Friday, October 17, 2014


Louis Dean and I woke up early here in Quadville!
Amber and Mike had already left for the airport.
We fixed a quick cup of coffee in the Keurig and started on the task of trying to figure out the quads milk cups. 

Amber and Mike were so efficient! They left all the dishes and cups CLEAN so we didn't have a sample to look at and figure out how to put the parts together! These are Munchkin cups I think.

There are the bottles, then the straws, the thingy at the top to hold the rubber part ......
Louis Dean said, "We are burning up our time!!!"
We needed to move on to fixing breakfast and cleaning the play room.......
before the quads were up!

We finally managed to get these four working and called it DONE!

While Granddad cooked, MeeMaw cleaned and organized the play room!

As  Amber and Mike were flying away to Boston, reinforcements were coming in!!
Aunt Luann arrived before breakfast and has been here all day and is spending the night!!
JoJo, who is 28 weeks pregnant and high risk came over to see the quads and Amber left strict instructions that she was to DO NOTHING!!! However, no one could them from crawling all over her! They do love their JoJo!!!

After breakfast I left the quads with THREE very capable and loving people -
Granddad, Aunt Luann and JoJo - while I drove back to Irving for an appointment with my specialist.
Short version, I do, indeed, have yet ANOTHER UTI. The lab lost the specimen I left on Monday for them to culture so the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and will do a culture on the one from today. I also have an appointment for a procedure in two weeks and will stay on an antibiotic until that time.

I arrived BACK in Quadville in time for lunch. Luann had graciously made the organic mac and cheese for the quads and the grown ups had the Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad from ALDI with assorted crackers and pumpkin muffins with whipped pumpkin cream cheese. YUM!

JoJo told the babies goodbye and it was soon nap time!!

While I got the babies down, Luann folded a mountain of baby laundry!!!!
She is amazing! She has worked in the day care business for years so she is a natural at all of this Quadville routine! Louis Dean went on home taking Lucy with him. Men are wonderful but it's the WOMEN who are good for the long haul!

After naps and snacks we play PLAY DOUGH!!!

It kept them occupied for a LONG time!

Of course that's because Aunt Luann sat there and played with them the entire time!

SHE knew how to make Play Dough bracelets!!!

Then they ALL wanted one!

We went from Play DOUGH to the Play GROUND!!!!

Once again, it was Aunt Luann they wanted to kiss their booboo's!!!
She was SO good with them!

She kept them occupied while I did dinner. We made a pretty good tag team!

Granddad came back over for a little while - Trystan thinks it was just to read her a book!!!
I thought it was to bring me some medicine.
Maybe a little of both!

While Granddad had Trystan, Aunt Luann hung out with the other three as I finished the meal and got it on the table. You can see why it takes THREE of us to do what Amber normally CAN do by herself!

This picture right here made Granddad so happy!!!
Wanna know WHY???
Louis Dean loves playing music along with the greats on You Tube.
Harrison is playing along with Jimmy Fallon .......It's all About That Base!

From there we went on to Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Ants Go Marching One by One......
then it was dinner time!

Baths followed.
Have I mentioned that Harrison woke up with a fever and runny nose Wednesday morning and now just 24 hours later as of this morning - they ALL had fevers and runny noses?
Still - they have been in a pretty good mood in spite of it!
Probably because of all the attention they are getting!

All is quiet. Everyone is asleep except me and the dogs. I'll go downstairs and let Shiner and Jersey in and will call it a night.

I am closing with assorted photos from just two years ago!!!

The babies were so little then.......

If I think we are busy NOW!!!!

All I have to do is remember those early quad days.

We lived in our camper for seven months until Amber and Mike sold their home in Houston and moved back up here.

That seems so long ago now......

but it was this day just two years ago!


Ginny said...

The little pumpkins are so cute...and so little. The difference from then till now is almost unbelievable!! I am so sorry about your doctors news! Rats to them losing your specimen!!! And I know it takes awhile to culture it? I think you may be having an IVP? Luann is really a lifesaver, especially with you not feeling well. But even so, you really threw yourself into the job! And that spells L-O-V-E!!

Penny Miller said...

Even in the short time I have been privileged to follow your blog Linda, I can see such a difference in the Quads. They are growing up so quickly! X

Susie said...

Linda, You have come along ways with those babies. Wow, it is mind boggling to think about . I pray they are feeling better today. Take care of your self and in extra help if you need it. Sending prayers for all of you to be 100 percent well soon. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

oh no on all four sick at one time... that is one big moutain of laundry and i bet that is the tip of the iceberg on laundry.. i love the first shot of them on the pink playground... and the bracelet video is precious

Changes in the wind said...

I remember those days and hard to believe it has been two years.

Cheapchick said...

Wow, you guys have your hands full! You guys try and stay healthy without catching that cold! Kids are so sweet they love sharing that kind of thing lol

Jan said...

Time has gone by so quickly-our Ryan was born that same summer. Hard to believe they are 2! I know what you mean about the sippy cups. There are some I still haven't figured out how to put together!

Sweet Tea said...

What fun! But also "what work". You're a wonderful Grandmother and I know the quads all LOVE you and LD. Glad Amber and Mike were able to get away for a bit and know that you were there to organize the teams and see that everyone was well cared for. Hope your medical woes are soon history and you're feeling well again.

Gypsy Heart said...

Wow, have they grown! It's so fun to see their little personalities develop. I so hope you're feeling better quickly!