Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red Neck Stud Finder!

Louis Dean and I have been redoing our bedroom. I hung some wallpaper and was ready for HIM to hang some mirrors!

WHERE are the studs???? He had a handy dandy 'STUD FINDER' from Home Depot that
DID.NOT.WORK!!! At least it didn't find a stud.......other than Louis Dean himself!

SO........he got this clever idea!

A wonderful, awesome CLEVER idea!!
He used a vintage stethoscope......

AND by golly it WORKS!!!!

ONE mirror HUNG!!! Four more to go! The rest will be easier because of his
"Red Neck Stud Finder!"

I married a very clever RED NECK!!!!


  1. Cute idea! Good for you, Louis Dean!!!

  2. You'd better hang onto that Louis Dean. He is one handy man!!

  3. Saw your post on Cozy Little House - and after reading it checked out our blog - it is so real. So, I am following #60). Thanks for sharing.