Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweet Sleep and Loads of Pecans! A November Monday.....

I had the BEST sleep last night! The BEST in my entire MEMORY!
Some people go to bed at night and wake up the next morning.
Not I. All my life I have had to get up so.many.times. As in every 30 minutes some nights. More frequently other nights. Less frequently some nights. The only constant is the word FREQUENTLY!
Louis Dean and I were watching the Cowboys game and I decided to go to bed about 10:00.
Fortunately they WON even though I bailed on them and wasn't cheering!
I slept for over 7 hours - uninterrupted!! Woke up and then went back to sleep for another 3 hours!!
It was glorious!!!

Life is so much better when you are rested!!!
Louis Dean left with grocery list in hand this afternoon while I went out to harvest pecans.
My precious pecan cracker was a gift from Doug Stiegler - my next door neighbor for 17 years.
It is his beautiful wife, Reaoma, who goes to the movies with Ruth Ann and me.

We have a bumper crop this year!

I gathered this rather LARGE basket this afternoon.
There are so many MORE out there!!!

I cleaned up this HUGE nut bowl and oiled it down.....

and filled it up!
It's all ready for little visitors!
Back when Sam - my now 12 year old grandson - was little, he LOVED pecans!!
I allowed him to crack them in the den. When his dad objected, Sam said, "I'm at MiMi's house!!!!"
So he was. One year I gave him a big sack of pecans and a fancy nutcracker for Christmas. He LOVED that! Wish it were that easy now!

Groceries were bought - thank you, Louis Dean, and the kitchen has been cleaned. 
I had the fire all ready to light. Nothing like a warm fire on a cool - not cold! it IS Texas! - night!

Picture me in this blanket robe! I have had this for over 35  years. Mostly we have used it just as a blanket but today I zipped it up and snapped it into 'shape.' 

While I was out in the kitchen cleaning away, Louis Dean was keeping up with the news as he shelled the tins of the pecans I had cracked earlier.

I am excited about putting out Christmas decorations.
The Santa is full of Little Debbie's Iced Gingerbread Men!
The other container holds MY special treat - Banana Mambo Pies!
Notice the little Apple Santa?? The head, arms and legs came inside the Santa Cookie Jar I purchased last Tuesday. CUTE!!! I promised Deanie a pic - and here it is!!!

Another recent Goodwill find filled with other Little Debbie treats!!
They were on sale at Big Lots recently - 3 boxes for $5! I invested $15 to insure I have treats for all my grandchildren who visit us! Home made when possible but these are a good alternative!

I UNfilled this dish as I thought it would be TOO much of a temptation for Louis Dean.
These treats are NOT for HIM!!!!

We are enjoying the last embers of this evening's fire.
Hopefully we will both have another good night of sleep!!


Deb said...

Yeah goodnight of sleep! Makes for a better day

Rob Hunt said...

There is nothing like a good nights sleep. The pecans look wonderful, the cracker is really neat. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, thanks!

Kathy said...

So glad you got good rest. It makes all the difference in the world. Your house is starting to look like Christmas. Mine will start this coming weekend after Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Christmas goodies! I have to look for that sale. I love Little Debbie's.

Ginny said...

I LOVE your fancy wreath candy dish! And your nut bowl, I have never seen anything like it! Speaking of Little Debbie, I am so glad you like them. We live by a Little Debbie Factory and our son makes the Honey Buns! He has been working there for about 17 years now! I am so glad you are both doing much better and sleeping well!

Gypsy Heart said...

So glad you slept that good! Hope that both of you are feeling much better. You find some of the cutest things ~ love that Santa cookie jar! I'm heading to bed and hope you are soon...more good sleep! :)


Penny Miller said...

Your house is looking so Christmassy already! X


Wow...I drool!
We have a pecan tree by our garage, but not a crop like you show us! And I so love pecans. Have you ever had H E B Texas Pecan Pralines? They are 'to die for' - ooey gooey - delicious.

Ah yes, a cozy warm relaxing fire. And the Cowboy game. I'm a Denver Bronco fan, and I enjoy it when THEY win. LOL

HoundDogMom said...

Wow, those pecans look devine. There is nothing like sitting down with a bowl of fresh pecans and crack, shell and eat them.

Greatfull Dazee said...

Oh wonderful sleep, what a blessing! So glad you got to enjoy a full nights sleep with a little bonus time too! Your pecans look yummy. When we were kids we sat around the tv and shelled nuts... we ate as many as we shelled! Blessings to you and to Texas!

Mrs.Rabe said...

A great night's sleep is a gift!

You are so blessed to have those pecans! I love the story about your grandson and getting him his own nutcracker and bag of nuts! Sweet!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


Cheryl said...

So glad to know that you're all on the evidenced by that good night's sleep!

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you!!

Sandra said...

my dad had one of those nut crackers, with 3 trees, we had a lot to crack. he mounted it on a stool, so that he straddled the stool and pulled it towards him, he could crack baskets of them in an hours time. then we all sat around taking them out of the shells and putting them in baggies to store or freeze or sell them .

bj said...

So glad you had so many good pecans.
and, yes, homemade is good...but I'd rather spend time with family and have Little Debbies treats any ole time. :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

Susie said...

LInda, You surely needed that rest. I am so glad that you and LD are doing so much better. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

Well, I did buy a pecan pie at the Honeybaked Ham store. I am going to make a gluten free pumpkin pie.
I hope you read my blog post after the corrections. I was trying to do it on my Kindle and there were so many mistakes.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Vee said...

Oh that seven hours of sleep must have been sweet. Here's to many more nights with that kind of rest. Linda, I bought pecans yesterday and thought of you. Then I thought how nice it would be to live near a pecan tree. That small bag...6 ounces...cost $7! Can you believe it? You're so rich! =D

Curt said...

My precious pecan cracker was a gift from Doug Stiegler - my next door ...