Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Style Mexican Food!

Just about everyone who lives in Texas LOVES Mexican Food!
I know WE do!!
Thursday we treated ourselves to lunch at Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant!

Louis Dean enjoyed a Mexican Beer.....

.....while Amber and I opted for the Skinny Margaritas!
Hers was on the rocks and mine was frozen....both with SALT!!!

This was a real VACATION type of day!!

I LOVE spending time with my daughter.....

....and I ALWAYS treasure every moment with my husband!

Live  Laugh  Love!

"LIVE your life at its fullest.....
LAUGH at all the things that don't matter......
LOVE with all that you have and more!"


  1. I LOVE spending time with you! Both!

  2. You do look very content, Linda! What sweet smiles all around. (I love Mexican food and was hoping for some tips.)

  3. That sounds like a great way to start off your holiday! (and I've never heard of a Skinny Margarita!)

  4. nothing better than mexican food and family...

  5. You all always look like you are having so much fun! You are an inspiration!

    I have never had a Margarita, skinny or otherwise. Must remedy that, one of these evenings. We'd have to go out to our fav bar & restaurant. "Woody" there, makes me a perfect Manhattan. So I'm sure he could do a Margarita, to perfection too.

    But have to wait til after our High Season, 'cause we locals don't "go out" in August in our town. :-) Leave it to the visitors/tourists. Then when autumn comes, we get our town back. :-)