Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Unexpected Visit....... the Emergency Room this morning!
Louis Dean has been complaining about some tightness in his chest for a couple of weeks.
Since he has been doing labor worthy of a 25 year old digging that trench and all the other work involved in the Great Sump Pump Project - we chalked it up to overworked muscles.
That is UNTIL his left arm really started hurting him!!
By 6:00 this morning he was getting concerned. It took two nitroglycerin tablets to ease the pain.
We got up and had coffee and talked about going to the ER.
I decided it was best to go BEFORE it was truly an emergency.
We arrived around 9:00 and within two minutes of walking in - he was being seen.

They gave him a nitroglycerin paste and some morphine, did an EKG, ran some tests and then admitted him to the hospital for observation and additional tests.

People have been so kind and supportive with their prayers, phone calls and messages.
He enjoyed all that attention!

This evening Amber and Mike brought the quads up for a short visit.
I think this was mostly to reassure Amber!

"I feel better after laying eyes on Louis Dean and getting to hug his neck (ok, and cry a little on his hospital gown). His heart is getting checked and tested extensively and he even won himself an overnight stay. The quads brought him get well signs they colored and we posted them up in his room. They definitely livened up the place during our visit. We love our Granddad!"

I can't help but think that the quads did their part in making Granddad's heart feel better!!

They all presented him with special messages they had colored this afternoon!
While THEY colored them, Amber was the one who created the designs and printed them out!
You know, he's always taught the kids to double their fists up and yell 'BABY POWER!'
Amber taped these up so he can see them from his bed.
She knows from experience the power of seeing encouraging signs when you are in a hospital bed!

Dr. Yeppes has ordered a chemical stress test for in the morning to determine if there is a blockage.
LD already has 3 stints from two other visits to the hospital.
If the test is good, then he gets to go home.
If it shows blockage, Dr. Yeppes said, "Then we will talk."
We do so love this doctor and Louis Dean smiled from ear to ear when he saw him.
He said he felt better already!

So all in all......
it's been a good day!
So far all the tests are coming back normal.
Just two more to go and then I will know whether he can go out and cover that big trench he dug!!


  1. LD has the very best supporters ever - the whole family loving him to pieces! Way to go!! Get well soon LD!

  2. Joe and I are both preying for him. Hopefully the test will come back fine and he can go home today.

  3. Oh poor Louis Dean ! And poor you Linda. I know those cheerful words will be hiding a worried heart. Please pass on my very warmest wishes to Louis Dean. Please tell him I am thinking of him and sending my very best get well wishes across the miles. Big hugs to him, and to you too X

  4. I hope it's just because he overworked himself! Sending some prayers it's nothing more then that

  5. Love the better safe than sorry theory. Blessings to you both.

  6. He could have overworked. But it is good to have a thorough check to know what is the cause. Hope everything will be fine with him.

  7. I don't believe I have ever posted before, but I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time.

    Sending prayers and well wishes LD"s way!

  8. I have been praying for him. You were so right to go to the E.R. He is right where he should be.

  9. I have been keeping him in my prayers.

  10. Linda, I am shocked. Please give LD a big hug from me. You are all in my prayers...all of you. If there's any thing wrong, it's best he be right where he is, in the hospital. Oh Please keep us guys are family. love you, Susie

  11. Oh Linda, hugs to you and LD. I will be thinking about you hoping they release him soon and no more stints.

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  12. I am saying a prayer for you both! I have been anxious to hear how LD is doing! i know it's a rather scary time. Please know you have more support than you realixe. Blessings and hugs! Stay positive !!

  13. I will be praying for BOTH of you. There is nothing more powerful than "The power of prayer". Have them check his potassium. My dad has congestive heart failure and that was one of his problems.
    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  14. Prayers going up! You are just where you need to be!!

  15. i am happy to hear he is ok and that the test so far are good, i hope he can go home without further problems. that is how bob had his, with pain in the arm, in 02 and he got the stints, then in 07 more arm pain and that time bi pass surgery. i hope LD doesn't need that and he gets the all clear.

  16. It sounds like LD is doing well and getting great care and loving visitors. Do not let him cover up that trench when he returns home :)

  17. Many people from all over praying for him!!!please keep us posted!!!

  18. Many people from all over praying for him!!!please keep us posted!!!

  19. Oh my! Never a dull moment. Good to know that the tests are coming back good and will pray that they all do. He sure looks good! Sending love...

  20. Keeping you and LD in my prayers!

  21. Keeping you both in my prayers. It sounds like those quads are the best medicine.

  22. Linda, we'll be thinking of you and Louis Dean. He's in good hands with the doctors and the quads.

  23. I'm glad I know the results before seeing this post!

    Amber is a sweetheart and that picture of her and Louis Dean is precious. I love the quads get well pictures!

    Prayers for you both as you rest at home tonight!


  24. i am all caught up now. it's good to read backwards and know the outcome is good. you don't have to worry as you read!!!

    i LOVE the image of ld with the quads, what an adorable image!!!!

  25. Glad you didn't wait for it to possible turn in to an emergency. It's so hard to get David to the doctor even. I'm glad LD is more flexible. ;o)