Monday, October 27, 2014

Rest and Recovery Monday.....

The house has all been put back to rights and I think I have recovered from a very FULL weekend!
As soon as the last of my family left yesterday, I walked straight through the house and went right to the bedroom and took a nap that lasted nearly three hours!! By the time I woke up, Louis Dean had already finished up much of the kitchen. The stove was shining! He and I stayed up watching some football and a couple of TV programs and when I went to bed again - I stayed there for TEN hours! I still got up several times for potty breaks but not nearly as many as before!

Today I rested and recovered.
Lucy and I went for a walk.
I turned the A/C OFF and am now awaiting those cooler temps the weather man promised would arrive soon!

Raynie helped me pick up a basket of pecans from the yard yesterday before she went home.
I picked up a second basket this afternoon. We just may get a bumper crop this year!

I finished the quilt top I am making for MYSELF!!!

Then I folded it up and put it back in the sewing basket.

I will get back to it soon but NOW I must plan and sew a denim crib quilt for a soon to be born little boy!

Louis Dean worked on his fence today.
He stopped for a good lunch of leftovers from our dinner yesterday and I made a plate lunch for him to eat tomorrow while I am at the movies.

Can you see the red pop of his roses?
He sipped a glass of wine while I watered - 10% chance of rain tomorrow so I am not counting on any free water!
He has already cleaned up and we are now ready for the Cowboys game!!!

Time to pop that popcorn!!!!


Deb said...

I'm so glad you took it easy....enjoy your movie time tomorrow...

Wanda said...

Sometimes the best thing we can do is NAP. You are a smart lady, and not only have fun, but know how to take care of yourself.

You are a special lady, and I draw encouragement from you every time I read your post. Love and Hugs

Ginny said...

Phil is a Redskin fan! I can't wait to see your quit when it is all finished. I love this shot of your nuts! Here is how much we love naps: we have three different throws: a light one, heavy stuffed one, and a medium weight one. We use them for naps and choose which one to use depending on the temperature!! I can teach you the finer points of napping!

Penny Miller said...

So glad to hear you rested yesterday Linda, you must have needed it after such a busy weekend. Louis Dean and you are such a good team X

Sandra said...

sounds like you caught up on your sleep, and that is a good thing.. ha ha on LD working on his fence, it looks to me like he is Watching that fence. LOL...

Susie said...

Linda, When you mentioned pop corn, I thought of a fellow I worked with. He would take his break at 9 every evening by saying, "it's pop corn o'clock.!" We worked maintainance so we some times could plan our breaks. Unless one of the assembly lines were down. I love all those wonderful pecans. Good little Rayne. :):) LD is a saint cleaning up the stove and kitchen....does he hire out? LOL I bet you both were tired after that big weekend...but you made some awesome memories with your families.. Blessings for a cool day girl. xoxo,Susie

Chatty Crone said...

Even on your day of rest you area busy. I love that back patio!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm glad you rested! It's such a blessing to get all those pecans.