Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tonight's QUICK Journal Entry

I have not felt very well today. NEARLY thought we would have to delay our weekend plans but by napping and resting a lot I began to kick whatever was getting me down. Perhaps a few days AWAY from our house will be just the ticket! It's a vicious circle being a homeowner. While we LOVE our projects and we ARE accomplishing a great deal, it sometimes seems overwhelming at all that is STILL to do!
Our energy level isn't what it used to be! Once when Louis Dean was in for a check up his nurse was scolding him about working so hard. She said, "Remember!!! You're not 65 any more!!"
Well, I nearly am and I have to remember I'm not 55 any more!

All that being said, I did manage to paint Louis Dean's sink cabinet. It took all day because I kept going back to the guestroom for nap breaks. I didn't take before pics of the dark dungeon interiors! 

Necessity is the mother of invention - or so the saying goes.
I was running low on the light cream paint so I based in the first coat using the darker color.

I sanded it then painted a coat of the cream.

I promised Louis Dean that I would only put HIS stuff in the cupboards and drawers and I kept my word!
There were all manner of STUFF that had lived in there years before Louis Dean ever arrived!

I still need to do a final sanding, wipe on some of the beige color and wax the whole shabang.

Louis Dean is going to paint all the pulls and knobs black.
Later! For now 'it is good enough for who it's for' as I used to say!

Summer came by to get Lucy this evening. They will keep her for the weekend and I know Lucy will LOVE being around Raynie and Shadow. Shadow is a sweet dog and I hope she doesn't mind having a guest.
Summer brought a Sonic Cherry Limeade to cheer me up and help me feel better.
It worked! She also loaned me her favorite cup. We are a family of heavy drinkers known as 'BIG Gulpers!'  I always have a big cup of iced tea or water at hand. My bag is packed, alarm set, dog gone, cat food and extra water out, book bag packed, plants watered. I usually leave my house spotlessly clean. Not so this time. Actually this is the first time EVER I have not vacuumed before leaving. Sometimes you just have to GO!


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. Sonic will do it every time. Have a wonderful time this weekend and REST.

Bev said...

Rest up!!

Bernice said...

Hope you continue to feel better.
Have a great weekend, rest and enjoy.

Carole said...

Hope you get lots of lovely rest Linda - especially away from paint fumes

darlin said...

Linda the vanity looks stunning! And I couldn't agree more, sometimes you just gotta go. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and whatever it was that got you down stays away.


Cheapchick said...

The dirt will still be there when you get back lol :) Have a great time.

Vee said...

Don't move to New big gulps there! (One of the reasons why my brother-in-law said, "it's time to leave.")

Glad that you're feeling better and I hope that being off for the weekend makes everything brighter for you.

Oops...thunder...gotta go.

Vee said...

Now where was I when I was so rudely interrupted? Oh yes, I was going to tell you that I just had a homemade Sonic cherry lemondade yesterday for the first time. It was really good. I'm a little concerned about all the fructose, but it'll just be a once in a while treat. I found the recipe on Pinterest. I'm sure I pinned it to my drinks folder. Anyway, we all loved it.

And, lastly, I think you've done a beautiful job on the cabinets. How could you even function when you weren't feeling so well? Amazing gal you are!

Carla said...

I missed something in quick reading catch up. Where did you go?
where ever I hope you had a great time.