Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mission Accomplished!!

Phase I of the 'Bell Quad Squad' is DONE!!

Babies are here and doing well.
The girls are like ROCK STARS - they are amazing!
When I talked to Amber this afternoon she had been given a good report from the NICU. Harrison is improving and will be moving over to the girls' pod so they can all be together. That Logan is something else. Born last at 2 lb 6 oz, she was the smallest and was the first to breathe room air - the first day!! Trystan and Kailey improved as soon as they were moved over to be with Logan. Now just WATCH! Bet Harrison takes off after he joins his sisters! They have been accustomed to close quarters so I feel certain they KNOW when they are close to each other even in the NICU.
But that's just a Grandma talking!!

Yesterday was Amber's birthday and we celebrated with lunch at The Olive Garden.

I could eat their salad all day every day!!

The same with the bread sticks which I do NOT need to eat every day!!

It was wonderful to have lunch out together again.
The last time was just before she was admitted to the hospital -
 2 months ago!!

Amber - while no longer a patient - will be a daily visitor to the hospital.
She stopped to see Harrison first. He is in a different pod than the girls but will be moving over to join them soon if he hasn't already.
He is off the oscillator and is now on a respirator. The latest report I had from Amber is that he continues to respond and make progress.
To be the BIGGEST of the babies he still looks so SMALL to me!!

Trystan was wearing the hat Mike's aunt had made for them.
She's already squinting at the paparazzi!

Kailey looks SO much like Amber did when she was a baby!

Amber was holding them two at a time yesterday!!

Logan Lee - the SUPER Preemie Baby!

What a way to celebrate her birthday!
Mike surprised her with her favorite cake - German Chocolate!

Phase I is a done deal.
The babies will be in the NICU with their mom and dad hovering over them.
Have I mentioned how awesome the NICU staff is?
Available by phone 24/7 for updates to the parents.
I was totally impressed by the care they give all the babies.
Professional, gentle, caring, compassionate - always explaining in 'real language' what they are doing and how the babies are progressing.

Phase II is growing time as they mature and get bigger.
The girls are up to 16 cc per feed and already putting on weight.
Harrison was to get his first feed today.

Phase II will also give us time to get our camper ready to travel.

I feel sure Louis Dean and I will be needed for Phase III!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Yay, so glad all is going so well! Can't wait to see phase 2 and the camper!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad to come here and read such great news - I needed some positives today! And this is one.
Love, sandie

Anonymous said...

No kidding, I'm sure you and Louis Dean will be needed and I think it is oh so awesome that y'all are getting the camper travel ready and live in ready at a moments notice to pack up and go. What a blessing that is and I know your so grateful to be able to do it. Life is good!

Deb said...

so Awesome Linda...welcome back to Big I will be burning the road to Houston quite often I'm sure...

Bernice said...

Such wonderful news that the babies are doing so well.
Are you back home now with LD? Would imagine it was hard to leave Amber and the babies.
Cannot wait to see the camper.
Take care and continued prayers.

Pondside said...

It's all such good news! Amber looks so very happy.

Sweet Tea said...

Amber looks amazing. Great news that the babies are doing so well. Thankful Harrison is progressing nicely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I look forward to your posts. You are such a help to Amber , she is a lucky girl. Does Amber live far from the hospital?

Vee said...

The thought of the babies doing better when they're all together made me tear up, but then I am an emotional wreck when I read all that the Lord is doing in these little ones' lives. Yes, you're going to be needed for Phase III! You're such a fantastic mother yourself, Linda. Amber's smile lights up the page. She's amazing.

Susie said...

Linda, I think you are right about the babies knowing they are near each other.I truly believe that. So good to see Amber so happy. God bless that new mommy. Praying the babie get stronger and stronger. xo, Susie

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the updates. Thank you so much. I'm glad they are all doing well. Thank you Lord.

Debbie said...

amber has the cutest dimples!!

and those babies aren't too bad either ;))

Carla said...

Amber did a fine job. Now it's up to the Quads and the man above to keep them safe