Thursday, June 21, 2012

The SUPER CUTE Donley Triplets

Yesterday Louis Dean and I got to visit the TRIPLETS!
Ally, Emma and Jacob were born back in February and are the BEST babies!
LD has such nice long arms he can hold two at a time!
Good to know!
This picture was from my last visit in April. They have GROWN!
I have known their mom since SHE was a baby!!

Louis Dean is a natural when it comes to holding these little ones.
He started out with Ally and ended up with Jacob.

I held Miss Emma!

We didn't get to stay very long but the babies were all as good as gold the whole time!
Mary says staying on a schedule is the KEY!
She is so organized! Her babies were preemies and the NICU had them on a schedule before they came home. Mary just continued it - tweaking and adapting it as they grow.
Mary knows her babies!! Amazing the subtle differences and preferences from baby to baby.
It is totally fascinating to watch their personalities emerge and develop!

Having Multiples is a challenging adventure! Mary and her husband are amazing and make it look deceptively simple! There is so much to learn and I feel like a sponge trying to soak it all up!!

My bags are packed and I am NEARLY ready to go see our Quad Squad!
It has been two full weeks since I have laid eyes on them.
I have looked at every picture Amber posts over and over again but there is nothing like seeing them with my OWN eyes!
My daughter, Summer, is going with me and we are going to have so much fun!!

I just took this pan of Neiman Marcus Bars out of the oven.
They are called Neiman Marcus because they are so RICH!!
Rich with cream cheese, powdered sugar and eggs.

I will cut them up after they've cool and take to the nurses and staff in the NICU - along with several lightweight plastic handled mirrors.
When you hold a tiny little preemie baby you can't see their face.
When Amber was holding Logan the nurse tried to find a mirror so Amber could actually SEE her little girl. With so many preemies in such a large hospital the mirror box was empty. Amber used a compact from my purse and that worked just as well.
Still, I thought I would make a contribution to the 'Mirror Box' in honor of the Bell Quads! And I may very well be using one of them myself this time tomorrow. I THINK I may be allowed to HOLD the babies!!
Be STILL, my heart!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

The triplets are sure have had your share of holding babies lately! The mirrors are an excellent have a big heart. Now let's have the recipe for those Neiman Marcus bars!


Nita said...

I bet you do get to hold them! Summer also, I hope. It will be a fun trip for the two of you. Be safe!

Donley Triplets said...

loved having you come see the triplets... i sent amber two video's on the baba buddy holder's in action and one on the podee bottles.. that way she can kind of have a reference..... you and LD are welcome anytime to come hold the triplets....


Oh goodness your grands are gorgeous!! I adore babies and they grow sooo fast, my darling first grandgirls was 8 last Tuesday and the baby is 5!! Wish I was picking up baby ones that smell so sweet. Congrats to you Linda, and all the family. Precious triplets!! Have a wonderful trip!

Bernice said...

The triplets are adorable, both you and LD look so natural holding them.
Praying that you are able to hold each of those special little "Quad Squad" angels.
Have a safe trip, looking forward to tons of pictures:)

Vee said...

Oh I hope that you will get to hold them. It's been a long wait for you.

These triplets are beautiful babies. I'm glad that you have someone who knows the ropes.

Chatty Crone said...

You are getting some good practice with some really cute little ones! sandie

Angie said...

What cute triplets you gotto visit with. I know you must be so excited to get back to that Quad Squad of yours. I'm sure Amber is excited to see you as well.

I'm in the hospital now.....preterm labor. Not sure how long I will be here or how long they will be able to hold little one off. Our short term goal is till at least Monday. My baby shower is Sunday and it looks like I am gonna miss it. It makes me sad.

Tell Amber hello and I can't wait to see more pics. I haven't been able to follow along and comment like I want but I'm always thinking of you all and praying for you!

Kelly said...

Oh those triplets are precious! It's so nice that y'all got to visit them and feed them too. I'm sure it just makes you miss the quads even more. I hope you get to hold them when you're there. You may need your kleenex though. Ha!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Linda, I still have 29 and holding in my head every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up!

The Donley Triplets are darling!
It's nice that Amber and Mike have such wonderful "multiple mentors".

Nieman Marcus bars...yum. I think it is so cool that you write the date that you made the recipe in the book! I'm going to start doing that! You have some of the sweetest traditions and rituals!

I look forward to a "Four and holding" post soon!
So blessed to be your blog friend!


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Sticking to a schedule! Brilliant!!!

"We sat in the garden, I indolently reading...
We had the best display of flowers yet seen--
wall flowers in profusion, columbines, phlox, and...huge scarlet poppies."

~"The Diary of Virginia Woolf"

bj said...

O, those little 3 are so adorable. are YOU....taking nurses good eats and those little mirrors. You are a thoughtful lady and they will appreciate all you do.
My heart beats a little faster, knowing you will hold your babies. OH MY.....♥♥♥♥

B'ham said...

That Louis Dean sure is a charmer !! Look at little one gazing up at LD as he is getting fed his bottle ...
New nick-name... "Louis Dean~Baby Whisperer" !!
and LD sure does look like he is enjoying himself too !!

Carla said...

Triplets... good practice for quads. LD does look like a natural.