Sunday, October 5, 2014


Louis Dean and I are loving our soon to be church home! We missed two Sundays while we were on vacation so we were especially excited to be back in the pew this morning! We arrive before A&M and the quad squad. LD and I snag seats for four and I wait for Amber to text me that they are HERE!
I go out to help shepherd the kids into their class and then we all worship together.
I have been going to church on a regular basis since I was five years old.
My children all attended with me during the years they were growing and they have all continued in church after they went out on their own.
It is a special blessing that we will be members along with Amber and Mike of the same church and be a part of the quads spiritual journey! They are already adjusting to this weekly Sunday experience! The service today included communion and I felt so warm and blessed to BE there!
God has redeemed so much for me!!! Not only my soul but my very being!!! I will forever praise him for allowing me to live this wonderful life where I sit next to my sweet husband on one side and my youngest daughter on the other with HER sweet husband sitting by HER side!!
No longer do I pray for survival but now praise Him in CELEBRATION!

A lady visited us as we were leaving today. She does the attendance slips on Monday morning.
There is an attendance folder that is on the first seat in every pew. You sign it and send it down to the other end with people registering and perhaps adding a prayer request.
I have already forgotten the lady's name (I am going to HAVE to get better with NAMES!) but she said she had been wanting to meet us! The quads are attention magnets just by virtue of them all being the same age! She graciously took a photo of us all together!

We all went back to Quadville for Sunday Dinner and Football!!!
The house smells delicious when we walked in the door! Amber had the main dish all cooked and ready in the crock pot!! The 'kids' are rapidly outgrowing their quad table! We all sat around the dining room table for this Sunday Dinner!

I didn't do too well with my photography skills!
It's hard to get a good pic of everyone!

The meal was a HUGE success and the timing was perfect!
We gathered at the table and said grace right at half time on the Cowboys football game!

Now it's all cleaned up and ready for another family style meal!

We stayed to finish watching the game - YAY!
Cowboys WON!!!! It was close and went into overtime!!

From QV we drove to Mesquite to a Tractor Supply.
That was the CLOSEST one to us!!!

Louis Dean is taking down a stone wall/fence that is leaning perilously!!!
He bought whatever it was that he HAD to have so he could start work on it first thing in the morning!

Guess who is back home??
Lucy! She has been down on the ranch the last two weeks and Sherry brought her home this afternoon! My step son posted on my Facebook page......

Please. Call Sherry. Not responsible for changes in your dogs behavior. She is a dawg now.

I am SO missing having the camper down there on his ranch!
October is THE most beautiful month in the country!
Louis Dean will be working on the camper soon.......
just as soon as he's done that fence!!
That man is always working on SOMETHING!!!


Deb said...

That is what Sunday is all about! for many Football

Ginny said...

The quads are all beautiful in their Sunday outfits.And I have been forgetting to tell you that I LOVE your new camera feature where you have pictures and they turn into video, that is so COOL!!

Gypsy Heart said...

What a beautiful day! Love, love the photo of all of you at church. The littles look adorable! I have no earthly idea how Amber made breakfast, started lunch, decorated the table and dressed the quads. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week ~ I'm absolutely loving this weather.

Angie said...

Yes he is, he definitely keeps himself busy
Lucy is a DAWG now...wonder what that means for you LOL
Great Sunday photo- You are so blessed. God is amazing :)


Whenever I come visit you, I can't help but feel happy sweet Linda! You do have so much to thank God for, your wonderful family first of all, than whatever else there is to add. The quads are big now, how amazing, time does fly like a kite! My G'girl Victoria is so tall and a 10 year old, I cannot believe it...very close to my height and I'm 5'2...ok, no biggie, either, lol!
Great idea Linda...I too am gonna put these sunflower plates close hand so I can bring them out come next Summer.
Have a lovely week and big hugs,

Kathy said...

What a lovely day. First, the chance to worship with others and then spending time with your family. I am finding it hard to believe how fast the kids are growing up. Sitting at the dining room table? Next thing they will be in college!

LD is always up to something. Tell him not to overdo it.

So has Lucy really turned into a dawg?

Sandra said...

hard to type while laughing at the comment on FB... hilarious.... love the family pic at church and the second one around the table. you are blessed for sure with your family, all your family.

Nonnie said...

Oh Linda, I rejoice with you. It's so wonderful the way God works! Love your photos, as always, and your zest for life.

Linda said...

Hello Linda, trying to catch up with your busy life! You seem to have had a wonderful Sunday - you all look so happy - lovely to see.


Love your Sunday day...what a glorious life.

And that Facebook message made me giggle...literally!!

Bev said...

Oh Linda... you are so blessed!!.... It has been years since we worshiped with our children.....It is my one desire!!!