Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Blessing of a Normal Day!

I lingered long over my prayer list this morning!
My heart is full to the brim with thankfulness!

I praised and thanked God and then I baked muffins to take to the ER and 4th Floor Baylor Angels tomorrow.

Our house smells so good this evening!

I am happy to say that the Chapman Cafe is serving up heart healthy meals!

This is not a new thing since I have been doing this a long time.

Still, after recent events I thought I would put a bit more focus on eating healthy.

There's a fine line between working and OVER working!
Dr. Yeppes told Louis Dean, "You are a very strong man!"
He really is!! Have you SEEN his hands? They are large and at one glance you can tell they are hands that WORK! This is what has kept him so strong for so long!
The challenge is to try to keep him for doing too much!

This afternoon Louis Dean went out and placed the sump pump IN the proper place he had prepared for it. He felt good for getting it done. No real hard work involved today!
Now that MESS is going to have to be addressed sooner or later.
Still - even THAT won't be hard work for HIM!
Rest assured I am keeping tabs on him and what he's doing!

Today he spent a lot of time listening to Tom T. Hall music on Youtube.
He kept the nurses in stitches telling them how much he loves Youtube!
You would think he was a teenager!
He found some 'new' old songs and figured out the music notations for them and was as happy as a clam!

It gets dark so early that I feel like it's already the middle of the night!!
This evening I have been working on a denim quilt for a special little girl.

I should have finished it weeks ago!
I have a Ralph Lauren soft denim sheet to use as a backing.
Before I go to bed tonight I want to get the entire top sewed together.
I am in earnest about getting it done now because my dear friend will be here soon to get it!
She is flying all the way from Finland!
She and I know each other very well and love each other very much.
It is a small thing that we will be meeting in person for the first time in just a little over a week from NOW! We have already met in spirit and that's what matters.

I hear Louis Dean rattling around in the kitchen!
I better go see what he's getting out of the fridge!
Taking care of him is a full time job - but I am NOT complaining!!!!


  1. know I love you both and that you each take care of one another. How sweet to make those muffins and your dinner looks delish. I try to cook healthy as well, fresh simply tastes better.

    You are so creative and tireless, the quilt will be gorgeous. Please share it before you send it off.

    Jane xx

  2. Oh Linda! I love you attitude...and you truly are blessed!!....

  3. I agree with Bev..You are truly Blessed indeed....Love reading your blog !!! Rest up you two ...Gnite ;)

  4. You two are blessed to have found each other--you both love staying busy, but you take time for one another everyday! <3
    Oh, please care of L.D.--that man is a human dynamo... and he met his match in you! Thankful, indeed!

  5. So glad you are both home and relaxing. It is hard to take it easy when you have always been the one that does everything. Your heart healthy meals look good. I try to cook healthy but don't always suceed. Please let us see the finished quilt before it goes to Finland. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

  6. So glad he's doing well and enjoying Youtube!! Tell him I love it too. :)

    Your food looks amazing. I feel the sudden urge to roast veggies with a little rosemary thrown in for good measure.

  7. Your dishes look delicious. I would love the veggie recipe. Looks like something that would look great on my Thanksgiving table.

  8. I am so happy that you have LD to be thankful FOR and that he is so strong. Men like that just seem to "bull" through things that would knock a lesser man down. Your meal looks delicious, too.
    Have fun meeting your friend and that quilt is going to be WONDERFUL! Love it! xo Diana

  9. I am thanking God right along with you for ordinary days, and that LD is STRONG and doing well! Thank you Jesus! Your dinner looks yummy! How fun to be meeting this friend for the first time. Can't wait to see that quilt! Enjoy your day!

  10. Linda, I laughed that you were checking on LD. I say that Ted is like having a grown kid in the house. LOL. We love our boys and they can keep us busy at times. LOL Glad that pump is in, now LD can take his sweet time finishing it. That will be so fun for you to meet your friend from Finland. Be sure to get lots of pictures. I really need to start sewing again. I think I'll be able to , now that my machine is where I can get to it. We gave Emma the twin bed that was in the I have a huge pile of books to go thru. Oh I think that's going to be a winter day project. Blessings, love you guys, Susie

  11. awwwww, hehehe, chuck is always sneaking into the frig and the cookies, but i hear everything!! i actually have supersonic hearing!!! i did not know he was ill, poor ld, send him my love. he is such a cutie!!!

    i know you will take good care of him, not a doubt in my mind. i'm sure it's awesome to have him home!!!!

  12. and the most thankful thing of all is he is there and can rattle around in the kitchen... i try not to think of my house without bob in it... Baby left a mile deep hole and with Bob it would be much larger. so glad he is doing good... love the photo of the healthy food

  13. I am so very happy to see y'all back home...and getting back to "normal!" You have inspired me to bake some muffins this's all good at The Chapman's once again! Blessings and hugs for a beautiful weekend!

  14. Yes, the man of the house looks hale and hearty! Hope that he doesn't mind having a new foreman on the job. ☺

    The nurses will be delighted to have a gift of muffins.

    Oh my, Linda! A friend all the way from Finland. What an honor and a delight.

  15. I so happy this week turn out to be a great one, Louis Dean is healthy and strong, what a huge blessing ! This will truly be a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for .

  16. I'm glad you are both back to a sense of your normal. I can almost smell those muffins from here. ;)

  17. So good to see L D strolling around at home looking happy and relaxed , and to hear the relief in your words too dear Linda ! Your quilt will be beautiful, try to get a few photo's before you give it away and Enjoy your visit with your friend X

  18. Louis Dean looks great. I believe continuing to work and do creative things keep us young!

    Those nurses will be so thankful for those muffins. You are very thoughtful.


  19. My dad was the same as LD...busy, busy. At least there are interests and a zest for life! I so hope that both of you will get more rest. Wish I had those veggies right now ~ love to roast them myself.


  20. Wow! Everything looks so yummy! I love to bake too, think I will try your bread or muffins...great for breakfast. Yup, take good care of LD. you are a lucky woman and he is a lucky man. :-)

  21. Lucky nurses. I should do something like that for the nurses that took care of my mom back in September but time seems to run out each day.
    Glad to see LD up and moving but he does need to take the work schedule down a notch. mmm Maybe a half a notch. LOL Gotta keep healthy and I know you'll do it. Hugs