Monday, October 13, 2014

A Blustery Monday With a Touch of 'Blue!'

The cool fall weather did, indeed, arrive! At long last!!!
It was raining when we went to bed last night.

I had a doctor appointment for 10:30 this morning and got up in time to make a batch of spiced pumpkin muffins before I left. I packaged up some for my doctor and his staff in these cool Trick or Treat bags. My timing was perfect! Just as I walked up to the check in window, Alicia was just coming back to her desk carrying a fresh cup of coffee. The muffins I gave her were still warm from the oven!

I am still struggling with bladder issues. The doctor thinks the UTI has cleared up but is running a culture to be certain. I have always had an overactive bladder - but is now EXTREMELY overactive. It is also inflamed and I am taking Advil three times a day. I admit to being a bit blue. Lately I have been recording how often I get up in the night. 13 times one night. Even more on another and slightly less another night. My doctor could tell I was discouraged and he said not to lose hope. There are still some other things we can do once the inflammation is dealt with. I have had an overactive bladder for most of my life. I can't remember a time when I didn't have it. It's just that as I am growing older it is harder to handle. I have never slept through a whole night - ever! I came home from the appointment and went right back to bed - clothes and all! It was good sleeping weather!

The wind was blowing HARD all day long!
It made quite a mess in the front yard.

My hero was out there cleaning it all up!
The pecans are starting to fall. The trees are loaded so I hope we get a good crop this year!

 I used fire logs Saturday and Sunday but today I used 'real' wood!!
I love a good fire. We have kept one burning all afternoon and evening.
It's been a good day to watch TV and catch up on some of the new programs we were wanting to try out.

 So far Scorpion is our favorite!

While we worked out in the front yard, I had our supper cooking in the oven.
It smelled so good when we came in!
I always feel like a Girl Scout when I make these!

This was our fire earlier. It's died down now as has the wind.
I think it's time to put the house to bed. It takes about 15 minutes to turn off all my little lights, lock all the doors, check on the critters and make sure the coffee is ready for in the morning.
No A/C in the bedroom tonight! Just natural cool autumn air!!


Kathy said...

Hope your doctor can help get the inflammation down. I think that would help a lot to begin with. That must be so discouraging. I will be praying for you.

Deb said...

Hope your Dr comes up with a plan! I've always had to get up at night to potty...hope this wind stops!

Ginny said...

Awww, I am so sorry! 13 times is entirely too much even if you are 100!! I used to have this problem for several years right after we got married.I think you should go to a specialist, a urologist. They are trained and know so much more about this than a regular doctor. Sorry for the unasked advice, but I just had to. I feel so sorry for you! I remember when I had it, it hurt so bad in the bathroom, and all that came out was blood. You must be exhausted from lack of sleep. Yet you always look so perky and always manage to have so much do NOT let it get you down! this is my attitude with my bad health. We can't let it get us down! We taped Scorpion and are watching it NOW, we like it. We also love Madam Secretary, Jane the Virgin, you watch Downton Abbey? We love it, too!

Estelle's said...

Poor Linda! How awful for you! There is no need to suffer with this. A good Urologist should be able to help you! Please feel better soon and take good care!

Sandra said...

we like Scorpion also.. and our favorite is The Mysteries of Laura. sorry you are still under the weather. i to rarely sleep through a full night, most of my life. but never that many times. usually 2 to 4 times and sometimes i make it 4 or 5 hours before i wake up the first time. nothing like yours. no one likes to travel with me, i know every rest stop between here and Savannah....

Carolyn said...

My doc said NOT to take advil--it can cause kidney problems over time! I .also recommend a urologist for a solution.

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about your bladder problems. Inflammation is a terrible thing. I suffer with an auto immune disease that creates a lot of inflammation in my body. I see a specialist and take anti inflammatory drugs daily to keep it under control. But, it doesn't always behave! Your fire looks so cozy! We haven't used our fireplace yet this season. We're getting all the rain that you got. It's an ugly day here today.

Linda said...

Oh you poor woman, up 13 times in one night......I'd be so darn crabby that I'd have no friends left. I sure hope the dr gets it figured out sooner than later. I know all about going straight to bed, clothes and all. I see LD had his work cut out for rest, huh. Hope the week takes a turn for the best.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

We have not had 'fire or furnace' going here yet this year. Tis the season though...and now you have me longing for a fire in the fireplace!

Hope you are better soon.

Sweet Tea said...

Getting a good nights rest would sure help with the blues - you must feel exhausted. Glad the good doc has a few more tricks up his sleeve to help. Your fire looks so warm and inviting. The rains have ended here and I'm thrilled to see the sun today!

Susie said...

Hugs for you , Linda. I wish you better results soon. I hate being can wear you down. I am thinking it won't be long before we have to start fires in the fireplace. Ted is still working on his wood pile too. I bet all your Drs./nurses/hair dressers love you. Who would not like a warm muffin with coffee. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

Gayle said...

Linda, sounds like you may have IC. Interstitial Cystitis, I am very familiar with it, as I have it. Basically inflammation of the bladder wall, but no infection present. Painful for sure. Something that helps mine is called Prelief. It reduces acidity of coffee & certain other foods that can aggravate IC. Hope you get to the bottom of your issues.

Gypsy Heart said...

Bless you! I can't take any of the NSAIDS. Is your Dr ok with that? I cannot even imagine getting up 13 x in one night. I don't know how you make it plus you do so much.

Hope this gets resolved quickly and you feel much better!