Monday, June 24, 2013

Three Months From Today.....

In exactly 3 months from TODAY I will be 65! I never in my wildest dreams imagined being HAPPY about that! I am! I will get to buy a supplemental insurance policy to go along with Medicare and I CANNOT be denied! YES! After years and YEARS of being 'uninsurable' I will FINALLY have coverage!
Not that I am really ILL! My health issues are under control with diet and exercise and medications.
My youngest son, Ben, is in insurance and has tried to find me coverage as has my daughter, Summer, also in insurance, and finally at long last  Ben is going to write my Medicare and supplement.  It is GREAT to have an agent in the family!

Speaking of being healthy......

I have been exercising with Denise Austin for YEARS and I did again today!
Most of my exercise in recent time has been yoga and Pilate's and walking!
THIS workout is supposed to be FAT burning and I would love for THAT to happen!!
While I was in the den exercising I THOUGHT I heard a power saw! Then a rumbling.....

Louis Dean was playing in his room with both a power saw AND a hand saw!
I let him do pretty much what he wants in that ONE room!!
Someday I may take pics of what I see when I come in here.
It is NOT pretty!!
See those spokes sticking out above his closet?
This room reminds me of a porcupine!
What can I say? He looks so happy. And he IS cute!

I can't fault him because he was busy repairing our yard lamp switch later in the day!
It is a wonderful thing to be married to such a fine man! Any time I ask him to do something he DOES it if it is at all possible. Right THEN! In 2 days we will be married 8 whole years! The 'New' has not worn off yet and I don't think it ever will!!

This afternoon I took this little chair over for the quads.
I can't even remember how long I've had it but ALL the grands have sat in it!
It normally hangs from a nail in the den.

They all had a good sit or two! I actually told Harrison I brought it for HIM!
He took that seriously because he was pulling his sisters OUT of it!

I close today's journal entry with a pic of this delicious cookie!
My niece left a container chock full of them on my front porch!
YUM! Yum! YUMMY!!! They taste as good as they LOOK!
You can find the recipe HERE!
Rest assured - I am now following that blog!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

65 is a very good year.

Such a unique little chair and such happy grandbabies trying it out. Bet all the other grandbabies were just as thrilled when they had their turns.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I am so happy for you. Both that you will GET, what you have not had, when you reach that official age. And that it is an age, to which you look forward. How cooool is that?!?


peggy said...

hi Linda, I follow anything that has a cookie involved.
Love those baby pics and Louis Dean is always doing something. You are one lucky woman . I loved being 65 (from what I remember) and having insurance that you don't have to use is great. Love from Michigan.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Darling Linda! You are just a few years ahead of me and sooooo my mentor as I approach retirement!

Four more years!

I am happy to hear that you will be getting the healthcare you deserve, and glad that you have children that can guide you wisely.

It's God's gift watching your babies grow along with mine!

Nonnie said...

My husband is anxiously awaiting the day I will turn 65 and insurance won't be so expensive for me. The little chair is so cute. Having a husband who is willing and able to do projects and stay busy is a great blessing. I have always been thankful for my DH's eagerness to do those chores that must be done.

Kelly said...

You look too young to be so close to 65! I'm glad that it will allow you to get health coverage that you need though. I used to work out with Denise Austin too. I love her! I think she's around my age and is so impressive with her physical abilities and positive attitude. That must be your secret to staying young. That little childs chair sure is cute. Looks like it has a shovel handle in the back of it.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Sixty-five...and with lots of 'get up and go'! How fun to have LD working out with his power tools while you are 'working out'! What a team.

darlin said...

LD looks right in his glory! How wonderful to have someone by your side, I hope the newness never wears off and wish you both tons of love, happiness and years of joyfulness walking through life together. It seems you are both so well suited for one another, you compliment one another and that's amazing when one finds this type of love in life.

The quads are growing so quickly it seems. Wasn't it only a few months ago Amber was pregnant? ;-) The little chair is so adorable, now you'll have to see if LD can build three more like it! lol

Well time to get off the net, packing up and heading for home today where I will have a new sense of appreciation for my internet connection!