Monday, November 17, 2014

More 'Adventures' With the Chapmans!

Yesterday I teased Louis Dean about waking up in the hospital on his birthday! My sister, Luann, said at least HE wasn't the one IN the hospital bed!!
Well, THAT changed this morning at 5:00 when I took him to the Emergency Room!

They DID put him in a hospital bed - but thank the Lord he didn't stay in it for long!
They ran several tests on him including blood work, a chest x-ray and a CT.
His heart enzymes were good - they did TWO of that test. One when we arrived and one four hours later. The Diagnosis: Chest Pain; Shortness of Breath; Pneumonia; Lung Mass
I thought the first two were SYMPTOMS - but what do I know??
The lung mass is most probably from the pneumonia but we will follow up with his primary care doctor for further diagnostic work up. He was given a prescription for antibiotics and a cough medicine. Thankfully we left there around 11:30 and went to eat lunch at Angelos.
The bright overhead lights at the hospital had given me a tremendous headache. We thought a good lunch would help and then we could sleep all afternoon. So for the first 6-7 hours of this day I was taking care of Louis Dean. Then all through lunch I was feeling worse and worse and by the time I was paying our bill I could barely stand up long enough to sign the credit card receipt before starting to faint. Louis Dean had to help me to the car and drive home. I know I looked ridiculous! I had the seat reclined and the window open so I could feel the cold air blowing on my face. My stomach felt like I was going down a roller coaster and it just kept 'rolling!' To top it all off - I was moaning LOUDLY! I just felt so awful!! We got home and Louis Dean helped me get in bed where I stayed for the next five hours!! I think I was just totally exhausted!! When I woke up I felt a lot better!
Now Louis Dean didn't sleep while I was napping. He said he kept coming in to check on me and make sure I was breathing!! So I took care of him early in the day and then HE took care of ME all afternoon. Tonight has been a draw with HIM getting a bit more attention.

We pretty much stayed by the fire all evening.

The den is warm and comfy so we ate some stew for supper and watched a little TV.
Louis Dean had a couple of flare ups but I have sent him to bed and told him to STAY there!!
He kept hopping up and coming back in here until I told him he was as much trouble to get in bed as a two year old!! That must have done the trick because so far he's stayed there!

We have been thankful for all the prayers from friends and family today.
If you are one of my Facebook friends you already knew all this today.
Louis Dean likes to tease me and he tells people that I am the Queen of Facebook.
He also says if something goes in my ear it will come out on Facebook!
That is just not true!!! I know over half a dozen things I have never put on there!!!!
Haha!!! Just kidding! It's a joke!! 
Seriously, I do love Facebook! It saved me a lot of time over the past few days keeping family in the loop on updates about Mother. I can simply post on Facebook instead of making a dozen phone calls or texting!

Speaking of updates......

This was Mother's first time up this morning!
Deanie sent me the photo - thank you, Deanie!
That big yellow belt is what Deanie holds on to as Mother walks.

Mother is making good progress and we are hoping she gets to go home soon.
She is now in a regular room. One with no frills and few nurses. Deanie described it to me on the phone this way:
"We are no longer in First Class!!! I'm not sure this is even COACH!!! We may well be in the cargo hold!" She is spending the night up there AGAIN tonight. 

My brother in law was there during the day with her thus allowing Deanie to go home and get some rest. He was so smart to write on the board in her room describing her special needs!
Why didn't WE think of that??

I am going to blow the last candles out and head to bed myself.
I don't know about you but I think we have had quite enough 'Adventures' lately!!!


  1. You poor thing I'm sure you are just worn smooth out...glad you are feeling better! You and Louise Dean are so go for each other

  2. Your family is really keeping me on my toes with my prayer life! I hope all the adventures are calming down now. I'm glad you are feeling better and thankful that LD was well enough to drive you home. Sometimes our bodies just tell us enough is enough!

    So glad to hear the good news about your mom. She is a tough lady.

    Take care and keep those hospital adventures to a minimum now, please.

  3. Oh, my! I have heard of the blind leading the blind. In your case it was the sick caring for the sick.

    I do hope everyone is well soon.

  4. Linda, this hopefully was the last challenging day for you and all yours! Have a good rest. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Oh my Linda. surely do hope you and LD both sleep tonight. Enough already.

  6. Oh dear. Poor LD, and poor you too! Do hope things look a little brighter today XX

  7. Hubby is 55; I'm 52 and you can bet we'd be 'down' if doing the schedule you've both (gladly and willingly) been on! Prayers, and relief now to know you are taking care of yourselves!! Mother looks adorbs with that yellow *ahem* sash!! I'm diggin' it. :D

  8. With all your family is going through, I can certainly understand your 'worn out' feelings. It's hard/difficult on the physical and psyche. Too much stress and worry can most definitely wear anyone down!!

    You all take care, and I'm hoping soon a bit of 'normality' can return to you and yours and life becomes easier!!!

  9. Dear Ones, I am certain that you are well surrounded in prayer. You need more than a few days to rest and decompress, though I am sure that you would get bored with too much down time. Praying for healing all around and that your mother will get sprung soon. You are so right! You have had more than enough adventures for now.

  10. so happy to see your mother sitting up and eating.. i am thinking she will be home soon and also thinking you and LD should stay home for a couple of days and just sit/lay and do nothing and kick the sickness out of your bodies.. rest rest and more rest... do that today, you hear? NO FB LOL

  11. Hope you all will up and back to normal soon:)

  12. I'm so sorry to hear that you and LD have been sick! I was surprised to see LD in the hospital. I knew he wasn't feeling well, but didn't realize it was that bad. Pneumonia can be such a dangerous illness! My husband had it once and had to go to the hospital and get on a breathing machine to clear his lungs. It took him the longest time to get over it. And he was in his 40's! Pneumonia is what sent my FIL to the hospital too. Rest, rest, rest! Your mom is looking better now that she's sitting up. That's encouraging. I hope she continues to do better and you and LD as well.

  13. Oh my, Linda. You've had a lot going on. Hope everyone is on the mend. Kelly is right, everyone needs rest, and lots of it. Take care, Elaine

  14. Good grief! What a day for you two. So sorry this happened. I so hope that LD heals quickly! You, my friend, need rest ~ a LOT of it. Your body will stop you some way if you don't do it yourself.

    Hope your mother improves more each day! Thinking of all of you and keeping you in my prayers.


  15. I knew the two of you would get run down - I hope all three of you including your Mom get better soon. It is a tough tough time but you all need some rest too.

  16. Linda, I kind of wondered when you two would crash...I wish I was there to help out. Please slow down some... I do not want anything to happen to you or LD....It was good to see your mom sitting up and smiling. Bless her. So good that Deanie got away to rest a bit too. Rest and take care of yourselves. Blessings to your whole family. xoxo,Susie

  17. How stressful for you - these things are like buses they all seem to come at the same time! Kia Kaha

  18. Bless your dear heart! Hope all is well soon. Exhaustion can resemble the flu. Prayers for you all!

  19. I was shocked to see LD in the hospital!!... Glad he was ok... Mom is looking great!!!

  20. Oh no! Sounds like you have had more than your share of "adventures"! So glad your mother is improving. Take it easy and keep resting!

  21. Y'all are keeping the doctors busy. Glad LD got out quickly and momma is sitting up doing better
    And you little lady need to rest.l