I hurry, I can post this journal entry before midnight!


Ginny Hartzler said...

The picture of you and Logan is beautiful, and priceless. Well, this is a new thought. I have no idea how you would have an underwater tea party! Your dinner looks so good! I would make it if we had a grill. And your table with settings and chair covers is beautiful and cheerful! For once, I beat you to it...I have already put my sunflowers out!!! Well, they are all in bloom around here, so it is definitely the season for them.

Deanna Rabe said...

What a good day, basking in the Son! I love that!

Those chair covers are Waverly! They match my favorite comforter set! Great deal!

Linda said...

Good post but I can tell your heart is a little heavy, or perhaps sad is a better word. Families can do that. It seems Kailey is wearing a shirt in all the pictures I've seen in their swimsuits. Is that because of her scar? She looks so good. It's hard to believe how much she's changed since her surgery. I am concerned about Summer and all that pain. I do hope they find something to help her. Going to the country is going to be healing for you. I'm anxious for you to get back to your country girl life.

Bluebird49 said...

Wow, Linda! You got so much done this whole week. You've been my thoughts off and on today!

Seeing kids all swimming must warm your heart; knowing you and your family are all "in sync" must feel great!

Rest, Lady!

Carol Slater said...

What a busy lady you have been! I also use sunflowers to decorate with and had never considered them as a prelude to fall, but I guess they are. I love your blog and it thrills me to see you doing so many things with your grands.

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, so glad to see a happy post from you. I know you have had some trying times this week. We are going for Marvin's epidural today and I hope it helps. Now his knee is bothering him more than his back. I think he has put too much wt on it, trying to keep from using his back. It is always something isn't it????Prayfing for blue skies for all of us!!

Vee said...

Isn't it lovely when things settle down to peace...that's what I saw here today. Praying that you are all still getting your beauty rest right now and will wake to another great day. Logan and all the quads are darling...perhaps Logan was the most vocal about missing you, but I know that they all did. 🍉

That door is a beauty!

Susie said...

Linda, I believe children should learn to swim as young as possible. I am thrilled the quads can swim and love it. Great photos of you and Summer with them. Your mom looked happy.:) LD did a great job getting that nice door. Blessings to all of you for a wonderful weekend, xoxo,love, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love the door and it will be great when you are done with it and have it hung. All of our grandkids swim and I am thrilled. We were never allowed to swim as my mother had almost drowned twice in her life so we were forbidden to go in the ponds or small lake.
Good to catch up with you- I have been busy downsizing...ugh....xo Diana

Kathy said...

I love that door. It will be a great addition to your room. Your days sounds like so much fun. I can't swim and am actually afraid of water since I almost drowned as a child. So I am always glad when I see kids learning to swim so young.

Sandra said...

that means it is only 53 days to my 73rd birthday. it also means 49 days to pay 1260.00 for homeowners, 35 fo a drivers license, and 700.00 for car insurance all in that one week. arrrhhhhh
I love the pic of you mom with her tray and what a great find of the chair covers that go so well with you table cloth.

Carole said...

Now, Linda, I know you probably won't agree but in my mind having that pattern on both the table and chairs is a bit too much! Not that my opinion matters! Glad you had a nice time with your quad grandkids. Cheers

A Joyful Chaos said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time making fun memories.

I enjoy thrift shopping too, especially when I find something to complete a set, such as your chair covers.


Nonnie said...

That's great that all the kids can swim. Hour pics today are beautiful. So fun to play in the sun and water with the kids. We did that this week too. That door is fabulous. The chicken and veggies looks wonderful. Underwater tea party? Sounds fun. I'm so glad Kailey is doing so well. Those kids are gorgeous!