Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday - I'm BACK!!!!!!

I am so HAPPY to have had SUCH a good Tuesday!!!

I hit the jack pot at Goodwill!!!
The little clerk was as cute as she could be!!!
She had ducked down behind the counter and I told her to get in the photo!!!
It's FUN to go to the Goodwill!!!

Ruth Ann and I started off this Tuesday with a really GOOD movie!!!
We found one that was right up our alley!

Here's some of my treasures!!!
All the Halloween stuff was 50% off PLUS my senior discount of 25%!!!
Win! WIN!!!

A few treasures with the Native American CD music I gave Jesse, Jr for his birthday in the background!

I bought 14 place mats!!!! $0.25 each!!

THREE witch hats!!! You can never have TOO many!!!
I also got little shirts for the quads and have already washed them!
They were 75% off, too!!

This is so CUTE!!!! We are starting a collections of these creative Snowmen!!!

This sturdy pumpkin is a treasure! $0.75!

I LOVE love LOVE this basket!
Chock full of dried things - from wheat to leaves to flowers!

The marble coasters are from Union Gospel Mission and were $0.75 each.

I saw them a few weeks back but my heart wasn't in me to stand in line for them.
I don't think I was feeling well that day.

So I met them again this afternoon and brought them home with me!!!

When I got back home Louis Dean was right where I left him!!!

Working on the fence!

We have so many projects to do!
I started painting the house - with Ruth Ann's help SEVEN years ago - right before I had knee replacement surgery- and have continued to work on it since - but it is STILL not finished!!!
Nor is the HOLE in my house fixed! One task at a time.......

We are working desperately to get as much finished and repaired and updated as possible.
Neither one of us is 65 anymore!

I put away all my treasures and heated up Taco Soup for our supper.
It tasted as good tonight as it did on Saturday!

It was a Merry Christmas kind of art class!!

We were all hard at work basing in our paintings.
I tell them it is not SUPPOSED to look good at this point!!!
Just get the paint ON the canvas!

This is what it looks like at 8:00 here on Tuesday night!

I worked on Nita's Santa's hand......and then glazed him - forgetting his hand was wet!
Oops!!! I may have to give him to her WET!!!

This has been a GOOD Tuesday!!!
Guess what is going to happen tomorrow???
Normally WE go to Quadville on Wednesday.
Tomorrow QUADVILLE comes to US!!!!
We are so excited!


Ginny said...

You gals are all so talented! How do you decide what to paint? I always really love seeing your Goodwill finds! My favorites are the basket and the goose picture! And guess what? I have started going to bigger Goodwills, and have been having such good luck!!! i have gotten several Nutcrackers for under a dollar, lots of Easter and Christmas decorations, A huge bowl for my table centerpiece, a coconut half loaded with shells, and lots of blue pottery to match my kitchen. Today I got a bunny teapot for Easter! I think Tuesday is the day to go, but none of the employees will tell you that!

Linda said...

What a great haul at Goodwill, Linda!!! 25% off for seniors??? Here in Montreal it is only 10%! :)

Linda said...

Never heard of 25% senior discount. In Oregon I think it's something like 5%. Shop till you drop girl for those of us who don't such a deal.


Oh my goodness...I think I'd be beating you down with my hockey stick, grabbing all the Halloween goodies!! You found some treasures. My sister told me over the phone a while ago that that movie was really good! I will have to look for it when it comes out on dvd.

You two really keep yourself busy...and that is good. It's all part of your happy life. Can't wait to see the shirts you got the little ones...a group picture someday soon I hope?!!!

And of course, Santa...a favorite subject of mine.

Miss Dishywoo said...

You certainly DID get a load of great stuff. It is so fun to see what people find at thrift stores, because it is actually a FIND. The paintings are looking good. Can't wait to hear about your Wednesday.

Susie said...

Linda, Glad you were up to being with your friend and getting back into the swing of things. You sure found some great things. When I saw that LD had ran a string, I was impressed. He's a good worker and knows what he is doing. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

i really like that sturdy 75 cent pumpkin... and the fence looks like it is almost done... have fun when the quads come... i have a question? if you go every Friday and bring home all of this, what will you do when the house is full? how do you store all of this...

Penny Miller said...

Great finds at Goodwill! X

Bev said...

What a fun Tuesday.... and I can imagine how excited you were for Wednesday!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You are the best at finding treasures! Hope you had a great day with the quads today!

Doreen@househoneys said...

You cleaned up like Mr. Clean Linda! And that's quite a hefty senior discount too! It was indeed a good day ;).


Gypsy Heart said...

You should have your own TV show on HGTV ~ finding treasures, etc. You do get some incredible bargains! LOVE those Santas ~ such beauty in the paintings.