Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Progress!

I love 'making progress!'

The biggest progress made today has to be - without question - with Harrison!
He is breathing on his own, folks! NO more cannula!!

"He had pulled his nasal cannula out and stuck it in his mouth, so the doc decided he could try breathing on his own and he's doing great!! "

(Per Amber's Facebook)

Just look at that handsome face!

My beautiful daughter holding her son!
As beautiful as she looks here in this picture, I can assure you, she is exhausted!

"Been so exhausted and falling on my face while trying to get to the suburban today didn't help. I blame the rain. :( Made it to my first post-delivery doc appt, blood pressure is still a little high so got some labs drawn. Finally at the NICU and holding my sweet boy, he is off his oxygen support and doing GOOD!!!"

I so wish she could get a little rest BEFORE the babies start coming home. The hospital is a good distance from where they live but wild horses would not be able to keep Amber from her babies!

Guess who?

As excited as I am about these pictures - I am even MORE excited about getting to SEE them in person!! Yes, I am going down to visit! And soon.

Trystan with those HUGE eyes!
I can't wait to hold her!

She melts my heart!

Kailey is outshining all the others these days!
She is up to 30 cc's a feeding and gaining 3 oz a DAY lately.
She tops 3 lbs now!
That little chin is EXACTLY like her mother's!

Looks like Logan has the same little chin as well!

AH!! I can hardly wait til I get there and get to see these babies with my own eyes again! And I need to see my DAUGHTER! Rest assured I am going to be taking a TON of pics!

I love MULTIPLES! Tomorrow I am going to see my friend, Mary, and her TRIPLETS!! Mary has been such a huge help to Amber - she's 'been there and done that!' She has her own blog now and I read her every word!

I can't tell you what an amazing couple she and her husband are!
Mary is a pediatric nurse and one of the most organized, talented and personable young ladies I have EVER met in my life! Her twin sister, Marie, is equally amazing!
Her blog is: Life Is 2 Sweet

It is so much fun to be involved with twins, triplets, and quadruplets!
I only had children one at a time.
The 'old fashioned way' as my youngest son says!
That's the way HE intends to have them - someday!


Vee said...

Oh I am very sure that Amber is beyond weary. I'm with you...I'd like to see her get a long weekend with nothing but rest. She owes it to herself and the quads. Perhaps a doctor will suggest it!

Safe travels and enjoy all the loving. So excited that Harrison was all done with that business. Sweet babes all...

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Good news!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I too wish Amber could get more rest. Now... -sigh- She's really going to be a busy lady, at home, soon enough.

Gentle hugs...

"Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the mind..."

~W. Shakespeare, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Sweet Tea said...

Yay for "Girl Power"!
Harrison is definitely "The Come-Back Kid"!!
What an adorable Squad!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I have loved every minute of this journey with you and Amber, Mike and those sweet babies! They are doing sooooo good and even from far away I can see their little personalities developing! God Bless you all. If I ever get to Texas, you can bet I will visit!

Changes in the wind said...

They are indeed getting stronger and looking better. Know you are biting the bit to get there.

Pondside said...

Just beautiful!
I hope Amber will be able to rest a bit over the next few days - she's in for another roller coaster! It's a good thing that the camper is nearing completion!

Kelly said...

The babies are all looking so good! I'm so glad to hear that Harrison is continuing to do better. He has been a little fighter! At least Amber can go home at night and get a full nights sleep while she's recovering. That should help her immensely! So many moms don't get that right off the bat. Hopefully, she, too, will continue to get better. Everyone is adjusting to their new life, I guess. Glad to hear that you have people to talk to that are walking in your shoes too. That must be such a comfort.

Debbie said...

all those little babies look so good.

harrison, what a miracle!!

Deb said...

I know you can't wait to get your hands on those precious babies...and on Amber...

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I really enjoy reading the progress - the good progress of the babies. I too wish that she would get some rest! sandie

Bev said...

He is so handsome...they are all so so beautiful...and growing!! give them all hugs for me!!

Linda said...

Oh the wee sweet peas! They look so UN-premature. Such good news that they're all doing well.

Carla said...

These little darlings are making great strides.
I'm trying to catch up again. I'm behind on everything.