Monday, November 16, 2015

Celebrating BIRTHDAYS!!!! Louis Dean is 79 TODAY! Sunday and Monday

Trystan and Logan spent all of Sunday with us!

They decorated our porch duck for the holiday!
My niece, Trish, gave me this duck along with an outfit for every month!
The girls got a real kick out of dressing him up!

All dressed up and no place to go!

They played 'Golden Keys' for a LONG time!!
I keep a large vase FULL of all the old keys I have collected over the years along with some interesting key fobs. The kids love to select a hand full and play with them!

At 2:00 we walked over to our next door neighbor's for a birthday party!
Stephanie lives on one side and this sweet family live on our other side.

We helped Melany celebrate her 8th birthday!!!!
It was a wonderful party done up in a Horse/Ranch theme!
Her mother, Olga, is one creative and talented lady!

The kids played games - both inside and out! The weather was perfect for a party!
Antonio grilled up enormous amounts of chicken and sausages! It smelled SO good!
I thought the girls might be getting kind of tired so I suggested we go home.
NO! Neither one wanted to leave! Trystan said, "It smells delicious! I want to stay and EAT!"
And so we did! We stayed for everything! The fun! The FOOD! The pinata! The cake! The gifts!
This family knows how to throw a party!!!
We had a ball and didn't go home until it started to wind down - three hours after we arrived!

By then the weather had turned cooler and we had a fire in the den for the first time this season!!
Just as we lit it, Amber and Kailey and Harrison arrived!
It was time to trade out two for two!
But FIRST - we all enjoyed the fireplace!

And we visited while the kids all played.

Kailey and I made the Tea Cookies for our 'High Tea' that evening.
The tea served as a light supper as well as a tea party.
Amber snapped this photo and shared it on Facebook:

"This captured moment means so many special things to me. That may as well be me sitting there on the counter with my mom, it's like deja vu with Kailey. She is so my mini me! I am so glad that Kailey is blessed with the best daddy and granddads in her life, and especially a meemaw that already knows and understands her very well. It's Round Two for my mom, after all." πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

This morning I brewed up some new coffee Amber brought over for me!

Monday Morning Moments to treasure, for sure!
The first was that Harrison and Kailey slept soundly from 10:00 last night to 9:00 this morning!

Another moment to treasure - they played so well together while I got breakfast ready and did a few household chores.

I had to fill all our medicine boxes - which is the only way to handle things when you take a multitude of Rx's and vitamins on a daily basis! Kailey and Harrison played some organ music softly in the background. I say softly because they didn't know where the sound control was and I was not about to tell them!!

After my chores were done it was time to go to the kitchen and start baking birthday pies!!
Kailey is posing with a tea towel her mother stenciled when she was just about Kailey's age!
Yes, I know. I keep EVERYTHING!

Including this 1962 Cookbook! 
I've been making this pumpkin pie since 1965.
We baked TWO pies today!

Harrison made one.......

and Kailey made the other!

We gathered over at Quadville this evening to celebrate!

The menu was one of his favorites!
Chopped sirloin patties with a mushroom sauce, garden salad, PLAIN mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and, of course, PUMPKIN PIE!

It was fun like a party!
Mike and his brother were just back from a hunting trip so we had a full table!

Another full table!!! All four won't fit there anymore!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Louis Dean is the youngest 79 year old I have ever met!!

Harrison LOVED the Cool Whip on the pumpkin pie!
The girls all helped wipe his face clean!
He is such a good sport!

We are home and I have to say that as much as we love our little quadlings -
it is really nice to have a quiet house!

Happy Birthday, Louis Dean!!!


Say What? said...

Please wish your guy a very Happy Birthday from Hawaii. You guys know how to party!

Linda said...

Lovely photos. Happy Birthday to Louis Dean! :)

Bev said...

What a fun time!!... Happy Birthday LD...from Brian and Bev!! You are a young 79!!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Louis Dean!!! Looks like he celebrated with LOTS of people who love him. That's the best birthday gift ever :)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy Birthday LD. Hugs. What a wonderful family birthday. Lots of hugs too I am guessing.

Kathy said...

Happy birthday, LD! There is nothing better than celebrating with your family and friends.

BeachGypsy said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS DEAN!!! looks like you enjoyed it 100%!!

Susie said...

Linda, I want to wish that handsome man of yours, LD a very happy birthday. Birthday pie made me smile. So glad you got to spend time with the quads and family. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday to Louis Dean...I hope I have his energy and zest for life when I am 79!!

Changes in the wind said...

Happy birthday Louis Dean...You are a young 79!

Sandra said...

that is quite a fire going there.. ha ha and Happy birthday to LD... love the piano players and you are right, your neighbor is very artistic and creative. what a fun party, 2 in one day

Nancy Chan said...

Happy birthday to Louis Dean! Lovely photos of your family especially your grand kids!

Estelle's said...

79! Now, THAT'S a milestone isn't it? Hope he had a marevlous special day...looks like y'all celebrated in high style! Hugs!

Vee said...

His smile says it all! What a great couple of days you've enjoyed. Here's to a wonderful birthday week doing just what you want to do and enjoying this good life.

Nita said...

What a wonderful Birthday party Louis Dean had. Yes he is the youngest 79 I have ever known, but your young for your age too. I think you keep one another going.

Cheryl said...

Awwww...happy birthday to Louis Dean!! He is loved...and isn't that the best gift?! I love getting a peek at your family times! And that sweet Facebook post by your daughter...the best!

Carole said...

And many happy returns too! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Deanna Rabe said...

I missed this post somehow! Happy Belated Birthday, Louis Dean! May God bless you with many more!