Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clutter, Brownies and a Butcher!

I was visiting Sandra at The Mad Snapper this morning and was so impressed with her bare fridge!
Not ONE photo, magnet, card, clipping.......NOTHING!
Sometimes I really wish I could be a little BIT of a minimalist!
Instead I am a 'MORE is always BETTER' kind of gal!

The reason Sandra's fridge caught my eye is that I had just cleaned mine up!

As in taking it all off - cleaning the surface - and then putting it all BACK!!

This is the way it looked 3 years ago!
It was the new Great White Fridge!
It didn't stay that way long!

I have a thousand memories or more here!
This is on the FRONT!

The side is full, too!!

I have had some of these a very long time! 
This quote from Charles Swindoll is 28 years old.

I will never part with this photo of my most precious pet, Duchess.
She was the best dog EVER and I loved her so much.
All four of my children knew her.
She's been gone now 20 years or more.

I have clutter everywhere!!

If it's a flat surface - horizontal OR vertical - it's COVERED!!
I have learned to live with this and keep it clean and pretty as much as possible.
But make no mistake! I do KEEP it!!
If you have ever given me something over the years, chances are I still have it!
I KNOW!!! It's a sickness!!

While I did a good bit of yard work early and late in the day,
I still managed to bake a couple of batches of brownies.

Just box stuff but it made the house smell good.

I packed most of it up to give away.....the tin is for my sister, Nita.
The one with the white lid is for Mike (my SIL) who loves them without nuts!
He's a purist!
Then there's a mixed bag for the hair dressers at Mother's salon.
I hope I got all the shells out of the pecans. Louis Dean cracked and shelled them while we were living in the camper and I have had them in the freezer.

That's the CLUTTER and BAKING!
Now for the BUTCHER!!

I had finished my work in the front yard and headed to the back.
What should I spy but this power hedger!
I knew I hadn't been using it!
I started to look around.......

My poor butchered mangled bush!!

It WAS a shorter version of THIS one!
These bushes are over 35 years old!!

Ah! Here we go! Louis Dean was wheeling in dirt......

for his newly rebuilt pond.
He decided to go BEHIND the gazebo and that bush was in his way!
I am so very grateful he hadn't used the chain saw and hacked it down to the ground!
I have to keep my eyes on him all the time!
No telling WHAT he will do next!


Cheapchick said...

Men, my hubby gave our tree outfront a haircut and now it looks funny. I asked him why and he said why not? lol

Linda said...

My fridge has just a few magnets on it...and one magnetized notepad. Just on the front of the fridge. However, many years ago I had so much stuff on my fridge I realized that I was overdoing I downsized. :) I absolutely love garden ponds!

Bev said...

Linda you clutter looks wonderful!!!

Kathy said...

I am the one in charge of the yard. Joe doesn't have anything to do with it so my plants are safe!

I have quite a few magnets on my refrigerator, but nothing like yours. There was a segment on CBS Sunday morning this week about refrigerator magnets. They interviewed a woman who held the title of having the most magnets in the U.S. There were so many she had magnetic sheets put on her walls and the walls of her house were covered with them. The reporter said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and the fridge is the heart of the kitchen. People use their magnets as keepsakes (memory keepers). Yours is certainly that! The story of your life.

Ginny said...

I am sorry abut Duchess, she looks so sweet. That is a lot of STUFF! And I do believe in putting pretty stuff out to be seen, what good is it doing stuck away in a drawer? But that much would be impossible for me to clean. You seem like a very energetic person, though!! I have lots of stuff on my fridge, but not this much yet. This gives me an idea to post MY fridge!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You love your clutter, and it makes you happy. For me, it would drive me crazy. But it's your kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch your man! -gigggles-

Chatty Crone said...

I love your way and Sandra's way - guess that makes me a middle-est. lol I have a lot of magnets too and they aren't neat - but I don't have a lot of clutter either. lol sandie

Kelly said...

Don't worry. Your bush will keep growing. My husband is always pruning our bushes too. Sometimes it makes me nervous that they're ruined, but they always grow back. He says it stimulates growth to cut them back and keeps them shaped the way they should be. Otherwise they get all gangly. Is that a word?? Those brownies look good. That's the only kind I make too (the box kind). I like nuts in mine. Hope you're having a nice weekend so far.

Carole said...

Linda, I have fridge magnets too - I usually buy one in each new place I visit! I must say that luckily I don't have quite your clutter tendencies although my better half is a real hoarder - and it isn't pretty like your place. Cheers

Nonnie said...

Your clutter is much more organized than mine, but it does makes me feel better about my clutter!

Carla said...

That onery man. Cutting down that bush. I have quite a few things on my fridge and just can't seem to stop myself. It looked really nice while the Glenway house was on the market and pretty and clear of DEBRIS. Remember it debris not clutter. LOL
I do have less on it than before but it's getting full.