Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting Things DONE!

We usually get a late start in our day. We treasure our 'early' morning time when we have coffee and read the Bible plus other books and catch up on the news channels.

By the time our morning was finished I had made reservations for next weekend to celebrate our 8th year of marriage. A play at the historic Paramount Theater in Abilene plus our motel and even possible dog care for Lucy. Got 'r DONE! It's easy to put off doing things. We're ALWAYS busy and there's ALWAYS something we need to do in the way of finances. However, anniversaries only come once a year. We need to CELEBRATE! We used to go to Galveston every June but we're simply not ready to hit that Interstate 45 just yet! We drove it a LOT last year! So  Louis Dean's home town is where we will go. Probably won't see any family since his sister died a few years ago. Abilene will always hold good memories for him and it's time we paid them a  visit.

In other news today.......I went over to spend a few hours with the quads!
Kailey was exploring. She crawled nearly all the way IN that changing table!

They love having the run of the hall! I can't WAIT to see them go CRAZY when they get into their new house! SO much ROOM!!! They can walk, crawl, run!!! Whatever!

Sweet Kailey! Grandma is blocking her escape into the dining room!

Three baby girls!

From back.... front!

While I was off playing with the babies......
Louis Dean was hard at work outside!

He was getting it DONE!

He made great progress today!

Enjoying an evening glass of wine to CELEBRATE!

Looking good with that top row of white bricks!
He's waiting to mortar them in until he decides for sure he likes them.

I have already planted a mini rose bush I found in the trash last week as I walked Lucy. 
Seems to be doing well!
Louis Dean ordered a Seven Sister rose bush he will plant in one corner.
 We will be shopping for bedding plants tomorrow afternoon.
Some English ivy is definitely on the list!
I can just SEE it cascading over the brick!

The sounds of locust droning.
That is the sound of Texas Summer!


jamarson1 said...

I agree with you about anniversaries. I need to take a note from you and make sure it is properly celebrated every year. Babies are so cute! Have a fan weekend.

Kathy said...

I know you will have so much fun in Abilene. Anniversaries are special and need to be celebrated.

I love your fountain. It is going to be so beautiful!

Linda said...

That fountain is....wonderful!!!

Bev said...

Oh Linda... LD is such a worker...well you both are!! I can't imagine those girls in 12 years... poor Amber:))) LOL!! Poor Harrison!! haha

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

You are one of the busiest ladies I know of. By the way, my granddaughter is going to college this fall at Abilene Christian Univ. So she will be in your "neck of the woods." :)

Carole said...

not sure about the white bricks but I guess it depends on the planting around them

Angie said...

Definitely agree...a celebration is in order for your Anniversary! Sounds like you have a wonderful night planned!

Isn't Louis Dean ALWAYS getting things done?

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Wise, to not go driving miles and miles, this year. But have your Celebration, a wee bit closer.

Oh those baby girls, all in yellow!!!!!

LD is amazing! Does he ever run out of projects? And his projects are big ones, too!!!!!!!!! It's coming along wonderfully, LD!!!!! Auntie sezzzzzz...

Changes in the wind said...

The fountain came out great!! Maybe you should rent Louis Dean out:)The babies are so cute...

Sue said...

Love reading your blog each day. You and LD are so busy! Can't wait to re-tire so I can be busy doing the things you are doing.

Ginny said...

Oh my, I don't ever think I have heard locusts like this, are they cicadas? I do recognize crickets! Wow, I have never seen a baby trying to crawl INTO her crib!!! It is such fun watching your yard yard project get better and better, can't wait to see what other plants you get, too! We saw Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein many years ago at the a movie theater when the movie was new.

bj said...

I ADORE gettin' 'er done days....:)
We don't have as many days like that as we used to and I guess it's a good thing. I just mowed the front yard and it took me a solid 45 minutes...I USED to could mow it AND the back in about 30 minutes. Oh, well....I am thankful I CAN still mow at 75. :))

Vee said...

So that's what Texas sounds like! And here I was thinking that it sounded like quads talking and playing. They are really getting so big and today I noticed how full everyone's hair is getting.

Yay for get er done days. I feel like we had one of those, too. Our results don't look as spectacular as yours, though.

Sweet Tea said...

I've never heard of a "Seven Sister" rose. What color will the roses be? I love a day that I feel I accomplished a lot. Your guys were very productive today!!