Friday, June 21, 2013

Redeeming Spring! Celebrating SUMMER and other Friday News!

Today being the first day of summer I was inspired to redeem a SPRING banner and turn it into a SUMMER one!

Can you spy the little gecko in this pic?

I used the spring felt banner I picked up right after Easter at Target for $0.79!
Flipped it over, traced circles which I cut out of fabric my sister, Nita, gave me.
She said, "Linda will USE this!" And so I did! I will find a use for the rest of it, I'm sure!

I traced the S and R from the banner and winged the U, M, and E!
I used suede pieces my friend, Dee, sent me!

Fortunately, I have every color thread in the rainbow!
A quick session at the sewing machine and I was DONE!


We spend part of every single day out in our gazebo.

Watching geckos is one of our favorite past times!

It is comfy and lived in!

We had good news today!
 Had a roofing company come out to inspect the roof and he said it had many more years left on it! 
I just knew after all the Texas hail storms in recent years - one of which had us REALLY nervous and did a LOT of damage to my car! - that it would need replacing! Praise God for an honest roofing company!!
He even gave Louis Dean some free advice on repairing a small area a tree had whacked on its way to the ground during a storm that happened while we were living in our camper in Houston.

Louis Dean being the 'Man Among Men' that he is - went right to work on it.
That's what HE was doing while I was making my banner!

In other news......
Louis Dean had a 'date' with my mother today!
He picked her up at the beauty shop and took her to HIS favorite place - The Guitar Center!
Next they ate at Cotton Patch Cafe followed by a trip for HER - Walmart!
No pics since he's a MAN and blogging seldom crosses his mind!
I had other business to attend to this morning!

It was the quads one year check up! I love to go with Amber and help with the babies!

They are getting pretty strong and I was literally holding them down at one point!

Let's just say they may need another roll of that tissue paper they use on the examining table.
What can I say? It kept them occupied!
It takes a LONG time for an appointment with FOUR babies! All the same age!!

The super cute Quad mom and her little BOY!

That's it for today!
I need to go out and tell Louis Dean to stop working!
We have some sitting to do and maybe even a Boston Legal to watch on this summer night!


Deb said...

love the are so crafty....what a trip to the Dr. with's enough keeping one handled...have a great weekend...

Kathy said...

Another busy day for you. I love the picture of your gazebo. It looks so comfy and welcoming. I wish I had one.

It looks like you had your hands full at the doctor's.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your banner is super cute, Linda! I just love it...and the gecko? Hmmm....when we were in Hawaii eating at an outdoor restaurant, hubby found a baby gecko hiding amongst his vegetables on his plate. Ugh! But they are cute...just not half cooked!


Angie said...

What an adorable little banner you made! It looks great in your gazebo. Oh and I"m so jealous of your gazebo. Such a comfortable little space!

Yay for honest contractors...I'm sure that was GREAT news!

I think it's so sweet that LD takes your Mom on dates and I hope the babies check ups went well!

Carole said...

Hee hee, it's the second day of winter here - and it is cold for us. Cheers

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Super cute quad right. And super cute banner. You are so creative!

Vee said...

What a darling final photo! Those quads are healthy and active! Can't ask for more! Yay, double yay for an honest roofer! Glad that LD could handle the fix....always helpful. And what a sweetheart for taking your mom on a date!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Fun day!!!!

One year check-up! Cool!!!!

Also cool that LD did "Mama-Duty." He is a multi-tasking man.

Is the Gazebo screened? Looks that way. Oh what a wonderful outdoors place to spend time! you are so lucky.

Happy June Strawberry Full Moon!!!

Kelly said...

Your banner looks cute out there. I enlarged the picture so I could find the gecko you were talking about. How neat! We don't get those here. My dog would go crazy after thaose if we did! I bet the doctor was excited to see the quads for their one year check-up. That's quite a milestone. Hope they all got good results.

Susie said...

Love the banner sure keep busy. LOL That trip to the drs. , wow, it would take awhile. LD never lets any moss grow under his feet either. You two remind me of Ted and I...if you are working on something that needs make something. Some times it's just good to relax. Hope you have some relaxation this weekend. xoxo,Susie

Ginny said...

I LOVE how you transformed this banner, it would never have even crossed my mind!! HEY, there are also the same number of letters in the word WINTER! I had been wondering how old the babes are, one is an amazing age. How nice abut the roofing people, so many of them around here are crooked, so are the driveway pavers. I was told to never hire the ones who drive around and knock at your door, only use the reputable companies who are established.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have lots of grands and know how active they are. I can only imagine what a doctors visit would be like with 4 of them at one time. Glad you are taking time just to enjoy summer!

Sweet Tea said...

I've wondered if you were back to enjoying the Gazebo again. What a great tradition! You mentioned the Cotton Patch - Haylee Kate's daddy is working at the Cotton Patch in Frisco TX (until he goes to college later this summer). I wondered if this could be the one LD went to. ?? The babies are becoming moving targets - your very own workout. I love keeping up with them and read Amber's blog each time.