Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After 57 Days in the Hospital Amber is Going HOME!

Today marks day 57  and we have packed up her room and she will be home in her own bed tonight! She arrived up hear on the Monday after Easter Sunday! It's been a long time. SO worth it for the FOUR precious babies upstairs in the NICU!

All three girls are off their CPAP's as of yesterday when they were just 5 days old. Harrison is having a bit more difficulty getting his lungs to function but the doctors and nurses are amazing and he is making progress!

The NURSES!!! Oh, the NURSES!! WHAT a difference they make! Amber was admitted by Amby and is thrilled that Amby is the one discharging her today. She was her all time favorite nurse with lots of others who were absolutely WONDERFUL. Amber got teary eyed while ago at the thought of all they have done for her.

NOW....the NICU nurses! Jane is amazing and has all three girls under her watchful eye!

Yesterday Amber and I spent the entire afternoon in the NICU!

Amber with Kailey Lee......

Trystan Lee is already posing for pictures!

Logan Lee with her mother.
I tear up when I see how tiny and strong this baby girl is!!!

Mike spending some time with Kailey.

This girl LOVES to be on her belly!!
I think all the babies look SO much alike!

Logan spent nearly three whole hours in the arms of her parents yesterday!!

Harrison is getting a little extra help in addition to some 'sun' time.

This book is in the cubby hole of the NICU where they can read it to the babies.

The book is extra special because it is from Amber's Aunt Deanie!
She met the babies hours after they were born after dropping everything to drive down here when she heard Amber was scheduled for the OR.
A special book from a special GREAT aunt!

We hung out yesterday in the Family Room of the Ronald McDonald House.
It will soon become as familiar to us as the hospital room we are now leaving.

Amber and Mike are already up there with the babies so I am heading that direction.

Our Quad Squad Journey continues......


Deb said...

I'm sure it will be hard on her going home without them...but sounds like they will be following her soon...so happy for the 3 girls...hopefully brother will be on regular air soon...Take care Linda...I think about yall often during the day....

Vee said...

Are they able to stay in the Ronald McDonald house to be closer to the babies? Is it quite a trek otherwise? So glad that Amber is getting out of the hospital and it won't be long before we'll be celebrating the babies going home to their own beds, too! Still praying...


Many prayers so all the babies follow mother home soon too. They look wonderful!! God is good. Hugs and prayers, such lovely, BIG and beautiful family!!

melody-mae said...

All of these pictures make me tear up. What precious miracles and gifts these little ones are!! AND, I gotta say I LOVE those name too! Is Harrison's middle name Lee also? What a cute idea! :)

Bernice said...

Sending Amber many hugs as she prepares to leave the hospital and her beautiful little ones, it will be very hard on her I am sure.
Prayers that Little Harrison continues to improve, and all go home very soon.
Thanks again Linda for letting us tag along on this wonderful journey:)

Rob Hunt said...

It is wonderful that you have been able to share this wonderful Journey.
There are so many positive helpful family and friends involved. Thanks and blessings.

Say What? said...

God is so good. I look forward to your post every day.

Sweet Tea said...

I can't even begin to imagine the range of emotions Amber must be having upon leaving the hospital. "Job well done!"
Thankful Harrison is getting such expert care. I just KNOW in my heart that he will have a bright, healthy, future along with his sisters!!!! I have heard many say how very special NICU nurses are.

Anonymous said...

I follow Amber's blog and came to yours to see how everyone was doing. The hardest thing I ever did was leave the hospital alone while my babies stayed. I think I cried all the way home. However, I knew they were where they were suppossed to be and were getting the best care the world had to offer. I looked at my twins on Sunday (their 2nd birthday) and while they were a little bit bigger than her quads (the smallest was 3 lbs 11 oz) I couldn't help but think how those tiny, fragile babies turned into such perfect, crazy toddlers! They will be home before you know it! Continued prayers for the entire family!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

More happy news!! Welcome home, Amber! The babies are all so precious..all miracles! Keeping you all in my prayers.

Chatty Crone said...

I am confused is Amber home or going to the Ronald McDonald house? How long do you think they babies will be in the hospital - they are so precious! Love, sandie

Linda said...

So glad for you all! Life has been busy here with our Jubilee celebrations, but I've been following your posts and shedding a tear with you at the miracle of these babies and the overwhelming sense of Amber and Mike's love for them that comes over in the photos.
Sending love and prayers from Scotland, and especially for Harrison.

Angie said...

Those babies just make my heart smile and I need a smiling heart these days. I'm so glad they are doing well. Tell Amber to enjoy that first night in her bed. I can't believe one part of the journey has closed but another is just opening. Still sending many many prayers your way.

Carla said...

Okay so a warning won't do any good because just looking at the pictures make me all teary. You Know the WHOLE Bell and Chapman family are pretty awesome and special. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
So glad Amber got to go home.