Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Weeks Old......and GROWING!

Harrison Lee

At long last - two weeks to be exact - you can SEE Baby Harrison's FACE!!!
Amber posted this pic/ update earlier today.

Harrison is off the ventilator!!!!!! He is on a high flow nasal cannula now and they are watching him closely to see how he does. Really hope & pray he doesn't have to go back on the vent!! The pneumothorax (air pocket) has healed and the air pockets inside his lungs are getting smaller. My big boy is doing so good!

Trystan Lee

Trystan holding her own pacifier. She looks like a cute little elf!

While I enjoy being HOME - I sure do miss seeing these precious little NOW TWO WEEKS OLD babies!!


  1. I just read about your quads on Fabby's blog and had to come and see. Wow, what a family. Hope they continue to progress. How adorable. Give them loves!

  2. :-). I'm sure all the family is sleeping a little easier now. Such good. News! . . .If you ever want to play WORDS with me, search for "boudxy" (our dogs name), be sure to chat me and tell me it's you.

  3. So glad to read this update. The babies are already little personalities. I'm so struck by the amount of hair they have! Lots of fun for Mum ahead with styling the girls' hair. And I'm sure there will be interesting styles for young men in 15 or so years' time.

  4. Oh dear Linda, don't worry please, you've been having so much going on for a while now, what with the little ones in the hospital and so much worries, I cannot imagine! Thank you for your well wishes for our Sil and I send you many blessings for your darling angels.

  5. Happy Birthday Quad Squad!! You are pretty special little ones.
    So happy to read Harrison is improving each day, he is so cute, as are the girls:)
    Continued prayers, hoping Amber and Mike are getting some rest, and you to "Grandma"
    Take Care

  6. You know, I just look at those little miracles and thank God for his goodness!

  7. awesome news...adorable photos...

  8. Two Weeks already- shew, time sure doesn't slow down for us does it?

    I LOVE Harrison's precious face. Such beautiful grandbabies you have!!!

  9. Glad to hear the good news..they are so sweet.

  10. Wow, wow and wow! The babies are adorable and what a gift, a precious gift sent from above! I'm so glad to hear that Harrison is doing so well and the girls are thriving... this is fantastic news. Thank you for the updates!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. It's so great to see the Little Bells progressing. They're so cute!