Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Weekend in Quadville and a Sunday Evening With Summer!

LAST Sunday I dressed and made it to Sunday School AND church before heading over to Quadville to have Sunday dinner with Amber and Mike. While everyone else napped - Dad and Granddad, too! - Amber and I took in a movie and made a grocery store run together! Just like old times!
It was a wonderful day - and the last time I would be dressed  and with make up on until Friday!!
After spending four whole days 'lounging around the house' (read SICK!) I  FINALLY felt up to dressing and getting out and about once again! 

I said my goodbye to Louis Dean and once again, I headed to Quadville!
Mike is away and we had long planned for me to come over for the weekend.
I was feeling better but now I had next to NO voice!!
While I drove EAST to Dallas in the afternoon, Louis Dean had gone WEST to Fort Worth that morning! He did the beauty shop run with Mother and managed to find the Golden Corral all by himself! He and Mother had a ball and ate a LOT of food, he said! Plus, he didn't get lost coming OR going! There will be no stopping them now.......

The kids were just getting up from their naps when I arrived in Quadville!

Amber loaded us all up to run a few errands and then end up at the park.
By the time we were actually ready to go play, Harrison looked out the car window and said, "It's DARK!!! It's DARK!!!"

So instead of the park - we went to the Mall!
Good call!
There was plenty to see and do there!
The kids - AND Mommy - AND MeeMaw! - were good and tired and past ready for bed by the time we got home! It was a fun Friday night!

Breakfast time!!!

When we were coming downstairs the gown and robe I was wearing trailed behind me on the stairs.
Trystan noticed and said, "You're CUTE, MeeMaw!!"
Ah, I do love that little girl!!!

They all dressed up as princesses after breakfast!

Harrison likes to be cool and hang his sunglasses on his coveralls!

For our mid morning tea we made some 'tea cakes!'

Love my little helpers!

The girls patiently watched them bake....

BJ from Sweet Nothings put me on to the pleasures of these muffin mixes a couple of years ago!
I use them all the time now!

A princess on her steed!!
Trystan had to lift her 'train' so the horse could wag its tail!

When Amber returned from errands before lunch and they were interested in what was in the bags!

After naps we all dressed and went to a very special baby shower for a very special mommy!
I got separated from my purse - and camera - so no pics.
Let me say  that our dearly beloved Jo Ann is a beautiful mother to be!
We would not have missed this shower for anything!
Jo Ann has been a long time family friend and is truly like FAMILY to us!
She has been a huge blessing by coming to Quadville over this past year and helping Amber.
 The quads are crazy about her and know all about 'Baby Crew' and will be playmates for him!

Once again we came home and did the bedtime routine!
Baths and snacks and running around and dancing came first!

Amber and I were exhausted and fell into bed shortly after THEY did!!
I am grateful for Amber's youth and improving health!
It is a marathon - a long distance running event - that will last for the next fifteen and a half YEARS!!! It will and DOES require vast amounts of energy and endurance!

This morning I got up early and put dinner in the crock pot and started getting ready for Sunday School. The church is just over 5 minutes from Quadville! Nice!
I fixed a cup of coffee and called Louis Dean thinking we would chat a minute and then meet up at church. To my dismay, I could tell at the first sound of his voice that HE was sick!!
Not the same sick as I had but a stomach bug. NO church for HIM today!
I went on to Sunday School and returned to help Amber load and unload a SUV full of kids.  As Harrison held my left hand and we were walking across the parking lot he said, "I love going to church!" Melted my heart to see his sweet face just beaming as he said this!
As soon as we got home, the girls pulled on some of their dress up clothes. Logan even napped today in hers!

I am grateful to get these little video clips.
I THINK I will remember these days but I won't!
As I write this late on Sunday night, I have a hard time remembering what I did this morning!!

This is Kailey as she sat on the stairs looking at pictures of Mommy and Daddy while I was getting Sunday Dinner on the table. She has even composed a song titled 'Mommy and Daddy.'

While they napped I packed up my bags and came home to my sick husband who was fast asleep.

I had a lovely ending to this Sunday with a surprise visit from Summer!!
She was in the area and picked me up for a little one on one time together - a treat we do not get often enough!

Here's my sweet Summer DEE!!!

La Madeleine is one of our favorite places!
As I took my seat I noticed this fall leaf on my chair.
We don't have fall COLOR in Texas - at least not much!
Still, I think this is a special leaf left just for me and I am tucking it into my leaf book! 
We sat for a couple of HOURS just catching up with each other and life in general!!
I slipped away to the Ladies Room and this is what Summer posted to Facebook while I was gone.

It says, "Time with my mom, priceless!"
What better way to end this weekend!!!
I am grateful both of my daughters enjoy spending TIME with me!
That is THE most precious gift ever! Time.
We have so little of it. Spend it wisely!

I would like to thank Susan from Must Love Junk for featuring me on her Saturday Spotlight!
It was a first for me and I am grateful for her graciousness!!

Now!!! Onward!! To a brand spanking new week!!!
I can't WAIT to see what all it brings!!!


Ginny said...

You have a leaf book? I would like to see that on a future post, and you talk about it! What a sweet greeting when they awoke and saw you there! Poor Louis Dean! Our doctor said that when a person catches something, the virus mutates from one person to the next and is often quite different from one person to another. Gosh, I would rather have a cold than a stomach bug, I hope it will be just a 24 hour thing.

Penny Miller said...

Nice to know you are getting back to full strength Linda, sorry to hear LD is unwell, hope he feels better soon. X

Linda said...

I am addicted to your blog. I hate it when you miss a day because I worry something is wrong. Your blog never fails to end my day on a good note.

Sandra said...

so sorry your wonderful LD got sick. i say wonderful because my man would never in this life take his MIL out to lunch and to a beauty shop.. LD is priceless in my book... from kids to moms he is wonderful... glad you both feel better and we are ready to SEE and hear what happens next in your oh so active life...

Gypsy Heart said...

Busy, busy weekend with precious little ones! I love the video clips & hearing their little sweet voices. So cute that Harrison told you he loved to go to church. Be still my heart! :)

Sorry LD was ill ~ I so hope it doesn't visit you. You've had enough illness for a long, long time.

I agree re: having your kids spend time with you. I love it too! Great that you and Summer were able to do this & I love Le Madeline, big time.

Have a wonderful week my friend!

Gypsy Heart said...

P.S. Will hop over to Susan's and check out your feature. Due to my internet issues & back problems, I've dropped the ball on visiting.


Susie said...

Linda, I love reading your blog and seeing you with your mom, children , or the grands. You just enjoy your life to the fullest. LD is the perfect man for you, as he too loves life. I am enjoying watching the quads grow, now they are talking and it's adorable. You are right, time is a precious gift...we need to make it count. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

What a delightful post Linda. Your little family is the best. how fun to be in quadville....LOL They are so adorable....

Cheapchick said...

So glad you are feeling better - and that you had such a lovely weekend with your family!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Oh, your quads are darlilng!!!! BUT I would not have the energy to keep up to them. Cute age! Hope your hubby gets well soon. Nancy

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What sweet grands! And you do such a good job of documenting their lives right here. They will thank-you one day!