Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saturday Adventures ~ an Evening at 'Dark Hour Haunted House!!'

It was a glorious Saturday here at the Chapman's!!!
Last night was the chilliest one we have had in the DFW area so far this season!
It made for PERFECT sleeping weather and we did, indeed, sleep so well!!
One of life's wonderful pleasures is to sleep deeply and long!!! We went to bed around midnight and I didn't get up until after 10:30 this morning!!!
GLORIOUS sleep!!!

The chilly weather made for a GLORIOUS fire in the fireplace this morning!
We kept one burning all day long!

Coffee and reading in front of the fire with a cover over our legs - YES! 
I have been waiting for this!!

While Louis Dean worked on his fence project, I puttered around the house.
I do so love to do that!! Lucy and I went for a good walk and I did some Susie Homemaker chores.

This afternoon I baked up a fresh batch of cookies!
Toll House makes Spiced Pumpkin morsels as well as some 'Halloween' ones which are chocolate and orange. These were baked for a group of very special people!

I prepared a few very special bookmarks for these very special people!
It has dawned on me, though, that perhaps bookmarks aren't used as often now as they were in the past. I admit to being very old school in so MANY ways and reading is one of them!
I read books that require a book marker!!!
Hopefully we will always need a book or two to hold in our hands - and a book marker to MARK our place!!

THEN Louis Dean and I got ready for a big adventure!!!

Dark Hour Haunted House is in Plano, Texas at 701 Taylor Dr.

My niece and her husband are part of the group that makes this experience one to remember!!!
I have NEVER in all my life been to anything like this before!!!

This photo was taken AFTER we had gone through the Haunted House!!!
My muscles HURT from all the screaming and laughing I did!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!
You can tell by looking at us that we had a blast!

The scenery and sets were works of art with great care given to every single little detail.
The actors and performers were magnificent!!! Each and every one of them made you feel like they were there just for YOU! This was their closing night and yet the energy and excitement was bubbling and contagious!!! EVERYONE seemed to be having a great time - customers, performers, EVERYONE!!! Louis Dean said he was just flat scared at times!!! I thought as much! He walked BEHIND me as we went through all the mazes and different rooms with different scenes and themes in each one. He had his hands around my waist and was hanging on for dear life!!! My waistline is now three inches smaller!!! I laughed! I screamed!!! I screamed some more!!! I said, "OH! MY GOODNESS!!!" lots and lots of times! It was quite an experience!!!

The artistic director is Allen Hopps and he is a gifted artist!!!
His beautiful wife, Shannon, is an amazing lady and always performs in his productions.
The Terra Monstrum was the highlight for me!!
Perhaps because that is where my niece and her husband work! I missed seeing Shannon but I know she was there! Perhaps I didn't recognize her!!
I DID recognize Dana! 
She was beautiful and kept everyone charmed and entertained as she organized us into groups to entered the 'theater.' ALL of these people work so hard and are on their feet for hours and hours - and yet they seemed to be having as much fun as WE were!!

We were given the VIP treatment! Dawn was our guide and she was excellent!!
We were so grateful for that VIP room where we sat for a few minutes to rest and catch our breath between attractions.

I must have still been shaking when I took this sweet monster's picture!!!
If you notice, she is eating one of the cookies I baked for them!
Next year I will make Popcorn Crunch! I had forgotten how much Dana loves that stuff!

As we left with big smiles on our faces and made our way back to the car, Louis Dean said, "You know, we're NOT the average old couple people think we are!"

However, we DID feel the need for a cup of coffee and we sat at La Madeleine and talked about what a fun evening we had!!

This morning I put this big, heavy, furry cover on our bed!
It's time to crawl under it and call this one a day!!!
Good night!!!


Kathy said...

I have never been to a Haunted House because I do not like being scared. But it sounds as if you had a blast! I am so happy you enjoyed yourself so much! I agree with Louis Dean -- you are NOT the average older couple. I hope you never change.

Penny Miller said...

The older I get the more I think there is no such thing as an average older couple! X


And I'm like you, tho I have a Kindle Reader, I just don't use it all that much...I'd much prefer to hold a book in my hands, turn the pages, smell the fragrance of the print/pages of the press...there is so much the younger generation is missing with the e-readers, etc. And, secretly, I always shop for bookmarks.

And in my opinion...being 'average' is more fun.

Deb said...

I like to hold a book to read it and turn the pages ...Louise Dean is right you are not an ordinary couple you are a awesome couple!

Vee said...

You'd never catch John in one of those places, though I'd love to get my waist three inches smaller....I have to scrape him off the ceiling if I come into a room unexpectedly and vice versa. Ha! Nope, you're not the typical olden folks I know. =D

I think sweet sleep is the best thing ever! Glad that you have been enjoying the cooler weather and the good rest. You certainly needed it after all the excitement.,

Greatfull Dazee said...

How fun! Looks like everyone was having a great time. I loved your costume Linda!

Sandra said...

I have never been in a haunted house. and no you are not the average older couple.. love that fire video... we needed one this morning, 49 at wake up, going to 68 but tomorrow back to our normal Nov... Ilove that photo of you and LD after the haunted house. really good of both of you... had to laugh, you got up at 10:30. today we woke up at our normal 4 am and it was only 3... we could not go back to sleep. now at 8:15 we have been up for five hours and are exhausted and ready to sleep.

Susie said...

Linda, There's nothing average about you two.:):) You are amazing. Glad you had a fun time. You must have been worn out. LOL It's chilly here today, but another blessed sunshiny day. Love it. Take care , xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

No, you are NOT the average old couple!! Neither are WE, and that is what I love about your blog, and it draws me here all the time! Your joy for life is so much like mine!! And it is so contagious!! Phil and I love going on all kinds of adventures almost every week, and we also love napping. We have three different throws, and I love your big fur one!! We take naps at all hours, any time it strikes us!! We have even been known to nap at 6:00! I still read REAL books, and not a reader! I love the smell, the feel, everything about real books, and I could live in a book store! I do have an iPad, but will not read books on it unless I can get one really cheap. Your bookmarks are so good, and life affirming!! Though I love adventures, I think I would pass on this scary place!!! Being old, when I get scared my heart tends to go out of are BRAVE, and I would have been behind you with Louis Dean!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Whoever thinks you're an average couple, old or otherwise, isn't paying attention Linda! You're a hoot (not to mention a good sleeper) ;)

From Hickory Hill said...

I love reading your blog! You have such a great outlook and spirit! Your heart shows thru with every post.

peggy said...

The Dark Hour sounds like a lot of fun, and a lot of work for some individuals I would think. I'm with you on the books and bookmarks, I want to feel the pages and be able to go back when I want to.

Gypsy Heart said...

What fun! So glad you enjoyed it so much.


must love junk said...

You guys just have too much fun! :)
Those cookies look amazing, btw!